Calling All the Lip Lift Ladies out There - London, GB

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Hi ladies! Today is the 9th day post my lip lift,...

Hi ladies! Today is the 9th day post my lip lift, which I have done in Europe, and I am very worried as my nose doubled in size, it it very very large, especially at the bottom. Right after surgery it was worst but that swelling went down after the first few days. However now I see no difference as days go by. It just looks everyday exactly the same size, as if it´s settled there.
So I really wanted to hear from your experiences, if this has also happened to anyone here and if your nose did eventually go down to it´s normal size or if it remained that way. I am panicking as my nose was relatively small and now looks hideous.
Look forward to hearing your stories! I´ll be also posting a couple pictures soon so you can have a better idea.

Thank you so much!

10 days post

10th day post. In the "after" photo you can see how my nose looks absolutely huge now, at least twice as big as before. I didn´t even go outside the house yet and I can´t bare the idea of having to be around people looking like this. I´m very scared it will remain this size.
My lip shape post lip lift is also very weird. The doctor didn´t touch the sides of the nose, only the full front until the corners , as she thought it wasn´t necessary, but now I feel like they are very strangely shaped as if only lifted in the top and hanging on the sides. She did say the shape would still change a bit, not to worry, but as days pass I see no difference.

Look forward to hearing your stories and thoughts! I´ll be posting a couple new pictures soon.

3 weeks post

Hi everyone! Will be 3 weeks tomorrow. I didn´t upload new photos yet as I´m still looking pretty much the same, which worries me a little bit ( my nose is also still huge, especially my nostrils and my lips pinched looking at the top). But trying to stay calm after reading your encouraging comments!
I was wondering how long after your lip lifts were you able to smile normally again? I still can´t smile with my mouth open at all. Even with my mouth closed it still looks weird . Also, what do you think is a safe time frame to start working out at the gym again after this?
I will try to upload a couple new photos tomorrow, but again... there´s really not much change from the last one.
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