Skin Culture 4000 Chemical Peel

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Hello Everyone, I am having a chemical peel skin...

Hello Everyone, I am having a chemical peel skin culture 4000. I have just started on the 12.12.2009 and last evening afer i applied the 3 rd jar, my face has started to swollen up and I am very very red, burned, and I barelly can see. I called the company which sell the Skin Culture 4000 in UK and they said to stop to apply th jar content on my face (it would be the last one) and I should consult a doctor, that was all. Of course I will consult a doctor, I am having an appoiment tonight but I am really scared after all what I've read here that I will be left with scars on my face forever. I am soo scared now. They didnt say anything about swelling on the website. I found out myself. I have to put on a normalizer skin cream once per day for 90 minutes but my face still look like a pig skin in a fire. I know i should be more patient....Thank you

my face is very red, burnt, swollen, painfully. I know its still early to judge ow but ijust wanted to let people know its not like it is saying on the skin culture website.

they wouldnt say about the swollen face and they saied in only 7 days your skin it will be perfect.i trusted them, what a mistake....

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