Sliding Genioplasty - London, UK

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My experience (7 weeks post op) has been, thus far...

My experience (7 weeks post op) has been, thus far very mixed. I had a chin implant inserted in 2000 for a short jaw and receding chin but remained unhappy with my profile, however face-on I was happy with my face. Last Summer a saw a specialist Maxillo-facial and oral surgeon who recommended a two year course of teeth and jaw treatment which I opted not to have. Instead I opted for Sliding Genioplasty and having the implant removed.

The surgery itself was painless, was except for bad pain swallowing, this was due to the tube inserted during surgery so the patient can breathe, it lasted for 10 days. The swelling and bruising was fairly minimal. My profile immeadiately was transformed! and I was delighted! Inside my mouth felt very tight and my lower lip was 'pulled up' and smaller. I could not move my lip properly and had no muscle movement on my chin and so this affected my speech for about three weeks. The muscles and lip are still healing and semi-numb and are not normal yet. However my face, face-on looks very different. My face and chin are longer and much narrower. I look older. Unfortunately this new shape and narrow face does not suit my wide set eyes wide nose and big lips. I am unhappy with the result. However I have been told to wait 4 to 6 months and then go to my surgeon for a review. I accept this advice and know in the event that my face has not 'settled' by then in the way that I would like, that the shape of my new chin can be addressed(another implant).

Overall I would say: expect a massive improvement in your profile, a long healing time (3 to 6 months) and a change to your face shape. Make sure your surgeon explains all of this to you especially the changes to your face shape. In summation though I have a lot of healing time left and may well, in another 2 months time, love may new face, probably at this juncture overall I wish I had not had the proceedure done. the surgeon was excellent as was the care I received. All the comments people have made to me, were along the lines of 'your face looks much thinner'. Not one person has said I look better. I do not care what people think of my looks afterall everyone is so different. But I think these comments are very telling.

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