Only a Few Weeks Now!! Face and Neck, Lipo and Platysmaplasty - London, GB

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I’d decided at least a year ago the inherited t...

I’d decided at least a year ago the inherited turkey neck needed to go!! So after quite a lot of research on this site and by visiting surgeons I've opted for Dominic Bray and will soon become, as one of his other patients aptly described herself… a “Bray Babe!”
I’m “only” 43, and while I thought I’d be unusual in needing surgery actually it seems I'm not alone and there are quite a few other ladies my age suffering with facial drag and that “melted” look.

When starting out this journey, I never approached this as a rejuvenation exercise. The upper half of my face looks to me, my age. I’ve just always had this horrible neck and it has become a huge focus of attention for me. I feel it’s manly – thick and dragging and I’ve lost femininity.

Many people have that part of tier body that not only do they HATE but it’s just feels “odd” to the rest of them – it doesn’t “fit – and this is mine.

I’m a slightly older mum with kids of 6 and 9, but I’ve only got a handful of photos with them because I simply can’t stand seeing myself - and especially my face looking back at me. I think this was the final catalyst for me in taking some positive action to resolve the issue.

Having had the best, quite mis-spend youth, enjoying being slim, beautiful and even the odd bit of modelling here and there, the lady looking back at me from photos today is hideous and just not “me”. If I could chop my head off and start again I would.

So while my early conversations with Dominic were focused around “I don’t care about the rejuvenation – just give me my face back”, I’ve come to realise the more and more I asses my features – that melted neck line and saggy jowls is INCREDIBLY aging and one of the reasons I hate it.
So now I’m currently fluctuating between, being totally petrified of the surgery and having periods of being elated about the possibility of not looking so fat, or so old and getting the feminine me back from 5 - 10 years ago!

Wish me luck, I might need it. Xx
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