5 Kids, BA with 400cc Mentor Memory Gel and Vaser Lipo to 3 Areas - London, GB

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Im 35 and mother to 5 kids. I have wanted a BA...

Im 35 and mother to 5 kids. I have wanted a BA ever since I had my child 14 years ago. I was a full 32C/D pre babies. Since breast feeding and weight loss after pregnancy my boobs never returned to their full shape. I also developed a stubborn area around the belly button from the stretching. I had 4 more children and breastfed and have lost the volume towards the top of my chest. Im now a deflated 32B/C.
The surgeon helped me decide what size to go to. I am aiming for a 32D/DD. He also suggested the vaser as I am a UK size 8. A tummy tuck was suggested by the nurse but I thought it would be too much just for the areas I need. I'm having full stomach and pubis area which is a fatty area I've had ever since I was a kid. I'm looking forward to not having to hide it in swimsuits when I take the kids swimming :) I also can't wait to throwing away all of my heavily padded bras and being able to fill a proper bra! I have been waiting so long for this and more excited than nervous. I have prepared so much and will share what I have found. Pre op photos to follow later today.

Day of surgery

My admission time is at 10.45am. Im up at 6am and drinking a litre of lucozade as requested. I hate lucozade so this is hard! Still not nervous, more anxious about the state of the house and packing for the hospital.
Last night I ate a high carb meal and this morning my stomach feels horrible. Going to go up for a shower soon then I'll be on my way ????

Arrival at the Highgate Hospital London.

Arrived at 10.45 and shown to the room at 11am. The room was very basic, not the 4 star hotel room others had said it was. Ensuite bathroom was very old but clean. Waited for the nurse to come in and explain what was happening. I had to bring my 3 year old as no one could look after him. Partner rang for coffee and it was brought to our room, can't fault the service. No expenses to pay, it was all included :)

Surgery 27th August

Was given some lovely compression socks! Met the anaesthetist, he was lovely. At 12.30 I met my PS again and he marked me up for the BA and vaser. Still, no nerves at all. He said he wouldn't be able to operate until 4.30 due to problems. I wasn't happy as my youngest child was there and we'd already waited long enough. I sat on my bed and read a few magazines then decided to watch something on the iPad. There was a knock on the door and it was a new nurse asking me to go with her, it was 3pm! I was like "where?" She said er, your surgery?! ????
Went to have the cannula in my hand and sat outside the theatre. The feeling of the anaesthetic was weird, like I was drunk. I remember waking up and saying "why hasn't it been done?" They were saying it has been done! I looked down and said they looked no different! Lol they obviously were but the anaesthetic made me a little mad!

1 day post op

So it actually does feel like a baby is laying across my chest. I kept reading about this and know I know that feeling! I was up all night being sick from the anesthetic, I thinks it's from where I was made to wait so long without food or drink. I was sick this morning and still couldn't eat, not even a bite of toast, it came straight back up. I had to stay in over night as I was dehydrated and had to go on a drip. I was supposed to be a day case. No extra charges as it was there fault I had to wait so long. Back home, not much pain just the strap across my chest is uncomfortable. The vaser on my stomach is hurting more, very sore and I can't move myself up the bed. I'm not leaking from the vaser wounds as I thought, so that's good. Boobs are very high up, can't wait for them to drop :)

Pre op and post op pics

Pre op taken day before surgery and post op taken day of surgery

2 days post op

Boobs: Feels quite uncomfortable today. The chest strap really hurts. Going to see if there is anything stronger I can take other than the meds I've been given.

Vaser: The compression garment is digging in and making some nasty marks! I'm going to see if I can swap it with my Spanx.

In recovery hell right now!

3 days post op. Sickness and nausea is getting me down. Pains in my chest too. Was on the phone to the nurse when I had to end to all to be sick. Every smell and thought of types of food is making me sick. Nurse thinks it could be the painkillers and has advised me to stop taking them. Breasts are still rock hard and uncomfortable and out of shape. Vaser swelling is reducing luckily. I'm continuing to ice the areas.

5 days post op

Wow, last night was the worst night sleep. My right boob was painful near the incision. It was burning. I took painkillers but was still up and couldn't sleep. Pain still here today and struggling to lift my right arm up. Just want to get better I'm so inpatient!!!

The vaser swelling is going down.nim loosing a pound of fluid a day (been weighing myself daily) I'm not as bloated. The compression garment is rubbing near my breast incisions. I find drinking loads of water is helping :)

7 days post op!

Wow, I can't believe it's been a week already. A week full pain and tears. It's been tough. Yesterday I ordered some Spanx to replace this awful compression garment for the Vaser. It was so painful and was resting on my incisions under the boobs. I was left a funny shape due to the compression. The Spanx was hard to put on over my dressings but got there in the end and omg what a relief!!!! It's so much better. I and ordered some 30DD non wired bras and another OMG moment!! It's like the pain I had has been cut in half! The sports bra made them so painful, not sure if it's because they weren't the right size but all I know is I'm in relief heaven right now!
Due to the vaser I can't find anything that fits nice. I'm swollen and I look 6 months pregnant. I have been in my pyjamas all week so this is the first time in proper day clothing. I have my 7 day post op appointment today. Hopefully they'll be fine with my swap of compression garments :)
Dr Allwin

From my first appointment with the surgeon I was unsure what sizes to choose. As I am petite (5ft 1" and 112lbs) I was worried about being too big up top. I tried 3 sizers on with the sports bra and when I tried the 400cc I was like "wow". He said they would suit my frame and agreed that they would be best because I might regret no going bigger. In regards to my vaser he suggested the 2 areas on my abdomen, lower and upper to smooth it out and I requested a fatty area on the pubis area which I have hated since a young age. He assured me that he can do a good job there. The staff have been great too, I have had numerous questions and they have made me feel at ease. As i'm have 2 different procedures I have been worried about recovery as I am a busy full time working mom of 5! I didnt feel pressurized into any of the procedures and glad that a tummy tuck wasn't suggested by the surgeon as they are around £7000!! plus healing time is a lot longer.

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