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Well here goes. I am a mum of one, 27 years old...

Well here goes.

I am a mum of one, 27 years old and have finally had my breast reduction after 5 years of trying. Since the tender age of 11 I have always been big busted. I tried so long to get this procedure on the NHS, then I fell pregant two years ago so was out on hold for obvious reasons. Before I was pregnant I was 36H, so what with big breasts and a growing baby bump, the pain during pregnancy on my back was beyond unreal. After having my child I was 36J, my boobs dropped to my waist line! How depressing it was to be looking at the mirror and hating the reflection staring back at you!

So again tried to on the NHS to have the procedure done as my breasts never went down in size! (They inflate but done deflate).
They told me to get to a BMI of 26 before they even consider to accept me to have the surgery done.

Now being a big girl with massive breasts, losing weight was going to hard, specially with the pressure and pain it had on my back, shoulders, neck and even ribs and hips! I saw a nutritionist to try and help me with the weight loss, which has obviously helped but I wasn't going to wait another 1-2 years for this procedure. I would of been a hunchback.

So spoke to my partner and spoke about my possibilities and what would be best for us in the long run (need my self confidence back). She decided to go private. I shopped around different clinics but ended up going with the Transform Clinic, they made everything sound possible and put my mind at ease, they also motivated me with the weight loss.

A few weeks later I booked an appointment with my plastic surgeon who was a specialist in breast surgery, going in to have my appointment I felt positive. I saw my surgeon who was a saint, he was very thorough, he answered all my questions without me having to ask them, he took a look at my breasts and said to me, "we don't measure in cup sizes but we aim to get you between a D-E cup".

I have never been a D cup, when I was 11 they just grew past all sizes before D to get too a DD!

I knew then this is what I wanted and booked my surgery date there and then. All paid for and super excited.

We had a few minor hiccups on the way, mainly my body being a diva and deciding that I needed to get infection in my mouth and my breasts decided to grow a small cyst. But all was checked and cleared and was well on my way to have my reduction done on the 15th July. YES ????????????????

On the day before my surgery, we traveled up too London to drop off our baby boy to his nanny and grandads. I couldn't sleep at all that night, had so much going on in my mind, main one being, I won't be able to pick my son up for a while ????
Next thing I know it's 9am and we got up and got ready. Got some bits along the way to the hospital. Arrived at 12 noon and was shown to my own little room. Everything happened so fast from then.

My nurse was amazing, she got me into my rags and tagged me up, bloods were taken, saw the aneasetist (dunno how to spell it), she weighed me, (I had lost another 3kg since last got weighed). Was just waiting on my surgeon to come in, he bounced in all smiles, started to measure me, said we could go smaller than he originally said due to losing weight, he also stated that I was gonna lose my burn scars that I got through a freak accident at work. I was over the moon and booming to go. I got taken to the operation room, the staff were amazing and distracted me whilst I was put too sleep.
My op took a little over 2 hours
I woke up smiling, I told the nurse I didn't wanna wake up as was dreaming (another story for another day).

After half an hour was allowed to go back to my room, got trollied down and my partner was sitting in the chair, I was just beaming from ear to ear. The pain wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, I just couldn't stop looking at my beautiful small boobies, I was beyond happy.

I stayed in over night, the nurses made sure I was comfy, that my water cup was always full, that everything was in hands reach. They also made sure my pain would subside and the food was amazing.

After 3 days post op, I was in no pain at all (my pain threshold never lets me down), and I kinda forgot at times I am suppose to be resting up. So when I had my post op 6 days later, I got told off, need to rest more. It's like telling tigger to stop bouncing but I have to do it. So currently slouching on the couch like a couch potato, with my other half waiting on me hand and foot, he also has too look after our son.

Best decision I have ever made in my life, wish I hadn't of waited this long, but it's done now and have never felt better. I am literally on top of the world. I know I still have some way to go but I am so looking forward to my next steps hehe

1 week post op

So over a week after my op. Now getting a bit bored, usually a get up and go kinda person. Hopefully on Thursday for my second bandage change I would of made some progress. I have full nipple sensation, which is great, but hurts when my nipples erect (sorry if too much info), other than that I am just trying too keep my arms down and not over do it

Roll on Thursday ??

10 days post op

I must remind myself that my son isn't allowed to jump on me. Ouch! I am ten days post op, my bra which is a D cup is actually lose on me and ripples up when I lay down to go to sleep, so thinking I my either need a smaller back or a smaller cup. Which ever it is, it's all an amazing result as was a J cup.

Laying on my back in an up right (ish) position is now causing me terrible back ache and sleeping is almost impossible. Just got to remind myself it's only for a short while, won't be like this forever.

So woke up with lack of sleep and sore back has put me on a downer today. I am slightly fed up, my other half though has been amazing, specially when it comes to looking after our son, he has finally appreciated the hard work I used to do before I had my op.

I have nurse on Thursday so hopefully these plasters come off as they are slightly irritating my skin. Can't wait. I hope this Doug nothing lark has finally paid off.

Feeling zingy

Mi nipples are super sensitive to everything. When I get the chills, my nipples erect and boom. Super sensitive, it's good as my nurse told me it could go either way, I could be numb or super sentisitive. Glad I didn't go numb, but I do have numbness on the side of my boobs.

My son decided to lunge at me when I was minding my own business on the couch. My left breast is now a bit more swollen. Big ouch

The effect it has on your children isn't one that's really spoken about, my son is 17months old, he doesn't understand why I don't pick him up, it's hard on him, I hug him but it's not enough for him, he wants to be close to his mum and at the moment (coz he is a figit bottom), we can't allow it so much. It's an emotional rollacoster for them as well as for you.

The emotions you go through with this as well, one minute your over the moon then the next you are reaching out for tissue to dry your eyes. I am on my own personal rollacoster of emotions. It's like being on a constant period.

Talking of periods. I am due on and it will be interesting because before my op my breasts would become tender and throb before I had my period, waiting too see if it happens.

Still over the moon with the process, apart from super sensitive nipples, I am doing alright. I am hoping this resting up has done me some good for when I see nurse next on Thursday.

Ladies if they tell you to rest up, do it, it can be a long healing process depending on how your body recovers. First two weeks are crucial, rest up, make sure people wait on you hand and foot.

I am gonna enjoy the piece and rest in my spot on the couch, night everyone


So had my nurse today. My left breast is taking its time to fully close up and heal. She could see that I had a small battering from my son. So still got dressings on, hoping next week, my left boob doesn't look so angry. She was very positive.

As its been two weeks since my op, I can now finally start taking diet supplements and get back on track with my diet as lost 19lbs before my op.

I am also taking vitamin C as it helps boost healing, my nurse also said that blueberries and kiwi fruit is also a good natural source to help healing process.

Wearing a sports bra is also the best feeling, it's helped me sleep better I have to admit.

Also gonna start taking my arnica tablets to help reduce bruising.

I asked my nurse how much weight came off my breasts and she said on the right breast was 800g and on the left 810g, that's about 4lbs in total which is a lot. That's 4lbs less stress on my back, next and shoulders.

So things may be moving slowly for me, I may be a very slow healer, but I am getting there. I can see that end goal and love my breasts even more

16days post op

no matter how much I rest up, I am still somehow twinging my scars which then bleed a little bit. I am tired of all these set backs. Fed up even. I know I am gonna come back out Thursday with bloody dressings on again.

Every post I see, not many have had dressings on for this long, I must be a very slow healer or my breasts aren't doing so well with all the trauma they have had.

I think my boobs have dropped a bit and they are softer to touch, not rock hard, maybe that's the reason why I keep twinging them, it's infuriating to say the least,

Just Gotta keep thinking postive, otherwise I am not gonna have postive outcomes.

Soft boobs

My boobs have finally become softer. It's a nice feeling, feels a bit tight along my scars but all in all they have softened up. I am losing weight easier as well, it's a nice little step up to how I was feeling the other day.

I have a man to die for, he is just amazing with what he has done for me. Think he also realises exactly what I do when he is at work and he appreciates me a whole lot more. I can't thank him enough for the love and support he has shown me over these last couple of weeks. It's his birthday on Thursday, I Gotta have another appointment with my nurse, then I am gonna treat him to dinner.

Positive thinking leads to positive results ????????????

Weight loss

So yeah just weighed myself and have lost 29lbs in two months. 4lbs yes was boob weight but 25lbs was done by pure hard work. I am beaming from ear to ear

Wanted to share this as have never lost this much before ???????????????????? me boobs for my slimmer body. Happy days

Transform clinic

Just received a get well card from my co-ordinater at my transform clinic, what a lovely thing to do.

I can't fault my clinic, they have done everything they can and they generally care about their patients.

Wonderful thing to do

My old bra

So today tried on my old bra, mainly for laughs but also to see the difference. What a massive difference, I was crying with laughter to think I was that size.

Saw my grandmother today, she just couldn't get over how different I looked and how much my body has changed, she was over the moon to see my confidence back and she is glad I have finally had this done. Things like this make beam from ear to ear. I have never had body confidence, I have never been told I stand up tall and look amazing. Finally I can say I look good, I am allowed to say it, can finally look in the mirror and not cry at what I used to look like, but smile at what I have achieved so far.

Postive thoughts lead to positive outcomes

3 week checkup

Had my three week check up, I have a massive rash under my left boob, so my nurse has put on ionide dressings instead to help the rash go down. Other than that they are looking great. Just gonna keep up being postive and hope that by next week the rash will subside. I also have a couple of open wounds near where the stitchings meet, other than that feeling great.

I love how my boobs have fallen into a nice shape, no just Gotta concentrate on getting them better and heal well

Another monday

I am almost 4 weeks post op, I have to say I am feeling great. I got some soft bra's from tesco's and they fit a treat, but the cup size is still small so reckon I will be a C cup when all swelling goes down. I am so happy with that.

I have nurse on Thursday and hopefully it's more good news, I wanna get back into doing things for my son, be able to pick him up, carry him, stroll with his buggy and get back into the little things. I also wanna get back into my darts as miss my team.

Always on the go and this being slow is not my thing lol but Gotta stick at it.

Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes

4 week check up

So had my 4 week check up. My left breast still oozes a bit but the nipple area has healed, my right breast has small openings so again had to be re-dressed. I am getting there slowly but oh my, I love the shape of my breasts and the scars look amazing so far. Hopefully next week I can have less dressings, inadine strips help so much and are actually doing the trick for me. No rashes just Gotta stop the oozing. All in all very happy

Happy saturday

So team GB are doing well in the cycling (get in) :). And I changed my own dressings today and it's all looking promising.

Dressings plus heat equals sweat, so uncomfortable lol.

I love my boobs so much, I love how they sit, I love how natural they look, I love the fact that if I walk I don't give myself black eyes. Just loving this new confidence I have come across, it's been a long time since I have felt happy within myself. So worth it.

Gonna show photo's again as I am so impressed with my new boobs hehe.

Question everyone, what size do you reckon I am?

Before 5 week check up

Man it's hot, I am sweating like mad, my dressings have fallen off, looks promising though as apart from three places. It's finally healed. Gonna go to tesco's and look for some soft breathable dressing to put on till tomorrow. I have been sweating so much the yellow dye from my inadine strips has gone.

Hopefully tomorrow I won't have to have so many dressings on, I have terrible dry skin at the moment so I literally flake everywhere I go.

Do wanna say though, sitting here without a bra on is probably the best feeling in the world lol, feel so free haha.

Nurse tomorrow, Gotta stay positive

5 weeks

So had another check up at 5 weeks. I have superficial wounds that just don't want to heal. The nurse took away some stitchings that were affecting how my wounds heal, they are suppose to be dissolvable, but the ones that are still there are the ones that aren't attached to anything and causing more harm than good. So having them taken away I am positive that at 6 weeks I can walk away with no dressings. I got re-dressed with Manuka honey strips, so smelling very sweet, and water proof dressings are on so had a shower the other day.

Having a shower finally felt amazing, it is literally the best feeling in the world lol

I have also got into the swing of things slowly, like house work and able to pick up my 18 month old son with out any pulling at the my scars. My hubby goes back to work on Monday, so looking forward to getting back to normality but will miss my hubby.

Roll on Thursday for my next check up

New bra

I am so loving this new bra. Never thought I would get into one of these!! On top of the world at the moment :):):):):):):):)

6 weeks

I still have dressings on. I could cry. My nurse said to me that I am extremely patient!! I am starting to lose my patients. Every week I have been back and every week I come out with new dressings. Frustrating to say the least.

I am hoping after 7 weeks I won't have to go back again. In this what with dressings on is not the most comfortable thing.

Still so impressed with how my breasts look, they are a nice shape, now just wanna be able to look after my scars, have a bath, not have to worry about dressings :(

Oh well onwards and upwards

Almost 7 weeks

I am finally getting to be the woman I have always wanted too be. I have lost 33lbs now and I love how my boobs look (even if they are dressed). You have ups and downs most days, it's a major op. Just Gotta keep my head held high and appreciate that I have come this far. I am loving my new body and my man is happy with my new confidence.

Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes

8 week check up

Finally the dressing is off. I can finally look after my scars. Have a bath and now can sleep on my front as well as my sides.

I have been jogging for the last couple of days and omg! I can do it without killing over!

Never felt so great in my life and the best part, my partner is loving the new me, and my new boobies. He reckons he can massage them to help them! Hmmmm! Shall I let him :):):):) maybe :')


I love soaking in the bath. Oh how I have missed a good long soak. Softens up my scars too so they are not so tight. I also apply bio oil on daily, which again is helping reducing the angry looking scars to normal looking scars.

Bath time. Catch everyone up later :*

New bra's

So got measured today. 36D. Brilliant news. So treated myself today to some brand new clothes (UK size 12 in top and UK size 14 in bottoms) and new bras. Feel absolutely amazing. Best I have felt in so long. I can now look in a mirror and like what I see.

36lbs lost. New boobs. New person same personality :) :)

New clothes.

Never though I could go bra less and wear any form of crop top. I feel like a whole new woman. It's not just my cup size that has changed. It's also my confidence.

I can't thank my surgeon enough for what he has done for me. I am so over the moon with how I look now

10 weeks post op

I am 10 weeks post op. The only problem I have is achy scars. I was wondering if anyone could come up with some creams to help with the scars as bio oil doesn't seem to do much apart from irritate my skin!

Other than that I am still loving my new boobs. I wore a crop top yesterday under my dungarees, the crop tops come down at the shoulders. I went about my business with no bra on and it felt amazing

See my surgeon in the 13th October. Hopefully he will be satisfied with his work coz I know I am

Seeing my surgeon soon

I am seeing my surgeon this week for my 12/13 week update. My scars are all bubbly and lumpy, but am thinking that's just the way I scar! I am still so in love with my breasts though.

I have managed to lose 42lbs (3stone), since May, I am a new woman, still the same personality, just a new body. My confidence is booming ????????

6 months

I am sorry I haven't been on here for a while. I am enjoying life and my new body, I love my new breasts so much, I have lost a total of 60lbs in 8 months and now sitting in a 34 D cup. I couldn't be more happier with how I look now. My scarring is stil red, no matter what I use they don't seem to wanna fade down, but I really don't mind. They are my battle scars and remind me of how I got to where I am now.

I have gone from a UK size 18/20 to a UK size 10/12. I finally have the body I have always wanted. This surgery has given me so much, I can't thank my surgeon enough

Hope all of you ladies are doing well. Love too you all xxx
Mr. Khan

My surgeon is just a miracle worker, the nurses are sensational at their jobs and my whole experience so far is 5*

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5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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