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So I'd not come across this forum before, when I...

So I'd not come across this forum before, when I was still considering things, but figure my experience might help some others.

I had my breast op yesterday, under Paul Harris at the London Clinic, UK. I was first scheduled for a reduction nearly 20 years ago, when I was put on an NHS waiting list, but I ended up moving away from that particular NHS area so lost my place. I put it at the back of my mind, thinking about it whenever I had to run for a bus, try and find a nice shirt/dress/t-shirt which I didn't feel like I was bursting out of etc. You all know this stuff.Anyway, at Christmas last year, a lovely lady was helping me fit a Wonderbra strapless for a gorgeous dress I wanted to wear to the work Christmas event, and I ended up wearing a G cup (not sure what that translates to in the US, but it's pretty big!) I started ranting about how much I hated having such big breasts, and she told me she'd had a reduction and it was the best thing she'd ever done. So I thought about it, realised I could now afford to go private and found myself a surgeon. Paul Harris had actually reduced a friend of mine some years ago, and she raved about her results. So I booked.My issues with my breasts were a combination of size and aesthetics. I'm five ten and broad, so bigger boobs were just about OK for my frame, but because they grew so quickly when I was 16, they've always drooped and looked pretty awful. I've never been about to go braless, or wear a bikini which wasn't a rigid underwired halterneck. So I loathed them. When I lost some weight, they got even saggier.I was super nervous yesterday morning; thinking 'what if I regret it?' and having all kinds of alarmist thoughts about dying on the operating table etc. But with support of husband and friends, I went ahead. My anaesthesiologist was super lovely, as were all the nurses. I walked down to theatre having been marked up by Mr Harris and had a final last-minute chat with him (I really couldn't cope with the idea of drains, so we'd agreed that wouldn't be something I'd have) The anaesthestist gave me a pre-med which made me feel all warm and fuzzy, and then I went out before I knew it. Next thing I know I'm in recovery, only half-conscious but knowing that I have quite a lot of discomfort around my chest. So they gave me some morphine and that went away.I was then wheeled from recovery back to my room, and spent much of yesterday a bit spaced out on morphine. I was SO HUNGRY and had mac 'n' cheese, which tasted amazing. I really didn't have much pain at all, although the nurses kept me stocked on acetaminophen and codeine. I slept from about 8pm (surgery was 8.30am) until 7am, only waking for observations/antibiotic IV. Today - I have some swelling and bruising under my armpits, where Mr Harris performed some liposuction to create a neater line. I probably wouldn't have so much if I'd had drains, but there you go. My choice. My boobs look really teeny! They're all taped up at the moment, so I'm not judging them until I've seen them at my check up on Thursday. Clothes fit better though already.The thing which has really shocked me is how *well* I feel. I was expecting to be totally wiped out. I recover from GA very quickly normally, but I'd expected to be in much more pain. I can raise my arms, I won't have any problem showering tomorrow, I can lift things. Not what I expected at all.This is likely because, compared to some, I didn't have much tissue removed (about 215g per breast); mine was more of a lift. I have booked 2 weeks off work, but I really won't need it.It is pretty great though; I've been for a couple of walks wearing a skinny tank top over my support bra, and not feeling them bounce at every step is really quite something. I can see my feet!Happy to update as things progress if people are interested. I've also taken a bunch of photos. :)

All healed, five months in.

A few people have asked for photographs, so I've done a before/after. Not the best selfies ever, but should give a good idea of progress and final shape/size. Overall I'm really pleased. Buying bras is now a) much cheaper and b) much more fun! Clothes fit better, I can run/jump with impunity. It's amazing. I've been out wearing clothes I could never have worn before; even gone braless. If you're still thinking about it, stop thinking - just DO it.

So far, pretty good.

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