42, 2 Kids, Deflated and Inverted Nipple. 185 Cc Teardrop - Natural Look Required. Time to Get Some New Boobs - London, GB

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I have always wanted new boobs since being in my...

I have always wanted new boobs since being in my 20s. However, i also wanted to breast feed my kids. I didn't end up having kids till quite late so hence boob job at 42.
I am a professional woman in a male dominates environment so didn't want big boobs. I am also quite small, chest 30/32 inches and average height 5ft 6. Posting this review to share with ladies who don't want to go big.

2 and a half weeks

So the last coulle of weeks have beena rollercoaster ride. Healing is going well but I get tired easily and also simple things like opening drawers or preparing food make me quite sore. All tape was removed after 2 weeks and I am applying heal gel twice ever day. I do have discomfort most of the time and I hope this will reduce. I can shower and everything as normal. My chests is much improved and I need to be patient and wait for the final results as I look a little butchered! It's a long process ladies and I miss being able to run and cycle. Can't wait until I can be more mobile and remove the surgery bra!

3 weeks post op

Spitting stitches is the main focus this week. I realised the signa from having read reviews on this site. So I book myself in to see the nurse and she poled about and extracted some stitches. Still one to watch so going back on Friday. No showering for 2 days. Energy levels good but left one still hard and right one spitting stitches. Still a way to go!

4 weeks post op

Itchy and spitting stiches everwhere! Struggling a bit with this long recovery but I sense in a few weeks this phase will be over. Pain minimal but they still don't feel like my boobs. I think that takes at least 6 weeks. Photo taken at a strange angle but you get the idea. Will do an update at week 5 post op.

5 weeks post op

Starting to turn a corner and recover from the spitting stitches and start to heal. A few scabs and holes on the left hand side - hoping that the right is closed and healed. Starting to feel more comfortable with my new chest though it does take getting used to. Some days I love them and some days I think they look really odd.

So here are some photos to track my journey.

They are still quite hard and a bit sore. I think lots more healing to be done.

Getting there!

Nearly 9 weeks

Starting to feel more like my boobs are part of me rather than added on. Still spitting a few stitches but know how to manage it better.

I love not having to wear a bra.

They are quite big for my frame and I am getting used to this. 32DD from a 32B so quite a big change. However, i rarely wear revealing tops so no one has noticed.

Scars still red - will take a while to heal.

All good! Hubby approves too.

Reflections at nearly 4 months

I am 4 months post breast lift and augmentation. Only my husband and 2 female friends know.

It is quite easy to hide as the surgery bras compress the area. Also if you can get the operation done when it is colder then you can hide under relaxed clothing. Work was harder but I had some tops and jackets that hid what was going on.

I have just been on holiday with my mum and in-laws and no comments were made. I went from a 32b to a 32dd - i am hoping they will settle to a 32d only from 185cc implants. I have a small frame. They look right with my body and I used to be a 32d before kids.

I still need to buy some nicer underwear but will wait until the 6 month time frame. I find that most bras have a little too much padding or support so need to research into this one.

Going on summer holidays was great as i didn't have to worry about wearing a bra or the type of swimsuit I purchased. It really made a difference. I am so used to having a dull ache in my boobs from hoisting them up and now I don't have that any more.

It is the best decision I made. I still don't like the scars but that should improve over time.

5 and a bit months

Ticking along. Everything good. Slight dull pain in the left breast. Scars still red. Happy with my procedure. One day I will post the before photos once I finish this healing process and change to my body.

6 months

Going well. Some dull pain in my left breast but think that it is the scars healing. There were more problems with spitting stitches on that side. Ready to go underwear shopping and get myself fitted properly. Scars still red and some raised up but have been told that this will heal over the next year. Happy so far. Will post before photos next time as going to see PS for a check up soon so will take a copy of them. Was too upset with them to take a photo before! Happy healing everyone.

7 and a bit months

Going well. Had some pain in the left for a week after not wearing a bra one day. Went back to full support. All better now. Will see PS in January.

Before photos!

Oh wow. What a journey...

8 and a half months

Went to see PS. All good. Check out the difference from before and after photos.

Before and after

Let me know if you have any questions! Think the photos speak for themselves.

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