The truth behind Breast reduction

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This forum has helped me decide to go ahead with...

This forum has helped me decide to go ahead with my treatment for a breast reduction.
I have Waited nearly two years on the NHS and have finally given up and going private.

I'm hoping to have 700grams taken from each boob. I have read everything including complications I just wanted to know if anyone has had their stitches split whilst recovering and how you would know without moving the boob?

Wow so only six more days to my operation in...

Wow so only six more days to my operation in London. I'm excited but slightly nervous.
I'm just hoping that the scars won't effect me mentally but apart from that I'm looking forward to how much of a big difference it will make in my life.
Fingers crossed!

Hi, so I had my breast reduction done on Friday...

Hi, so I had my breast reduction done on Friday 11th January in a London hospital. I had three and a half pounds taken and although they did not remove my nipples they managed to make me smaller.

Firstly I would like to say that I'm only four days post op but it's the best decision I have ever made. The pain is manageable and every time I look down I know it's worth every bit of pain.

I found reading people's posts before deciding on whether to go ahead or not informative but only now I understand how little you can do.
From reading I thought I would need someone for 24 hours and then have people helping or popping in.. This is not the case.
Thankfully I listened to a friend who said i would need looking after for around two weeks.
My mum came to hospital and after the surgery which took over five hours I was unable to go to he toilet drink on my own or feed myself.
This has continued up till now as today I can use one hand to feed myself. Im still unable to pull my pants down to go to the toilet or lift a mobile phone to my ear.

That all said I have my mum who is helping so I advise that you have someone looking after you totally for at least a week If not longer but I still would recommend that people have it done.

Whilst being released from the hospital the nurse placed my compression bra on which didn't fit as I was swollen and a little stooped so my back was larger. I was a 36 J and now due to my back and posture wear a 42 B. it's a massive cup size and back difference so I would get a few bras so you have the right size. MaCom do seamless bras with sizes of small medium large xxlarge etc and these are the best. Please get a few as the sizes differ dramatically and do not squash your boobs.

I have wanted this operation done or over ten years and I cry with happiness that I was brave enough to have it done and the life changing effect it will have on me when I'm better.

I hope I haven't frightened anyone or put people off but I wanted to be honest about the after care as I would not of known before hand and would not want people to go through it without help.
If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them. But life is short and for the taking and we all need to be happy so be brave and remove the big boobs!
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