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I have just been reading through everyone else's...

I have just been reading through everyone else's experiences on here and looking for answers to my many questions that the NHS does not seem to give information on!

I am 29 years old and have wanted a breast reduction operation for as long as I can remember. I've had massive boobs since I was 13, which is so unfair as neither my mum or my sisters have big busts, they're all lovely little pert b's, if I was to give them some of mine, I would still have enough left over to rival them. In fact, ironically, even after the surgery I will most likely be bigger than them!

Anyways, I've got 2 lovely kids and I think that's enough for me, I have had back pain since I was a teen which I have complained to the doctors about all throughout. I never thought I could have this op on the NHS, but as I genuinely have a good reason for it I went to my doctor complaining about the back problems (yet again) and she was absolutely FANTASTIC!!! She really went all out to make sure the consultant would accept my case and even said that if they said no now, she would try again in 6 months. I cannot stress enough how great she was, and to think I was so nervous in approaching the subject!

Anyways, I had to go see the PS at a more local hospital and he saw my breasts and decided that I had reason enough to get the breast reduction on the NHS so he put me on the waiting list.

After a few months I got the letter for my pre-op appointment for 2nd july and then the BR appointment for the week after. Unfortunately, before the pre-op they sent a letter to say that they had to push it back 4 weeks due to emergency surgery but to attend the pre-op anyway.

At the pre-op I was disappointed that I didn't get to speak to the PS, I have sooo many questions to ask him, the nurse didn't seem to know much and so I actually don't really know much about anything other than what I've read on the website which has been a godsend!

My BR op has been pushed back AGAIN another 2 weeks to 27th august so I am praying that it will not be postponed again! I should have already had it by now if it had been the original date!

Though my husband supports me, some of my family doesn't. To be honest, I think it's mainly jealousy that I am getting this done as both the people who are against me doing it are both people who would want it themselves! So I don't really have anywhere else to discuss this!

Anyways, I'm sorry about blabbing on! Thanks for reading this far! Can't wait to update as I get closer to the surgery! It's exactly 4 weeks, 1 day away!! :-)

Forgot to mention!

I forgot to mention that I'm a 32gg, 34g depending on time of the month. They look a bit smaller in the photos but they're just so heavy!!! Thanks so much for your support xx

The time is dragging, I'm literally counting down the days!

I keep reading everyone's reviews and can't believe what a difference this op makes to everyone! There is no doubt in my mind that I want to do this. I was scared at one point but that feeling has well and truly gone and been replaced with excitement. This morning, my breasts were just so heavy and painful and I noticed I have so many stretch marks on my actual breasts from them literally being dragged down! When I'm not wearing a bra, even just whilst showering I can feel them dragging down my shoulders and chest, it's just horrible! Looking forward to having them reduced! :-)
Still got some weight to lose though and some toning to do! Any advice for stomach toning? After 2 kids things are not quite as they should be...


So I have been shopping around for some bras and things I'll need post op. I have been reading on other people's experience and after ordering a couple of bras in 32e I realised that they'll just be a bit small even though I'm a 32g, I think I should get post op 34e bras for recovery so need to find different bras. I've also got some crop top style bras but I'm not sure how supportive they'll be, I think I've bought more than I need but just want to be prepared, or maybe it's out of excitement!! I even packed up half my bra's and put them in the loft but think I'll throw them away after the surgery, just want to wait to get to the other side.

The waiting is the worst thing, though I've been so busy that I haven't had as much time to think about it but still, it just feels like it's dragging, not too long to go now though so just gotta keep going and carry on losing weight!!

I've bought bio oil for the scars, I've got one button up pyjamas. I have been obsessing over how my boobs will look, after looking through my wardrobe I really noticed that I've always dressed for how I want my boobs to be rather than what they really are. Looking forward to perky small boobs!!! Just 18 days left?!! Yay xx

The day has finally arrived!!!

So it's just 6 hours before I'm due to be at the hospital, should really be asleep right now but I guess it's the nerves and excitement that won't let me relax so I'm having something to eat now and then off to bed. Thought I'd to a quick update beforehand though!!!

I have as much as I could prepared, don't feel like I have done as much as I can though! Got my bag packed, hopefully I'll be the first op of the day!! I've just had a shower and used the antibacterial wipes they gave me which is itching like crazy, I think it's cos I just shaved my legs so I don't recommend this cos it's literally driving me crazy right now!! Think I might have to go wash it off!!!

Usually my boobs would be hurting so much by now as it's coming up to time of the month but it's as if they know they're coming off and are behaving for me! Lol, I almost feel bad!! I haven't lost the weight that I wanted to lose but it's ok I guess I've lost as much as I could so that I'm ok with my current weight but will try to carry on losing after recovery too.

Ok, now on to the serious stuff. I am now feeling really nervous and quite jittery now. I think it's knowing that I'll be having a major operation tomorrow even though I've been completely calm all this time. I have tried to keep this whole op a secret from everyone except my immediate family but I have a MASSIVE family of in-laws and they've all found out now!! It's really not something that I wanted them to know as our community just does not do this kind of thing. You're taught to love the body you're in and that it's wrong to change it, but they don't understand my constant back pain etc, I'm sure if they had it they wouldn't be against it at all. Thankfully they've kept their comments to themselves but I'm sure I'll hear something afterwards! I just hope they don't all decide to come visit me after the op with all their herd of kids too! Aaaarrrgghhh, the thought of it makes me break out in a cold sweat!

Anyways, I'm looking forward to joining the other side. Better go to sleep, I've got to be up again in 4 hours!!! Take care all and wish me luck!!! :-)

Day after op...

So it's now one day after the op, I still feel quite out of it, the nurse said my blood pressure is low and has been throughout my time here so not really sure why but as I'm not feeling sick its ok. Hopefully I can get out soon, it's pouring rain in London, such dreary weather!! I s quite nervous going into theatre but now I'm fine about it, though they still look bigger than I wanted!! Will update on my experience soon, just glad to have joined most of you on the other side!! Xx

Post op appointment tomorrow...

I have my post op appointment tomorrow when I'll hopefully have the strips taken off for the first time after the op and I can finally see my boobs!! They feel good though my nipple doesn't actually have any feeling when I touch it but I'm hoping that will come later.

Right now though I have the worst itchiness on my left breast under the strips. It's driving me crazy but I don't want to damage anything so I'm trying not to give in to it but it's so horrible!

Other than that my healing has been quite good so far. I still feel very swollen all over. Even my stomach is swollen, or maybe it's because I'm eating and not being very active!! I am worried about the appointment now as I think the bra that I bought is way too small to wear now and I haven't been able to buy a new one. I'll check my size tomorrow once they take the bandages off and quickly order a new one online I think!!

I have been meaning to put photos up but all my photos accidentally got deleted from my mobile so I don't really have many, will take them again but now I don't have any of the ones I took after being marked up so have nothing to compare.

I've had a few visitors, some are already planning their own reductions which is good! Lol, but some have been awkward about it as if it has somehow impacted THEIR lives or something. I don't really understand some people's behaviour! It's ok though, I'm not really bothered by it, it doesn't affect me, I'm too happy about it to let them get to me! :-)
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