Fat Transfer to Calves and Ankles - So Excited! - London, UK

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My surgery date is getting close and this is...

My surgery date is getting close and this is starting to feel like it is becoming a reality. I'm so excited to be getting this procedure done, and can't believe I have found someone who says they can improve my horrible skinny lower legs. I have been embarrassed by them all my life and live in jeans mostly, avoiding dresses where possible. I love skirts, I'm very girly, I just wear them with boots all the time instead of shoes, so I'm really hoping I will have legs to liberate after this! I am having fat graft into the calf muscle and also the surrounding area down to, and including, the ankle, and I'm hoping to get as much as possible on the medial aspect. Fat will be taken from at least 3 places I believe, as I am not very big: stomach, thighs, flanks. I'm hoping this will reduce my hip measurement as well, as I've put on a bit of weight for this procedure because my PS said he might have trouble harvesting enough fat. I know there are mixed opinions on weight gain pre FT, but as I don't need to lose weight after, I'm hoping that what I've put on will stick around - just on my legs not my hips!

I currently weigh 132lb. My calf measurement at the widest point is 31.5cm and my ankles are 20cm. I don't have any expectations of how much I can gain in circumference but anything will be an improvement. The cost is very, very high and I suppose that shows the difficulty and time needed for this procedure (about 4 hours I believe). I hope that high cost reflects the outcome!

It also includes PRP treatment to enhance the chances of fat retention and (the most exciting part) I am being trailed for stem cell therapy!! This is another technique that will be used where some of my fat is collected, treated to concentrate the stem cells, and then added back into the injected fat. This should also improve my percentage of fat retention. Worldwide this treatment is getting a lot of attention because of it's success to other areas, so I shall be keeping my fingers crossed.

I've enjoyed reading everyones experiences on here and would love to hear from anyone else out there, as this is such a rare procedure - any tips or aftercare advice?

Update after 2nd FT. Photos at long last!

Very pleased with the outcome. Looks and feels natural, no scars (apart from small lipo sites but nothing visible on lower legs). First photo is a selfie, so my thighs look slimmer there than they really are!! Very expensive procedure, but can now wear skirts, skinny jeans, and heels without feeling embarrassed - fantastic!!
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