Cosmelan for Acne Scars - a Lot of Peeling but Totally Worth It - London

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Hi everyone. Just thought id share my experience...

Hi everyone. Just thought id share my experience of using the cosmelan treatment. I am 23 years old with caramel complexion (parents from bangladesh) and I decided to use this treatment for my acne scars. I had these scars for years and tried hundreds of products to try and fade them with no luck.

After 3 herbal peels, which would have worked if it werent for my skin breaking out with spots all the time, my beautician reccommended the cosmelan treatment and i have to say it has worked miraculously! Sure at first it has its side effects with the peeling and redness, but its been three weeks since ive been using the products (cosmelan 2- hydra K- sun block) and my skin hasnt looked this good since i was 16! I have already seen about 80% reduction of my scarring and even though my skin still gets dry especially around the mouth it was totally worth it!

It was ridiculously expensive (£650) but after i felt like i have tried just about everything without much success, this felt like money well spent!

I can now confidently leave my house without the need to wear foundation and it feels great.. and when I do need that extra bit of confidence, all i use is my mineral powder and my skin looks almost flawless. I have already had so many of my close family and friends telling me that they have noticed a significant improvement. (and they all knew how bad my skin was)

I have to add, I have been taking antibiotics for a month now in order to stop my skin from breaking out. I feel this has helped the outcome of using cosmelan because i was really worried that after spending so much money on all these skin treatments ill just get spots again resulting to more new scars!

Lastly, i just want to give some advice if anyone is thinking of doing cosmelan treatment... dont use cosmelan 2 on the neck.. it left me with a horrible rash looking marks.. but thankfully 'daktacort' cream made it go away within a few days :) Also i felt during the first week of this treatment my eyes were very sore and dry, so i suggest buying eye drops.. For the corners of my lips which ripped a little bit due to the dryness, i used 'cymex' and this helped heal the cuts. (any coldsore type lipcare should do the trick or as my beautician reccommended 'daktacort' cream)

I really hope that sharing my experience helps some of you. I understand that this treatment doesnt work for everyone so i wish you the best of luck if you do decide to use it.

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got rid or 80% of my marks in less than 3 weeks.. not as noticeable as they used to be. skin looks more radiant and healthy looking.

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