Dominic Bray made me feel glamorous again! London, GB

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I am booked in with Dominic bray next week for a...

I am booked in with Dominic bray next week for a face/ neck lift, temporal brow , & blephoplastry.
I work as a fashion stylist & presenter. I'm not a beautiful woman but I am glamorous! I feel old suddenly & I'm worried my work will fade out. We live in an ageist society sadly. Any advice pre op? Gx

Day before op, woken up sick with worry.

So I've actually been perfectly OK & excited about my op but this morning I've woken up so stressed. Is it a complete waste of money, are am just too vain, what if something goes wrong?
It's been an awful last 7 years for our family with both my daughter and I having cancer. We lost our family business which went back 6 generations.We've only just picked up our lives again .
So I'm off to stay with my daughter in London in readiness for tmrw ! My nest bed is set up with everything I need & the freezer is full of ice & soup!
I'll let you know how I get on!
Positive thoughts

An hour pre op

An hour pre op! No makeup!!!
Today feeling relaxed & excited.
Sorry about the horrific no make up and tied up hair. The pre op shampoo is pleasant but my hair need conditioner!

No pain!!

Hi so my op was yesterday & it went very well. Being awake is a strange sensation though not unpleasant. You drift in and out. I was aware the Dominic worked on the left hand side of my face for longer as it the muscle wouldn't co operate. I came to & felt great & walked to the Marylebone hotel in big glasses & an Hermes scarf. I had a few mouthfuls of risotto with with a teaspoon which was hilarious! I had a good nights sleep from 11 till 3.30 am ,iced for half an hour & slept again till 8.00. The icing is sooo important. I have no pain or numbness .
Dominic took several photographs one of which I've included. Dominic has given me back my 35 year old face. Even with the swelling I can see my sharp jawline . I know there are 3-4 days of bruising & sweling to come but I'm prepared.
Im horrified at the high resulution photos because I didn't realise that my skin had so much damage & how much make up I wear. Both of these I shall rectify. I've seen the stunning Rebecca who sent me away with a skin care regimen I shall follow avidly & I will Change my make to softer colours.
My best friend stayed with me and she was fabulous, she looked after me & it turned into a slumber party without the wine!!
To anybody having any procedure please don't worry
( And Andy the anaesthetist is a real dish!!)


Puffy mcpuffy!!
Hi , so day 2 ! Thank you for your private messages so here's my update. Woke up this morning feeling a bit groggy . I had a cool bath & tided myself up. It's amazing how much better you feel when you're clean. I took the bra off & actually had a close look at the stitches & puffiness. I really was expecting it to be way worse! There's no massive bruising but I do look like a buffer fish! There is no pain but my left side is more tender & my ears look very puffy, no wonder really. The stitches around my face are delicate, I'd have offered Dominic a job when I run my design business!! I've been spending most of my time sleeping, hydrating & icing. Sleep seems to help .Only 2 paracetamol today. I think I just need to be patient & give it a couple of days. My husband saw me without the face bra today he joked I looked like Frankenstein s project!! On the other hand he said he could see my cute face underneath . That's love for you!

Where I look like an alien!

So I've been so good the last few days , I've been icing , I've sleapt on 6 pillows almost upright & no tea, salt or alchohol have passed my lips ! Though God knows an ice cold vodka & tonic wouldn't have touched the sides!!
I have a lovely little chin & a face the size of a rugby ball! I must be getting used to it as I thought I looked better today but my daughter said I looked like an alien!!! Thanks! I washed my hair & put some rollers in but who am I kidding I still look horrific!
I'm off on the train to get the eye stitches removed tomorrow so if you're on the Warwick to Marylebone- I apologise! In all honesty it's only been 5 days & im lucky to not have any major bruising ,( apart from the strangulation marks on my neck) I'll just have to be patient!
I wonder if getting the stitches removed hurts? Mmm

Stitches out!

So on Monday my friend took me to London on the train to have the stitches on my eyes out as they don't need as long as the face ones. He had huge fun on the train as the bruises on my neck & under the left eye are a fabulous purple. All the make up in the world can't disguise them! Every time someone snuck a sneaky look he would loudly say ' that'll teach you to burn my dinner'!
But I digress, the beautiful Rebecca took them out easily & 2 days later the scars are healing nicely!
Today I had the rest of the stitches out, I couldn't have looked that bad as the gentleman opposite me on the train had his driver drop me off at Harley street before he went of!!! ( and there was me thinking I looked awful)
According to mr Bray I am healing nicely . We're both Very happy with my results so far , it's amazing the difference from day to day. I still look horrific without make up on , but the mineral powder is great as you can avoid the scars . I got some weird looks on the train but a fat headband disguised the scars.
I am still unbelievably tired all the time. Keeping off the salt, caffeine & alchohol religiously . Meat too but only because I can't really chew! My jaw muscles still ache. Rissotos , souffl├ęs & eggs are a staple. Another week of rest before work!
Dominic bray you did a grand job!!

First day back at work!

So after 1 week pre & 2 weeks apre surgery of no alchohol, tea & salt I've actually never felt so healthy!! I joke not when I say this has been so easy, I've slept like a narcoleptic & my face looks better daily. I still have swelling on the left side of my face & a beautiful black eye.
On Saturday I met up with friends for my first outing. The moment I walked through the door my girlfriend peered at me & said ' you've had a facelift you look amazing'!!! So much for not telling anyone!
Today was my first day at work!
I don't think I've ever put so much effort into my make up.
I walked into a dressing room full of people I've known for years , everybody was very welcoming & exclamed how well I looked , had I changed my makeup ? Hair? Until someone took me to one side & just plain asked! Apparently I look 10 years younger. Result!!!
I'm so thrilled, so far it looks fabulous. The temporal brow lift has opened up my eyes so much, and my jawline is so sharp.
I'm a week into the obagi skincare & the flaking has started. On Sunday I didn't wear the sunscreen , not clever. My chin was burning that night. I've never worn anything higher then factor10 on my face. (Stupid) That's probably why it's so damaged , I'll happily wear a50 now for the fabulous results I can already see.
I really recommend the headbands I've been wearing, great for hiding the stitches the first few weeks.

Where I get my smile back!

Hi, quick update . It's now been nearly 3 weeks since my op.
I'm so happy with it I can't begin to tell you. It literally has changed my life & put a smile on my face.
No longer does my mother look back at me from the mirror but a new me as I was 10-15 years ago (better actually ).
I still have a persistent black left eye but it's on the way out. There is still swelling on the left hand side below my ear & going down to my neck. The only feeling that I can equate it is the stretchy feeling you get from sunburn or having a large plaster on.
The scar over my right eye is not happy & ive been worried about wearing eye make up which I have to at work. Rebecca recommended a new garnier mecular water make up remover & ive just been out & bought some.
Every day is a little different & there are small changes. One day my ear will itch & the next my skin feels tight. It's not uncomfortable & it goes away. I'm sure everyone's recovery must be different.
The tiredness has been surprising, if I do too much I need to sleep for an hour - even now 3 weeks in.
I've now seen friends & the one comment I mostly get is ' you've lost weight' & 'you look so well'. Some people look at me quizzically trying to work out what's different.
I don't know if it's because it's given me so much more confidence or I just look better but some rather nice things have happened to me. A gorgeous man asked me for a coffee & the lady on the Mac counter just wouldn't believe me when I said I was 53!
Every time I catch sight of myself in the mirror I smile as I can't believe how much better I look. I used to avoid mirrors. At work I have to send photos in of myself every 3 months & I used to dread it. I'd take 10 & use one I'd put through a filter. Now I'd send a selfie taken anytime & be proud.
If this is something you're hesitating about , don't . It will change your life & it's worth the price!
There is a Video clip I made but it's refusing to load so I'll try later!

3 week scar update!

Scar update at 3 weeks

One month on!

Today was my first major day back at work. I knew I'd be filmed as I presented to over 700 people over the day. Yesterday I had my hair coloured & cut shorter then I've had it in 20 years. Everybody commented on how young the hairstyle made me look! Some of my models said how thin / young etc I looked. I couldn't keep it a secret & just told them!! They were thrilled for me & wanted all the gruesome details. They stood in front of mirrors & pulled at their faces! My new haircut shows of my new thin chin . I'm so happy with my results. They've given me so much confidence. I'm a new woman - literally!
Thank you all for your support & lovely comments!
The dress is marks & spencers !

Six month update

It's now been six months & im absolutely thrilled with my results. It's not until you see before & after photos that you realise the difference.
I still have a little tenderness below my left ear but nothing to mention really.
I'll try to upload a video I took earlier.

Six month update

How my six month old face is fairing!
Forgot to say in the video, the obagi skincare is amazing. It gives the skin amazing glow, probably due to the constant exfoliation. Please please don't forget your sunscreen. As the skin is new sun damage can happen quickly & undo your good work.

One year update

I will try to add a written review too!

One year update

One year review

One year review

One year update written!

So having finally managed to upload a video I've no idea why my face is frozen in such a weird position.
A year after my op I'm shocked when I see photos of what I looked like before. I hadn't realised I wore so much make up to hide the wrinkles.
At age 53 I used to catch sight of myself in shop windows & not recognise who I saw. I used to hate the close up photos I had to send in to work. Now I take selfies & not think about it. My op made me walk taller by giving me confidence.
My recovery was swift. I was back at work relatively quickly with the last of the bruising going by week 3/4. The swelling lasted longer the numbness lasted almost 6/8 months. The only feeling I can equate it to is having a giant plaster on the side of your face. I didn't really tell anybody about my op apart from certain people who asked me point blank! I also made the mistake of telling my sister in law who then told everyone. Nasty!
I'm so pleased I had it done. I'm even more pleased I spent a long time researching to find the right surgeon for me.
You did a great job mr B! Thank you!!!

Neck lift

Hi from scorching Cardiff! I've had a couple of people ask if my neck lift has dropped. Here's a one year untouched photo. As you can see other then me gaining a couple of kilos my face is still as good as when it was first done!!!
Why would it droop? It's all been tucked away!!!!

I spent a long time researching surgeons on the internet & I am competly confident in my choice . Mr Bray's results speak louder then words. I can't wait for him to give me my face back.

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