Where Did This Long Face Come From?! - London, GB

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Hi all, I've been squirrelling into my 'face lift...

Hi all,
I've been squirrelling into my 'face lift fund' for a while now, expecting to go under the knife at around 60 but post divorce my face suddenly dropped overnight it seemed. I saw a few surgeons before meeting Dominc Bray. As everyone says - he inspires confidence. Face & neck lift is on order, deposit paid. Hooray!

Pre op queries

Anyone know if I have to remove toenail polish before facelift with Dominic ? Ha, sounds such a silly question, he's doing my face not my feet. But I think you have to remove it for GA ...perhaps not for sedation - anyone know? Thanks girls (& boys!) x

'Before' pics

Here are my before pics. I'm concerned about jowls and neck sagging, under my eyes has sunk, my plump cheeks have disappeared and the wide heart shaped face of my youth has gone and I'm now long and rectangular.

About 8 years ago...

Thought I'd show why I think I need a 'lift'

It's done!

Ouch...I'm three hours post op - white tight bandage on. Can't deny its painful (the op was fine) it's as you start swelling the pain comes, I can barely open my mouth let alone bite on anything. You need a very tolerant friend with you...I'm a bit dopey so this doesn't positive. I know the first week is going to be rough so I'm just hanging on in there. I know I'll be pleased with the result when the suffering is over ;-) face is puffy at mo so I'm not abscess song over the mirror !

48 hours after op

I look about 15 years old ! :-)

Day 5

Bruising on neck and very swollen jawline and ears which you can't really see form pics.

I looked better yesterday day 4!

This pic is from yesterday Day 4. But it's just fluid giving me hamster cheeks today

Ok here's a bruise or two from Day 6. 21st May

Had to go out of the house yesterday Day 6

Used black headband to hide as much ear scarring as possible ie. the one behind and just in front of the ears, only lobe scars showing. Sunglasses not to hide anything just so that people didn't recognise me....and make up on bruises on right cheek and both sides of neck. Pretty good eh!? Although felt a bit like I was too glam haha, yer can't win eh?! X

More bruises and ear scars day 6

Day 7

Amazing what a bit of lippy & mascara can do! (Oh and Dominic's scalpel blade ;-)
See bruise on right dimple and chin? Tried to hide it with make up. And white stitch over left ear ? I thought it was a grey hair and got my tweezers onto it! Whoops :-)

Week one pics

Dominic's office pics, not very flattering, I think I look better in real life, but you can see I certainly ook refreshed!

Sudden flabby chin!!!!

Is it just fluid....? I bloody hope so.....it wasn't here before and it wasn't here yesterday.....did anyone else suddenly get swelling here? Please let me know - I did not have platysma (sp?) but I had a neck left ear to ear under the chin, like a really tight chin strap and it's bulging in front of this :-(
(See pic)

Day 10

Swollen hard lumps directly under each ear getting worse as day went on. Had to take paracetamol every few hours for last part of day. Odd how pain and swelling changes in intensity each day....just when you thought it was getting better n better, it comes back to remind you. Sometimes think will I ever feel normal again? But of course it's such early days and I'm sure some of you out there can reassure me that I will ...? :-) xx

Says it all!

A before from below and yesterday Day 11 post op in the sun hat and pink cardi.

Jowl ache Day 18

Well, this is new....my jowls are aching. The precise bit I hated and wanted lifted. I would say they are also very slightly more swollen than anywhere else. Anyone else have this? Very odd....not had this until today. Would be grateful for reassurance and to know if anyone else experienced it. I haven't taken any painkillers for 3 days but I've just had to as I was going to go to my singing group, then I thouht perhaps I shouldn't be singing and stayed home and wrote this instead! Thanks girls ;-)

4 week before and after pictures

Slight healing issue in left ear so I've been given antibiotics but I didnt realise as I had no extra pain in it. So phew it's only mild. :-)

Today and a year ago

More proof, it worked ! :-)

7 weeks post

Very happy. Had Botox for forehead lines & crows feet 12 days ago...people I know (who don't know I had a FL) keep telling me I look GREAT! People I've never met can't believe my age! (54)

Photos 2 months post op

Scars at 7.5 weeks

I had issues with the left one which is fine now but took longer to heal.

Ears at 8 weeks

Ears at eight weeks

Swelling comparison

Day 6 and day 60

11 weeks post op

11 weeks (I think?) since op and for the past few days I've had sharp tingling, not pain but like pinpricks , occasionally in my cheeks and on the jaw bone...interesting ...assuming it's all just nerves knitting together which is great...still so happy with my result. Just thought I'd update with my experience of healing, hope it helps somebody about to go through it. :-)

12 weeks post op tomorrow

I think? Anyway op was 14 May 2015...

3.5 month photo update

3.5 months post op photos


Two smiley pics...one with crooked teeth taken 18 months ago, which was pre- Invisalign, pre-facelift and pre-obagi...I know it's subtle but actually face face only 'dropped' in the past year! And anyway smiling always lifts ones face...I think I look so much more refreshed, clear skinned and straight toothed now at nearly 55 years old than I did at 53. (& I'm more confident which makes everything I do more rewarding) woo hoo!

5 months post op non smiling

Ok here is a pic from yesterday...it is a bit close to camera (phone) so it has perspective distorted and face looks weird (not like this in real life) but at least it does show lack of jowls.

25 weeks post op nearly 6 mnths)

Thought I'd update after Botox two weeks ago to frown lines and crows feet...and a bit of lip filler (slightly too much I think but it's temporary!)
:-) op date for face & neck lift was 14 May 2015. Photos are, slightly from above, direct frontal and slightly from below :-)


Didn't realise how I used to look, just found this pic from juts before surgery...and one six months after - taken Sunday 15th November 2015.
Pis speak a thousand words. ;-)

Anyone have imminent surgery with Dominic?

I'm in London to see Dominic for my 6 month check on the afternoon of Thursday 17th Dec. If anyone here is due for surgery soon and wants reassurance and to see his results in the flesh and you happen to be in London that day...id be pleased to meet you for a quick peek, either before or after my appointment. I know I was desperate to see one of Dominic's patients before I had mine. And one kind lady here let me see her. It really helped calm me down.
:-) X

Christmas party photo 2015

Very happy....nearly 55 years and have had a year of beautifying myself.....this picture is after a face lift, Invisalign, obagi skincare and Botox.....woo-hoo I look better than in many years...& i would never smile and show my teeth before (if I could help it!)
Happy Bray Babe ...

10 months post op. B4 & aft

Forgot to retouch my lips before pics. Was going for pixie ear revision so wasn't expecting pics to be taken.
Will post pixie ear once bandage is off.

Pixie ear revision

Pixie ear revision before and post revision


Bandage came off

Stitches out today

Looks a bit messy but I have great faith in Dominic so I'm not worried

Latest ear revision pic 16/4

Looks a little red but such early days. I'm v pleased :-)

Two years post op

Happy 56 year old

All I can do is repeat what every other woman seems to say about Dominic, he inspires confidence, has a lovely manner, very friendly and approachable, seems to know exactly what to do and I can't wait to have my face lifted by him. Roll on June 11th or sooner if anyone else cancels ...fat chance of that I imagine! Ps - I won't post a before pic yet just in case anyone recognises me and tries to change my mind. Trust me, I need (want) it - I'm 54 with flattened cheeks, jowls and a scraggy neck.

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