23 Years Old, 5ft7, Tuberous Breasts, Periareolar Lift, Implants 360cc+330cc over the Muscle - London, GB

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Hello ladies, thank you for joining me on my...

Hello ladies, thank you for joining me on my journey to boobs! I have found the reviews on RealSelf so helpful and informative that thought I would do my own as I now have my surgery booked eek!

From the age of 13 I have always known that something was different about my breasts, I always thought that as I got older they will grow to look more 'normal'. Now at the age of 23 i still hate my breasts and am extremely self conscious. It was only in the last couple of years I found out that I have tuberous breasts from doing hours and hour of online research ( also now with surgeons confirming this ) . I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for over 4 years and I still can't bare the thought of him seeing me topless, let alone touching them. He is extremely supportive and loves me for who I am, but I just want to feel confident in my own body and not feel so restricted and self conscious. Now that I have the funds and that i know my tuberous breasts arnt going to turn into magical perky full boobs overnight, it's time to do something about it!

I am 5ft7 and 155lbs roughly. I am quite a curvy girl so would love my breasts to have more volume and obviously the shape reconstructed to get rid of the tuberous features.

Would love to hear from any girls out there who have had their tuberous boobs fixed or who are planning on getting them done!

I shall upload my consultation and sizer pics in my next post :) xx

Consultation, sizers, and decision made!

So I've been to three consultations all in all. Two with the surgeon I have chosen and a different one. My first consultation I was put at ease and felt very comfortable with him, he explained I had mild form of tuberous breast deformity (although he stressed to me try not to think of it as a deformity as it's so common and many people actually prefer the look of tuberous breasts... really?!). He spent a lot of time with me explaining everything .He told me that he would need to lower my crease folds by releasing the constricted band of tissue. He mentioned I could get away with possibly just an implant in my smaller breast but my larger one would need an uplift. He preferred to do an uplift on both with an anchor scar. This really disappointed as the thought of having so much scaring at my age made me sad :/. Although he said this would achieve best shape and results, so I trusted him.

A couple of months later I went to a different surgeon just to get a second opinion.. first mistake I made was telling that surgeon that I had seen another surgeon previously, told him his name and they knew each other . He asked me what my first surgeon suggested (again mistake two..), I told him , and he just agreed and didn't give me any of his actual opinions apart from sizing ... he said I couldn't go above a 240cc. This disheartened me as i really wanted some more volume! The second surgeon seemed very vacant, swanning in and out seeing other patients. I felt like he didn't want to treat me.. and was telling me to go back to my first surgeon..however this surgeon is well known and has great reviews so this confused me (Adrian Richards).

Feeling disappointed I booked my second consultation with the first surgeon I saw. As soon as I met with him again I just knew he was the right surgeon for me. He examined me again and said that he will do a periareola uplift to avoid the ugly vertical scar. This took me by surprise but made me so happy that he thought I could achieve good results with this procedure. He recommended over the muscle to achieve best results. He's always been very honest with me saying that I won't have 'perfect breasts' but there will be a great improvement. I'm happy with that!

Trying on the sizers was a lot of fun! And my second surgeon said I can go between 300-380cc ( smaller if I wanted but didn't recommend) I was really wanting to go between 300-350 so this was great news. Funny he said that he wouldn't go below 300cc as I wouldn't notice much difference .. where as the other surgeon said he wouldn't go above 240cc?! Just proves that all surgeons have different opinions.

I have chosen to get 360cc in my smaller breast and 330cc in my larger. I don't want to be too big.. but I hear the boob greed and envy on here so I think I've made the right choice! It's all becoming very real now !!!

Anyone on here who has periareola lift with implants ? Over the muscle too?


Over or under?

My surgeon has advised I go over the muscle for my surgery, he said it will achieve the best results. In my head before going to any consultations I have always thought I want to go under the muscle, I really don't want a fake look. However my surgeon said there is more chance of getting a 'double bubble' (with my tuberous breasts my crease/fold needs to be lowered). The other surgeon I went to also recommended over the muscle to correct my tuberous shape and volume. Just wanted to hear any of your opinions on this and whether you have had over or under the muscle with tuberous breasts perhaps? - I am have a periareola uplift also! Xx

It's done!

So I have my surgery in London on Saturday (19th November). Having to get up at 4:30am with only an hours sleep due to nerves was all bit surreal at the time. My boyfriend drove up and stayed with me through out the day.

I got shown to my room and was asked to put my my gown and my ever so attractive hospital pants on. Also some surgery socks to help with blood clots. My nurse took all of my medical details down and did any testing which needed to be done, urine, blood pressure, temperature etc. Then the anaesthetist came in.. if you are scared of the IV going in then ask for numbing cream, seriously it's worth it! I didn't even feel the IV needle go in at all, I'm not sure if this was due to nerves but it was absolutely fine.

I woke up feeling extremely hot, thirsty and very nauseas. I had three nurses around me who attended my every need - I was a little more chatty and demanding from all the anaesthetic i think haha . I got two fans to blow on my lower body and one for my face. I asked for an ice pack for my chest and a cold flannel to be put on my head, also some lip balm for my dry lips. The nurses hands felt really cold too which I appreciated haha . I was given an injection through my iv for nausea. This didn't work so had to then have a different slower injection which eventually worked. My temperature gradually came down and I got wheeled back to my room where my boyfriend was waiting for me :) . I was hardly in much pain at all at this point. Just tight and uncomfortable.

I managed to go for a wee bit long after and was served my dinner which i gobbled down. I was also munching on grapes all night which my mum packed for me, these were amazing at the time, highly recommend ! My boyfriend left at 9pm as visitors were not allowed to stay. I watched tele most of the nighty and tried to get a couple of hours sleep but nurses coming in my room every hour / two hours to check my blood pressure made this difficult. However I had no where to be or be ready for so being a little tired was the least of my worries.

My surgeon came to my room at about 10pm after his long day had finished, just to reassure me that the operation went well and answered any questions I had.

I was discharged out of hospital at 11am. If you are travelling by car I would recommend a towel to be put in between your chest and the seat belt. Just feels more comfortable this way. The journey back was around an hour and 20 mins. I visited my parents house on the way back then back to my boyfriends to recover.

It was all going so well up until about 8pm when I started to feel incredibly sick. The pain of my chests, the swelling of my sides and breasts were making my bra so tight which wasn't helping with the nausea . All of these combined plus not being able to move properly was unbearable. I was sick about 10-15 times 8pm-2am when my boyfriend was getting increasingly concerned, he called the hospital where the nurse advised to take my to A&E straight away , as I couldn't hold anything down, not even water, I was getting weaker and more delirious. I admit at this point I was regretting everything. After 3 hours at A&E we arrived back home at 5:30am both exhausted . I had another anti nausea injection which was actually so so painful in my arm. But it did help make me feel better. Also was given some anti nausea tablets and stronger pain killers to go home with. The doctor wanted to do a blood test to test for an infections but by this point I just wanted to go home, I had had enough!

I'm glad to say this nausea and sickness had stopped now, I can deal with the pain in my chest, it's just very uncomfortable and annoying to sleep on your back as well constantly. I know I have waffled(ive tried to keep it as brief as possible) a lot but there is just so much to say ! I will upload a couple of pics from day 3. Hard to see the results with my dressings on though.


Post op day 3 pics

I have attached a couple of pictures of my breasts. This was the first time I actually looked at them in the mirror after my surgery. My dressing over my nipples is quite large so difficult to see properly. But can definitely tell an improvement with the overall shape! I have my dressing changed 3 days time. Hopefully I will be able to see my nipples then, although I'm slightly scared about this also ha. Don't want it to look like a horror scene !

Also having problems with going to the loo, it's real ladies! Don't know where all the food I'm eating so going ?! Laxatives are next on my list..

6 day post op check

Had my dressings removed on Friday which was 6 days post op. Finally got to see my new boobs properly for the first time! I was expecting a murder scene around my nipple incisions but was pleasantly surprised as to how clean they looked. So far I'm very happy with the results, only one thing is that noticed my nipples are quite low down. However I can't complain as the shape is a hell of a lot better!

She applied steri strips around my incisions. I have quite a bit of swelling in between my chest and around my sides. But the nurse is happy with my progress so far. I have to go back to see the nurse in a weeks time.

Washing has been a bit of a pain. I've had a shallow bath with my boyfriend to wash my hair. Have to be very careful not to get the steri strips wet.

Pain isn't too bad , have my good and bad days. It's mostly the swelling which hurts which feels like a really intense gym work out!

Less scarring

Also before my dressings got taken off I thought I would also have an inframammary incision as well as my nipples incision . However to my surprise the incisions were done just through my nipples ! I couldn't believe it it . Less scarring the better :) .

13 days post op

All healing nicely I think . However having a lot of pain in my left breast ( the larger one to start with), on my upper chest. It's so so tender and sore. Even if I lightly touch it through clothing it's very painful. Hoping this is normal? I did ask the nurse who I saw today and she said to contact my surgeon if carries on until next week.

I have had my steri strips changed. Washing my hair and showering has been a nightmare without getting my nipples wet! How do you ladies to do it? I went to the hair dressers once to get it washed , and then I got my boyfriend to wash it in the bath tub and then my mum. It was all abit stressful for both parties haha. Can't wait to shower normally !! Any tips ?

Also did any of your ladies wear a sports bra or different bra to your surgical one at 2 weeks post op?

Yay I can shower!

Yay finally being able to shower without trying not to get my nipples wet! What a relief :) . I noticed I was getting a lot of raised bumps in between in chest, almost like spots ( sorry a bit gross! ), I'm thinking this is because I haven't been able to wash properly there. Nice!

My nipples are quite dry, I have bought some E45 cream to put on them. Any of you ladies uses anything for try nipples ? One of my nipples is very very sensitive to touch and the other is pretty much numb. When I touch it it's like a painful dull ache underneath, it's strange but I hope in time it returns to normal. I'm also still numb in areas on my left breast. I have had shooting pains in my right breast recently but I hear this is normal so not so concerned at the moment!

So far I'm still pleasantly surprised with my results. Just waiting for the steri strips to come off naturally and then I can start on the scar treatment !

Bra fitting!

So I know it's a little early to get a bra fitting.. but I just couldn't help myself! I was desperate to get myself a non underwire bra to wear, if there was a dress or outfit I wanted to wear this Christmas/New year without wearing my surgical bra/sports bra.

I have never got a fitting before. I just used to guess my size. But with my tuberous breasts before and them being asymmetrical, I never felt like a bra fitted me. I used to buy at 36 B or A.

Turns out I am a 32DDD !!! TRIPLE D ?! I couldn't believe it.. I always thought I would be a C. A 32DDD sounds huge.. I don't feel they look all that big. I guess it's just a number/measurement but it still surprised me. I will get another fitting at 6 months , because no doubt they will be a different size then.

The bra's I tried on were Victoria secret no under wire. So comfortable! The grey on had a slight push up in it , woah hello boobies! I didn't buy the push up one for now . Just the black non wire one :) .

Woo the strips are off!

So I was advised to just wait until the steri strips literally fall off by themselves. However when I had showers the strips would become lose and I could easily take them off but resisted and when they dried again they stayed in place.

As it's nearly been 6 weeks since my surgery I thought it seems right time to take them off. How satisfying it was to do this !! Ha

My left breast incisions look a little inflamed.. but my right I was pleasantly surprised. I think my surgeon has done a great job with the incisions, considering what I had before!

I put some bio oil on them before I went to bed and let it soak in. I have a silicone based 'heal gel' (it's called) that my patient advisor recommended I get, that I will start today!

Is there anything you ladies recommend for scar treatment :) ?

Week 8 pic

I'm finding putting scar treatment on my incisions tedious already and I've only been doing it for less than two weeks! Usually just once a day as well... Just have to think it's going to be worth it in the long run :) !

Would silicone strips be a good idea to purchase for my incisions?

Im also still numb on the inside of my left breast ( and the nipple) 8 weeks post op, this normal ? Not the end of the world I guess but would be nice to get the sensation back!

Happy healing ey!

12 weeks, worried about nipple size

Just thought I would upload a couple of pictures for my 12 week update. I have my '3 month post op check' with my surgeon in 5 days. I am still happy with my results so far , however I've noticed that my nipples seem to be getting bigger and bigger, especially when they are not erect/chilly my areola looks huuuge. I understand the whole concept of my skin being stretched by the implant and my nipple incision holding it together , but I just hope they don't get any bigger. Really do not like the look of large nipples . I have uploaded a picture of the areola I'm concerned about ... looks horrible :( keep telling myself it's better than what I had ... but I was a lot happier with my breast 4 weeks ago. However I have loved all the different types of bras I can wear now :D

Nearly 5 months

Not all that much has changed. My scaring seems to be getting worse though, or maybe it's just the areoles that are stretching out . The scarring is quite pale, which I think makes it look more obvious. Don't know if there's anything that will change this? I'm hoping this will change with time. I honestly preferred my boobs at the 8 week pic I think it was. I thought they would be getting better as time went on, but now I'm not so sure. Don't get me wrong I'm still so so happy with them! They look different all time, sometimes I look in the mirror and love them, some days my areolas looks huge and puffy which I hate. However I wore a backless dress out without a bra for the first time and it felt so great to be able to do that without worrying :D . My left boob is still pretty tender to be honest, when I touch it it's painful from the inside - I know with my tuberous boobs before the surgeon did a lot of internal cutting and rejigging ha, so understand can take a while for things to feel 'normal' . I have uploaded some good and not so good pictures. For any ladies who have areola incisions, Will my scarring all change much ?? X
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