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Wow.....I cant believe Its finally my turn to do...

Wow.....I cant believe Its finally my turn to do this..

I have been an avid visitor to this wonderful site for a few months now, I honestly don't know what position I would be in now If I hadn't had the access to everyone's stories and experiences so firstly thank you...
I hope someone will find my story as equally helpful to them :) names Natasha and Im 23 years old (24 in 2weeks, 10 days after my op, what a present to myself!)
I have had enormous boobs for as long as I can remember, all through my school and college years I can remember them affecting the clothes I could wear and the problems they would cause me.

Im currently a size 36H...many people who now know im having the procedure done are shocked at first, they seem to be unsure as to why I would need it or "want" to have it done. If they then see my under my clothes they soon understand!
This is because I am the secret booby hostage, I have become a pro at strapping/pushing/hiding these horrible things. I know what clothes minimise the bulge and I have become accustomed to the worst posture possible, In order to hide them and save the myself the embarrassment.
I may also add that I haven't actually worn a bra for about 2 years...I LIVE in these HORRENDOUSLY ugly sport/support bras from Tesco. I feel most comfy in these because I feel it flattens and squashes my boobs so that they look a lot smaller but I pity my poor boyfriend who has to witness them! I don't feel attractive at all in them and I am so self conscious that I am really praying this changes my life....I am SO excited to finally go bra shopping and wear all of the pretty, feminine underwear that normal 20'somethings can wear :)

So not only is it the uncomfortableness and emotional feelings that I have to deal with... I am also a severe eczema sufferer. Eczema has now controlled and caused so much suffering in my life for the past 13 years. The main areas in which I suffer are my face, neck and shoulders. If I go to the gym I am having to wear THREE sports bras in one go, by the end of my session I am In so much pain from the stinging and the rubbing of the bra straps it causes bleeding splits across my shoulders and collar bone :(
I am really very worried about after the op as I know I will not be able to wash properly for several days. I usually shower at least twice a day to soak my skin and moisturise anything from 10-20 times a day as I constantly feel tight and sore. I wonder If any other eczema sufferers out there have suffered more during the recovery from their breast reduction?

I know there are many people out there who have a lot worse than me to complain about but a combination of it all really gets me down, more then I ever let out & Infact, I am now crying just writing this :'(
I think a mixture of emotions of maybe expressing myself to people who dont know me and the realisation that my op is in 6 days is just all coming to a head. Maybe this is a good release for me!

I am hoping to go down to a full DD size, I know my surgeon mentioned an E but I have heard how some people have been disappointed to find that their breasts are still too big. I know they have to be in proportion with your body and as I carry most of my weight around my stomach, Im still going to need a full breast to avoid the attention to my jelly belly!

I have also forgot to mention that I actually work in the hospital in which I will be having my op, my job is a Non Surgical Co-ordinator so I work in this Industry in a private hospital in London. Now many of you would assume this must be a lot easier for me but infact...its seems harder!

I think because I am aware of a lot of the things that can go wrong and incidents that have occurred, Im paranoid that something will happen to me! I have been grilling a lot of people at work but nothing compares to actually going ahead and being in that situation when the time comes..
I also feel that this site has been most realistic for me as people don't know you and are completely honest.

I am so excited for the change this operation will have on my life, I think that is what is keeping the nerves at bay.
No-one understands when Im in a foul mood trying to get ready to go out and Im repeating that "I have nothing to wear! Nothing fits me!!" tears are pouring and I feel exhausted from the 343943904304 outfit changes, to only then, remain feeling like a blob.
No-one understands when I complain of stabbing feelings in my chest in the morning where I feel Ive laid on my boobs all night and squashed my lungs.
No-one understands when I like to attach myself to the sun lounger on holiday because Im in an ill fitted bikini and Im too embarrassed to walk to the pool or sea as I feel everyone will look at me.
Im hoping someone out there can relate to me though...Its horrible feeling like your alone and that people cant relate.

I am lucky to have a great support network around me.. I have my mum who is the most amazing lady in the world who will be by my side throughout and my dad who I was slightly worried to have him find out at first, but after my mum explaining the reasoning, hes been great.
I have my lovely boyfriend around me who I know will be there to help me in everyway to recover. I must admit I have found it hard to make him understand where Im coming from and how Im feeling throughout this all. I took another reviewers advice and showed him this site as I thought it would be good for him to kind of be able to know what to expect..
Finally I have some amazing friends who have been great so far listening to me talking about boobs constantly for god knows how long.
And I have you all too :)

I will post up some before pics for you to all see along with some snaps of my beloved support bras.

Thank you for all of your support & for taking the time to listen to me rambling on...It really means a lot.

Good night..
Natasha x x x

Morning ladies :) So today I feel really...

Morning ladies :)

So today I feel really excited, I had a bit of an uneasy sleep last night as for some stupid reason I thought It would be a good idea to watch a video of a reduction on YouTube........Err...not my best idea yet!
I am also feeling nervous that I am opting for the right size. I have read reviews of people feeling their breasts are still too big afterwards, would you say its best to go smaller incase your weight fluctuates?

I also have all of my post op pillows for my recovery at home. For the ladies in the UK I have brought some maternoty pillows from Argos which were all half price! I have got the triangle one for supporting my back and two really long maternity ones for when im asleep so Im supported and not tempted to roll over! Im a lover of sleeping on my front in a ball so this sleeping on my back business is going to be torture for me!

I will upload my before pics for you all tonight xxx

Hi ladies... sorry I have not written for a few...

Hi ladies... sorry I have not written for a few days... I have been beyond hectic with everything and have been feeling really emotional for some reason!


I am waiting at home feeling sick with anxiety.. I just want to be on the other side now! An hour to go until I must be there...
I had a slight panic 2 days ago when I saw my surgeon at work as she felt me going down to a 38dd was still too large. I then decided on a D would be best then to leave me with a good size but not as much petrified they are going to return!

Feeling so upset that my boyfriend will not be with my on the morning of this all..he has to work and can only be there for when I wake up. My parents will be there but he is the main person I know can keep me calm and reassure me everything will be ok.

I will speak to you all soon.....Wish me luck!! xxxxx

Hi everyone :) I am now 2 days post op! I cant...

Hi everyone :)

I am now 2 days post op! I cant quite believe it!
Im sorry I haven't wrote sooner but the op knocked me for six... I have been non stop sleeping and resting since.

So....on the big day I arrived at the hospital.. the morning I woke up way before my alarm as I was feeling a mixture of sick and excitement! During my admission they were slightly concerned as my blood pressure was quite high but they put this down to nerves and were satisfied when they came back to check for a second time.
The next problem that occurred is that they struggled to be able to get blood from me. This has always been a problem, mainly because the skin on my arms has been so damaged and thickened by the eczema.
The blood they managed to get was really thick so more concern was caused regarding the clotting after the procedure.

After what felt like a life time of waiting (and my partner surprising me and arriving after me thinking he wouldn't be there) it was time for the markings!
My surgeon did all of her markings and measurements, I don't think it was until then that I realised the massive difference in the size of my right breast.

After saying my goodbyes, I took myself and my paper pants up to the theatre... the team were great keeping me upbeat and putting me at ease!
I remember being on the bed and being wrapped in a blanket and a few people around me then....wooooshhhhhh...... I was in the land of nod.

The next memory I have is waking up to my parents and my boyfriend's smiling faces... what a fantastic feeling! I was on the other side!!

Apparently for the rest of the evening I resembled a very drunk version of myself....slurring words and asking the same question over and over again! I really cant remember much at all, everything is a blur but I remember feeling in a light, floaty state where I could do nothing but sink all cosy into my bed.

My legs were attached to a machine that massaged them and helped the blood to flow through, this was because of the concerns they had with my blood. I found it to be quite relaxing and soothing and helped me to doze off.
The nurses also advised that for the next 3 days I would unfortunately have to return to the hospital to have injections to help thin my blood to ensure it was flowing properly through me.

The nurses say I slept peacefully all through the night, I remember waking up several times wishing it was time to get up as I was excited to see how the new me looked. When I was eventually woken up it was by the nurse to start the painkiller cycle... when wakening I suddenly then felt the huge surge of pain throughout my body. The painkillers couldn't kick in quick enough!
My nurse advised she would be back shortly to remove my drains once the tablets had kicked in.... Oh dear...the bit I had been dreading.

When the time came, my nurse did her best to keep my relaxed but unfortunately the right side (where a lot more was removed from) got slightly stuck and the pain was horrendous. I had never felt anything like it, then she went to do the left side and it came out smoothly. I was so relived once it was over!

I didn't have much of an appetite (for once) but spent the morning dozing and trying to make myself comfortable until it was hometime. My mum brought my big V shaped pillow along for the ride home which I found a great support as the bumps in the road made me feel like something was pulling down on me hard.

Once home I managed to get a proper glimpse of myself in the mirror... I nearly cried. My whole posture and side profile was that of a totally different person! My family couldn't believe the change in shape either... where before I had always thought my belly was so saggy and out of shape, once the boobs were removed and lifted it created such a different shape! I am so determined to banish my blubber belly once and for all once im fully healed :)

I managed to have my first shallow bath yesterday which made me feel great and re-freshed.. I had a lot of visits too which helped me to perk up and keep moving slightly which the hospital recommended for blood flow.

Appetite wise I have been eating really light and healthy as I feel rather bloated and sluggish.

Will update in couple of days when I have had my first post op appointment on Friday. Thanks for reading ladies :) xx

The New Me !!

Firstly...I have to apologise for my delay In getting my updates up for you all! I have been non stop lately but I just wanted to come on and let you know about my progress!

Ok so one week after the big day I had my first post op app...this consisted of 54 staples being removed! Joys! It was more uncomfortable than painful but the thought of it did panic me a lot! I also had the top sections of my stitches removed. This was quite uncomfortable, a really odd pulling sensation!

My left side was a lot less bruised and painful than my right, the pictures above show how severe the bruising and swelling was. The pain during the first week had reduced but I did suffer with sore sharp pains in my nipples, I think caused by my nerves reconnecting.

I had originally only booked a week off work but when they saw me they luckily gave me a extra week off which I was so grateful for! I don't think I was at all prepared for the lack of energy I would have!

2 weeks later I had the final stitches below my breast removed... finally I was freeeeee!!

I have still been sleeping in my support bra at night for extra comfort (and also because Im slightly paranoid at the risk of any sagging again lol)
For a week now I have been able to wear real, pretty, new bras! I am like a crazed woman shopping... I have never owned so many bras in my life!
It feels absolutely amazing.... I cant even put it into words :)

My clothing size has gone from a UK 16 to a 12... I am wearing things I could never of dreamed of. Since my op I have lost 8.8 pounds.. and as of next week I am allowed back to gym! I am really determined to improve my body and health even more, the thought of running without 2 massive weights pulling me down is exciting me so much!

If anyone would like any help or questions answered then please do not hesitate to ask, I am more than happy to help you as much as I can :)

Lots Of Love...
The New Me :) x x x

12 Months On....

Im still finding it hard to believe that its nearly a year since my op and I can honestly say my life has completely changed for the better... Im so happy! :)

Nearly 2 stone down from my pre-op weight, my lifestyle has had a complete overhaul and I am the fittest and healthiest I think Ive probably ever been! This has all been the outcome from my breast reduction and there isnt a day that goes by in which I doubt my choice to have the op.

My scar around the nipple and down have completely gone, the underneath scars are still slightly raised but I still use silicone gel pads here and there when I remember or when I feel there are any changes.
I saw my surgeon last week and she was over the moon too! It really is so important to have that connection with your surgeon and feel comfortable with them.

I now exercise 3-4 times a week and LOVE it! My surgeon's best advice was to stay away from too much cardio as this can loosen the breast tissue and stick to more weight training and toning. My favourite class is body pump which I try and do 2-3 times a week and one class of spinning too. The changes it can make to your body are amazing! Obviously ESSENTIAL to invest in a good sports bra, the "Shock Absorber" range are amazing.

My diet has also massively improved, I didnt expect the procedure to have such an impact on my life but its given me a totally fresh start and I couldnt be happier!
Another plus is being able to buy lovely new underwear from normal shops and fitting in clothes I could of only dreamed of wearing before.

I will try and upload some more recent pics so you can see how the scaring and swelling has improved & I wish anyone who is about to embark on their journey the best of luck!
You wont look back :)

x x x

Nearly a year on...

Some photos showing my results at nearly one year on!

Sorry, the quality isn't the best but hopefully you find them helpful.

Before & after pics

A couple of pics showing the difference to my shape since my surgery..
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