Excessive Buccal Fat Extraction leading to Baggy Face. London, GB. Subsequent Face & neck lift needed to correct it.

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I have to admit that for someone who researched...

I have to admit that for someone who researched their rhinoplasty surgeon so carefully I really dropped the ball on my other procedures.
I had never been happy with the shape of my cheeks as they looked somewhat hamster like, especially on one side. I have had consultations for a facelift but was told I didn't need one. What I wanted was the pouchy look to be lifted somehow.
As far as I understood buccal fat pad extraction would have a mild effect on the shape of my face. During the consultation that the surgeon did make it clear that once the fat is removed it is gone forever. He did mention that there may a slight loss of firmness, but this could be corrected using a skin laser tightening procedure or a little filler in extreme circumstances.
I was impressed that he seemed to know all of the possible corrections for the surgery so decided to go ahead.
Know one thing about me, when I come round from the general anaesthetic the world is a happy smiley place, I could receive the worst news ever and I would not receive it badly. So when he came in looking worried and said he thought he'd taken too much fat out I was not bothered. It was only later on the come down from the anaesthetic that I looked at the alien shape face in the mirror and wondered what on earth had I done.
This was not a subtle effect but a clear skeletal one. Right from the start one side of my face was showing folds where they had been known before, the other puffed up and swollen from the surgery.
I began to dread the healing process knowing that the swelling would go down and both sides would probably be the same.
People began to ask my family if I was seriously ill. I chalked up the weight loss to having a stomach bug but knew that I needed correction imminently.
Initially the surgeon claimed he could not see that I had a problem, and then during the consultation all of the corrections he mentioned prior to surgery were certainly not applicable.
He explained that the area (the one he claimed he couldn't see I had a problem with) was too large for filler and as an interim measure I was given Botox into my smile muscle too dull my facial expression so that the folds would not show so badly.
I was then left with the only option of fat transfer and felt I had no other choice but to go with that. I was rejected by other surgeons because of my low weight and their reluctance to work on the correction needed so soon after my previous surgery.
Although logical in retrospect, it was not highlighted to me that when fat is removed from tissue it has acted as a support and that tissue will then droop and sag.
I have now been left with a baggy face, and have a consultation soon with a top surgeon with a view to correct the sagging with a facelift. All in all at the amount that I have paid so far could have almost paid for the facelift that I wanted in the first place! I know that I am lucky to have one but this was not exactly how I planned on spending my inheritance.
As an aside, I was assured by my surgeon during my initial consultation that he would waive his surgical fee for any revisions, I do need to check with his office why I was actually charged, because I strongly think that the second surgery with him was a necessary correction of his mistake.
I did actually want my upper blephs done but by this stage had sadly lost my faith in my surgeon performing other procedures. I felt that if that went wrong too I would look and feel like a complete idiot.

I would warn anyone to think very carefully about having this surgery. It certainly has not worked out well for me, now I will always have a very different face from the one that I wanted and there is no guarantee that the fat transfer I had to try and remedy it will remain in place for long.

Another shot of baggy face

I tried to add this before but the site kept crashing on me

If I look down a little then this happens;

Hopefully I have had the baggy face resolved!

In a rather drastic measure (for an early 40-something year old) I have had a face and neck lift.
Not what I'd planned for at this age but there was no other choice, apart from living with the premature baggy face from the excessive buccal fat extraction and lumpiness from my subsequent fat transfer.

In conclusion;
In the correct patient buccal fat extraction can be a useful tool.
HOWEVER, I was not the right patient. Had my surgeon been more practiced he'd have known this.
If you want to go to someone for a consultation for buccal fat extraction I'd recommend Dominic Bray (who I've had my subsequent surgeries with) as he is highly skilled and will be able to give a good indication of what is suitable for you.
I will not name my surgeon (yet) but I learned my lesson which I will share with you;
Go to a specialist for each single procedure that you have.
If your surgeon is a specialist for one thing, have that one thing, but don't be tempted to add things to your surgical menu that s/he isn't an expert in or it could be hugely costly in corrections and stress in the future.

I will end up looking very different than I did before.
While my end result from my facelift will hopefully be amazing it feels like I've spun the Hollywood celeb looks wheel of fortune expecting to look like Yasmine Bleeth but ending up more like Charlize Theron.
Hopefully the results from my facelift will be gorgeous, but my finished look will not ever be what I was expecting... ...and I won't look like the person my husband married. I better hope he has a secret crush on Charlize...

No more concertina face!

I thought I'd share a picture of what I look like when I look down now. No more concertina face!

My facelift surgeon was actually amazed at how much excess skin I had.
I wasn't, I'd been trying to get surgeons to listen to me for years, it is not normal to be able to do an impression of a bearded dragon!
That is one thing I will no longer be able to do. I guess I'll have to find a new party trick...

Not a photo for the squeamish! Corrective Face & neck lift photo

This is me during surgery for my FACE & NECK LIFT to correct the problems caused by the buccal fat extraction.

As I mentioned before, my facelift surgeon was amazed at the sheer amount of skin I had (which he then removed).
This was one of those "FINALLY! Thank you!" moments, as I had been saying this to surgeons since I was in my 20s. literally "Dr, please listen, I HAVE TOO MUCH SKIN FOR MY FACE!".

I don't think that I can visually demonstrate any better that I actually needed skin, not fat removed to create better facial harmony.

If you feel your issue is too much skin (I did have a chubby face, but largely due to the amount of? skin I had) then find a great facelift specialist. Those that work on under 45s are hard to find so I feel super lucky. I just wish I'd found Dominic earlier then I'd have less skin but look more like my former self rather than the thin-faced angular person I am now.

Sorry if you are now barfing into a (hopefully) handily placed bin!

Part 2 of above (because some idiot here it the wrong button!).

So I will do another round of before anything, after buccal fat extraction and subsequent correction photos and go from there.

Oh, sod a dog I did it AGAIN! I can't keep away from that 'Post Update' button!

The last photo(s) in the series (for now).
Post Face and Neck lift to correct the emptiness left from the buccal fat extraction and poor fat transfer correction.
Then a reverse run though for comparison.

!!!SUPER important regarding eating and drinking before surgery!!!

On another topic I follow I have seen people talking about eating the morning of their op (when they shouldn't be). Let me share this with you. I'm going to post it on all of my surgical threads because I think it is SUPER important.
If they say "Nil by mouth" from a certain time before your surgery then OBEY!
If you don't follow the rules you run the risk of vomiting/regurgitation under anaesthesia or pulmonary aspiration (where you breathe in your own vomit) which can lead to MASSIVE problems like, well, oh, I don't know, bradycardia leading to cardiac arrest, brain damage and death!
The risk is twice as common among elective surgical cases as we aren't ill, can be blasé about our instructions and eat or drink when have been told not to!

Don't make your surgical experience any more difficult than it need be.

Hey folks, I'm NOT fat!

As people have insinuated I look fat on this thread and another I'm going to post some body shots.
You will then see WHY I wanted a thinner face.
I'd like less chunky arms too, but short of taking away muscle, that isn't going to happen!
At all points in the face photos have I been between around 7 1/2 stone (in the 103-108 lbs or 47-49kg parameters).
My BMI has been around 18.3-19.
When people meet me in the flesh one of the very first things they say is "Oh my God you are TINY", especially if all they have seen is a head shot of me.
I'm actually thinking of changing my name to Tiny, I hear it so often!
Here are some body shots so that you can see why I wanted a slimmer face as I've been walking about looking like a lemon on a stick.
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