Derma Roller for Stretch Marks - London, GB

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So I decided to try this Dermaroller to treat my...

So I decided to try this Dermaroller to treat my 10 years old stretch marks. I'm 25, weight about 50kg, and 1,58 height, but I grew up very quick and always been very skinny since kid.
My mom have stretch marks on be back of her legs but they are very small you can barely see. So yes, I was the unlucky one of the family. I never really cared about when I was younger but now I'm so annoyed about it and want to get rid of it...

I know that there is no way to remove stretch marks completely, specially the white ones, but if I can reduce the appearance of them or at least bring back the natural colour of them would be amazing. I get tan very quick and I hate when I'm wearing bikinis and my stretch marks stand out soooo much. I'm very happy with my body as a whole but anyway, I'm willing to do anything to remove these horrid stretch marks from my body.

So then I decided to try this dermaroller technique. I got the 1.5mm needle from Amazon and tried last night. It was a bit uncomfortable but I managed to get it done without numbing cream.

I'm not sure if I did enough because I was expecting my skin to get very red after, but it didn't. It was reddish, and a bit itch but nothing major.

I'm looking forward to see if it will have any results. Im using a collagen drops just after I dermaroll and bio oil.

I haven't tried any other treatment such as laser, carboxterapy so let's see how it comes up. I'll keep adding images here to see the progress.
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