25 Years Old, 9 Stone, 5'6'' - Wanted to Look Like a Woman! Got 400cc HP Over The Muscle

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Like many people on this website, I have found...

Like many people on this website, I have found reading other people’s reviews invaluable during this process. Therefore I figure I should return the favour and document my story too.

Firstly, a bit about me:

Age: 24
Height: 5’6’’
Weight: 9 stone / 126 lbs / 57kg (give or take a few pounds)
Bra size: 32C
Bust measurement: 34”
Underbust measurement: 28”
Waist measurement: 27”
Hips (widest part of bum) measurement: 37.5”

Current boobs:
I wear a 32C and I fill out the cups sideways (the wire fits snug around the edge of each boob), however I don’t fill the top of the cup and always have a big gap. On top of that most of the volume is by my underarm, and I have at least a 2” gap between my boobs. In no clothes they look rather sad, and as you can tell from my measurements, I have quite a ‘pear’ body shape! Dresses never fit and I wear baggy tops as I either don’t fill them out, or they show too well how flat-chested I am!

I’ve wanted boobs since before I hit puberty, I don’t know – maybe it came from playing with Barbies or something. But I hit puberty and nothing happened. I remember searching through the laundry to find my mum’s bra size – 36E! So I reassured myself one day they would grow. They didn’t. Turns out my little sister got the boob genes; she’s currently about a 34F! I don’t want to be as big as either of them though.
At first I didn’t want a ‘boob job’ as I figured it was something for porn stars and Hollywood. Then I came up with many, many excuses. What if I have a small-chested daughter and my enlarged boobs make her dislike her own figure? What if I get pregnant and they become TOO big? What if everyone notices and judges me badly? What if they think I’m a ‘bimbo’? What if my parents find out? They would be disappointed in me. How will I tell if someone loves me for me or my new boobs? What if they go wrong or I don’t like the result? Wouldn’t the money be better spent on a car or going towards a house deposit?

I’ll stop that now.

So basically I really, really wanted bigger boobs for a very long time, but I convinced myself there was nothing I could (or would) do about it.

But I’ve been in a relationship for several years now. The first year my bf was all “I love your boobs as they are”, then as he realised how much I hated them he changed to “I love you and will love you whatever size they are” and then to “If you want them, just go for the surgery”. And now he’s all “just get them done already!”

Then while he was on holiday I stumbled across a youtube video on loving boobs, and as I clicked though to the next videos I ended up watching a video on someone’s boob journey.

And I realised.

My biggest thing putting me off a boob job was that I wished I got them done sooner (so less people would notice). And for the rest of my life I was going to regret never just going for it.

So I did a LOT of googling, and booked FOUR consultations with different clinics. I decided to just DO IT. And now, I’M SO EXCITED! It’s just a matter of choosing the clinic, surgeon, size, timing, etc…

Free Initial Consultation 1: Harley Medical Group

So the first clinic I went to was The Harley Medical Group (HMG) in Watford (just North West of London). The clinic was just round the corner from the high street and looked like a regular office block. It had a shared reception so I felt I little awkward asking the man at reception the way to HMG.

When I went in the woman was very friendly and gave me a form to fill out with medical details, age, weight, etc. Then we went into her office/exam room. She told me she was a nurse and we went through my form and why I want the procedure. When she asked what my ideal size was I told her I was wearing a “2 sizes bigger” bra, and I basically want that size without the bra!

So off came the t-shirt! I told her I was a little nervous and she reassured me that she used to be a midwife so has seen EVERYTHING (the poor thing). She took a look at me in my bra and felt the cups to get an idea of size. Then off came my bra! She did some touching and light pinching to get an idea of how much tissue I had already, then on went the sizing bra – exciting stuff! She popped in a shaped sizer and asked me what I thought. I thought a little bigger so she put in mini shaped sizer under the current one. I got to put my t-shirt over the top and quite liked it. Apparently that was 350cc (I had no prior expectation on what cc I wanted). She said I’d get to try them on again with the surgeon, and he’d recommend round or teardrop implants.

Throughout the whole thing she was super nice and friendly and answered all my questions (I had a list). I got to feel one of the silicone Mentor implants and she told me they had a jelly baby consistency, could be cut in half, and Mentor had even driven a truck over them to test them! We also went over recovery and implant position. If I want a surgeon consultation it’ll be £100.

Free Initial Consultation 2: MYA

The following week I went to Make Yourself Amazing (MYA) in London near Euston train station. They had a big MYA sign outside (great, everyone knows where I’m going) and a white, modern reception room with huge pictures of z-list celebrities who’d had work done with them. It sort of re-ignited my fear of looking like a bimbo, but I tried to ignore it.

The woman there was also lovely, and really enthusiastic. She was a patient coordinator, not a nurse, which meant no getting the boobs out, boo. Although I got to feel the implants again and see some before & after photos. We went over everything the same as HMG, except she told we 95% of people get round implants as the shaped don’t make much difference. She gave me a brief-bio of two of their surgeons and strongly recommended one over the other due to friendliness. Although it made me wonder if she’s working on commission, rather than for my best interests. The price she quoted me was over £1000 more than HMG as well (I’ll go over prices and aftercare offered in another post).

However they do offer free surgeon consultations!

Free Initial Consultation 3: Belvedere

From reading reviews I had seen a clinic called Belvedere recommended due to their low prices, so I decided to give them a go. They were near Greenford, south of the Thames in London. I walked from the train station and discovered the road they’re on has no pavement, not even a small verge to walk on, and it had high trees, corners, and fast traffic! I rang the clinic to see if there was another way and they told me just to walk up it (it was also a hill) and jump in a bush when cars went past! I’m used to running along roads so I went for it and it was fine, but I wouldn’t recommend it. On the way back I took a detour which involved residential roads and was only an extra 5 minutes.

Turns out the ‘initial’ consultation was with a surgeon! Pretty good, although it might have been nice to chose the one I was seeing! He was very nice but was set on auto-pilot and if I had a question he would half-answer and carry on, and seemed put off when I said things like ‘ok’. I got the impression he was used to reeling everything off in one go and at the end have some young girl say “but I don’t understand”, as he remarked on how I seemed ‘clever’ and had done my research.

He asked me to sign a form saying I was ok to strip with him there and for him to examine me. Then off came everything (he didn’t ask to see the bra). He took photos on an ipad and also took lots of measurements. He told me I had a very large gap between my breasts and my nipples were very far to the side, and slightly asymmetrical. He said none of this is correctable through breast enlargement. They’ll be the same, just bigger.

Then on went the sizer bra! He offered me three sizes: 350cc, 400cc, and 450cc. He told me he liked 350cc and 450cc would look ‘fake’. I told him I was worried about regretting not going bigger (as I know that’s quite common) and we agreed the 400cc looked good.

Afterwards I went through the office with about 4 people at desks, into a back room with some sofas, to talk to their patient coordinator. She went through cost, recovery, aftercare etc. Nothing new. The woman was lovely but she was a bit off-putting about plastic surgery as she looked a bit too fake for what I want, I wonder if all her work was done at Belvedere!

Free Initial Consultation 4: Transform

By now I had stepped up my research game and discovered Transform are the UK’s number 1 provider of breast augmentations. So naturally I went to see them too. I went to their clinic in a BMI hospital in Enfield (north London). I thought I was in the wrong place as there were no Transform signs at all, only BMI. So I rang their HQ who told me it was right and to go to reception. Felt odd waiting to chat about a boob job next to patients waiting to talk about actual medical issues!

The woman I saw there was again very friendly and helpful. She was also a patient coordinator, so no getting the boobs out. I didn’t tell her I’d been to another consultation (as I’ve done at all of them) as I wanted her un-biased advice. There was no new information here, except that while the other 3 use Mentor implants, Transform use Allergan. When I asked why she said it was because they were better, but if that’s the case why do the other THREE use Mentor? The appointment was very short as I didn’t really have any questions.

Transform also offer free surgeon consultations so I booked one there and then.

Quoted Prices & Aftercare (London, Aug/Sep '15)

Here's what I've been quoted during August/September 2015 at the above clinics:


£3990 for round or £4650 for teardrop.
£500 deposit, full payment 31 working days before op

MYA: £4995 for round
£500 deposit, full payment 56 days before op

Belvedere: £3999 for round or £2850 if I had booked during September
£1000 deposit, full payment 3 weeks before op

Transform: £4250 for round or £4400 if I need a ‘thicker skinned’ implant, and they sent text offering £400 discount if I book this month (October ’15)
£250 deposit, full payment 21 days before op


Rupture: HMG provide free surgery & replacement if rupture occurs within 3 years. Must pay for private confirmation of rupture. After 3 years Mentor will replace the implant up to 10 years and pay £850 towards the surgery.

Capsular Contracture: HMG provide free surgery & replacement if CC occurs within 3 years. After 3 years Mentor will replace the implant up to 10 years if the CC is Grade III or IV and you pay for the surgery.

Rupture: MYA offer a lifetime free implant replacement, but you need to pay for the surgery.

Capsular Contracture: MYA offer free implant replacement if CC occurs within 5 years, but you need to pay for the surgery.

Rupture: Belvedere will replace for free if it was the surgeon’s fault (e.g. cut the implant), otherwise Mentor will replace the implant if rupture occurs within 10 years and pay £1200 towards the surgery.

Capsular Contracture: Belvedere will replace the implant if CC occurs within 6 months. I was unsure about the extra costs involved here.

Rupture: Transform will replace the implant if rupture occurs within 3 years, I wasn’t sure if the whole surgery is free within the 3 years.

Capsular Contracture: Transform will replace the implant if CC occurs within 3 years, I wasn’t sure if the whole surgery is free within the 3 years.

For an extra £150 you can extend their guarantee to a total 9 years.

Have other people here been told similar prices and aftercare? (Prices are in British Pound)

Despite the price, I’m not going to go with Belvedere as I wasn’t convinced during my initial consultation, or by their aftercare.

What do people think of the others? Has anyone used HMG, MYA, or Transform?

Any help is appreciated - thank you!

Some Wish Pics

Surgeon Consultation 1: Mr Saif Khan, Transform

During my initial consultation with Transform I was told there were two surgeons I could chose from at that clinic: Mr Saif Khan or Mr Luke Meleagros.

I was told Mr Khan is Transform’s number 1 surgeon, but he could be quite blunt and some people think he comes across as rude. However he’s excellent at what he does and knows the best option for the patient immediately.

Mr Meleagros is also very experienced, though not as much as Mr Khan, and he trained as a general surgeon.

I decided to meet Mr Khan.

On arrival at the clinic I was taken to a Transform waiting room, rather than the BMI one. Another woman went to see Mr Khan first and I went in about 10 minutes later. The appointment started about 10 minutes late but I didn’t mind as everyone was polite.

I found Mr Khan friendly. He asked me some background questions and then asked me to go behind a curtain and take my top and bra off. I found it strange that some other woman had to stay and observe.

I told him I wear a 32C and would like to be a 32D or DD. He told me I look more like a 34B than 32C (boo hiss) and then he examined me. He told me to stand in front of the mirror and held up a nimplant in front of my breast. Apparently 295cc would take me to a D and 325cc would take me to a D or DD.

Then it was pretty much over, he was very fast and kept jumping to the next section – you could tell he’d done this many times before!

Afterwards I went to see Sharon Humes, who was the same patient co-ordinator I saw before. She seemed a little surprised when I didn’t want to book a surgery date there and then. I told her I already had 350cc in my head as the minimum size I’d need, but that Mr Khan only wanted to do 325cc – so annoying! She suggested I meet Mr Meleagros, but he only does consultations when I’m working, plus Mr Khan supposed to be the best! So I told her I’d think about it.

However she did let me go into the en-suite in her office and try on the sizers and she took some photos for me.

Mr Saif Khan (Transform, Cavell Hospital) recommended Allegan 325cc round implants (which I assume from Allegan’s size chart must be the High Profile) under the muscle, with an inflammatory incision.

Surgeon Consultation 2: Dr Linda Fiumara, MYA

During my initial consultation with MYA I was recommended two surgeons to chose from at that clinic: Dr Linda Fiumara or Mr Max Marcellio.

Similar to the differences between Transform’s Khan and Meleagros, I was told Mr Marcellio has short consultations, but knows what he’s talking about. Whereas Dr Fiumara prefers long detailed consulataions.

I originally decided to meet Mr Marcellio, but he wasn’t aviable on my chosen date – I wanted to go on the same day as seeing Mr Khan at Transform. The lady on the phone recommended seeing Dr Fiumara as she is just as good.

On arrival at the clinic I was taken to a large back waiting room where I was left alone for almost half an hour! I was a bit annoyed! Eventually someone came and got me and took me to Dr Fiumara’s office – which was right next to the front waiting room! Immediately she came across as very nice and we went through background questions, plus she explained the breast augmentation procedure in her own words.

There was a lady observing who said hello, but I’ve no idea who she was. I chatted to her too as she was very approachable. I was asked to remove my top and bra behind the curtain and then the surgeon came and took photos and did a quick examination. She told me the best implant for me would be 350cc HP behind the muscle.

She gave me a bra to put on and I tried the 350cc sizer and the other lady took some photos for me.

I also asked a few extra questions and she told me she recommends sleeping at 45 degrees for 8 weeks (!) and choosing a back fastening post-surgery bra in a band-size larger than normal, so it’s not so horribly tight. Nipple sensitivity may be different for up to a year, and I may get temporary numbness under the breast. The implants have a 15 year life.

Dr Fiumara gave me some T&Cs to take away and read at home, which was useful.

I was supposed to meet my patient co-ordinator, Cherelle, afterwards, but she was busy or something so I just went home.

Dr Linda Fiumara (MYA, Fitzroy Square) recommended Mentor 350cc High Profile round implants under the muscle, with an inflammatory incision.

Help Please!!

I need to go to work so don't have time to write a full review just now.

I saw Mr Meleagros at Transform today and he has recommended Allergen Naturelle High Profile 400cc OVER the muscle.

So I've got the impression 350cc would be "just right" for me, and 400cc if I want "a bit bigger", especially to avoid "boob greed".

I also took my boyfriend along for the first time, he liked the 400cc and said it looked proportional (I have a large ass).

However this is the first time I have been recommended over the muscle, all the other surgeons said under. Mr Meleagros made overs sound best.

Please help! What did people here do? If you were unsure, what made you pick one over the other? I really don't want them to look "fake" however apparently I have a breast pocket for the implants to fit in so that won't happen, and they'll be softer.

Any other pro/cons? If I can decide TODAY then I can book for 22nd November!! Otherwise I have to wait till December or maybe next year!

Any advice is appreciated, thank you! Sorry I don't have time to take & upload before pictures (knew I should have done it before!!)

Surgeon Consultation 3: Mr Luke Meleagros

Ok, home from work, so time to write a proper review of today’s consultation!

So I decided I like Transform more than the other clinics. I like how they promote themselves, i.e. photos of their satisfied patients are in clothes looking confident, whereas at MYA all the wall photos were of women with fake smiles in bikinis and underwear. I’m a self-confessed prude, so the modest pictures appeal to me more. Harley Medical Group have a similar outlook to Transform, however they haven’t called me back once since my initial consultation over 2 months ago, plus you have to pay £200 for a surgeon consultation.

Having seen Mr Khan at Transform already, I was concerned he was offering too small an implant, and after seeing several reviews and receiving some recommendations from you lovely realself people I decided to go see Mr Meleagros as well.

Last week I told my boyfriend that I’m getting a breast enlargement, and that I’ve been secretly going to consultations! He was happy, a little miffed that I’d been keeping it a secret, oops… but he agreed it was the best thing to do so I could make this decision without worrying about being influenced by him! (Whether he meant to or not!) However, now that I’m set on doing this, I do want his opinion, so I dragged him along to today’s consult.

I didn’t have someone else in the room this time, as my boyfriend was there instead. Mr Meleagros seemed more straightforward that Mr Khan to me, and Mr Khan is the one with the blunt reputation!

He spoke very quickly and went through my background and then the procedure. He explained that over the muscle is best, as the breast tissue gets spread evenly over the implant, whereas if you go under the muscle you can sometimes get muscle on top, and all the breast tissue sits on the lower pole. I was concerned about being able to see the implant shape on the top half of my breasts (which I think gives them a ‘fake’ look) however he said that open happens when patients go too big. He said I have enough tissue and a ‘breast pocket’ to cover the implant so it won’t happen to me. He also explained how going under the muscle can push the implants apart – and I already have a 2 inch gap!

Then came trying on sizers! I got to do it in front of Mr Meleagros instead of with Sharon (the patient coordinator). He gave me 375cc and 400cc to try on. I tried one of each and liked the overall look, although in the back of my head I was worried as I thought I was set on 350cc. I said I would like the 375cc so I would avoid looking too fake, and he basically said no! Well, he reminded me that due to my shape I would need a larger size to get volume up top. So I said ok, 400cc! My boyfriend liked the 400cc and said they looked in proportion to my body. I also tried 420cc and I think 445cc and thought they were too big.

So I left the office feeling VERY confused. I told both Mr Khan and Mr Meleagros I was a 32C and wanted to be 32DD and to not look fake, and one told me 325cc under the muscle, and the other said 400cc over the muscle! So different!!!

I spoke with Sharon afterwards and she reassured me going over the muscle wouldn’t make them look fake. My boyfriend was sold as he though she was down-to-earth and honest (I agree!), so that helped. She told me if I want to go with Mr Meleagros I can have the surgery Sunday 22nd November and my pre-op this Friday!!!! I was really tempted to say yes and pay then, but as this was the first time I’d be told to get ‘overs’ I really wanted to go home and think about it!

Gosh, sorry for the ramble! I admit I’m using this site as a bit of a diary for my benefit! As well as providing it to help you girls! (And ask for your help!)

Under or Over Muscle: Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons I can think of for each, which I have gathered from realself and talking to surgeons, please add in the comments if you have any others!


Longer, more painful recovery
Will be firmer due to muscle
Increased chance of ‘double bubble’ as I age
Will move with exercise, may be noticeable or uncomfortable
Breasts will be further apart and harder to push together

Slightly higher risk of CC
Risk of rippling
Risk of seeing shaper of implant (Mr Meleagros says this won’t happen)


With little breast tissue, can make implants look more natural through creating slope
Lower risk of feeling implant
Lower risk of CC
No risk of rippling
Future breast feeding unaffected

Chest exercises unaffected (can work out without being paranoid!)
Slightly softer
Easier to push together
More even appearance as breast tissue is spread over whole implant
Faster, less painful recovery
Future breast feeding unaffected

Surgery Booked!!! ...and now freaking out about needles!

I've gone for it! I've paid my £250 deposit with Transform and I'm booked in for Sunday 22nd November! I have to be at the Riverside Hospital at 8.30am... in just over a week!!! My pre-op is tomorrow!! I will pay in full tomorrow when I can print the paperwork they need signed. I've also got a week booked off work.

Now I am full panic mode, not because of worrying about size (although I still am), but because I am horrendously and irrationally scared of needles! :(

I'm having my first ever blood test tomorrow and I'm freaking out. And the idea of having an IV put in makes me feel ill. Is anyone else like this? What did you do to make things easier? (No horror stories please!)

Also, I've just ordered a Macom bra, what else do I need to buy beforehand? This is all so quick!

I'm going to try distract myself by taking some pre-op photos!

Before Pictures

Look at me being brave! Here are my photos!

I really didn't want to put bra-less photos of me online, but there's no way I'd be doing this if I hadn't seen other people's photos. So this is to help the next person down the line! After all, the more people who do this, the more 'normal' it will become, and hopefully the less 'judgey' society will become! Maybe...

If my posture looks odd in the side-views it's because I'm kneeling, not standing.

I actually think I look alright in these photos! But I certainly don't feel 'alright' every day when I look in the mirror.

The last picture is me wearing a 32DD bra. This is the size I think I want to be, and what I told my surgeon, however I keep thinking it looks too big for my frame. What do other people think?

Last Night With Small Boobs!

So I’m at the hotel! Would have just travelled in the morning but there are no trains that early! (My boyfriend will be driving me home, but he can’t be there first thing)

I haven’t been freaking out or as nervous as I expected to be this week. I guess because I’ve been busy with work (working overtime as I’m not in next week) and super-tidying the house (sitting in a dusty house all week and not being able to do anything about it would drive me mad!).

Can’t believe I only booked the date and met my surgeon less than 2 weeks ago! Feels like longer.

The first week I was quite worried I’d picked the wrong size, or the wrong profile, or that I shouldn’t go over-the-muscle. So I spent a LOT of time on RealSelf looking at so many before-and-after pictures and I realised I’m happy with my decision.

400cc = Any smaller and I’d get boob greed, any bigger and I’d be too top heavy or the roundness of the implant would be noticeable. Plus from looking at photos I think 400cc will get me to my wish pictures (maybe).

High Profile = With my bwd the largest moderate implant I could get is around 325cc, so I don’t really have a choice. I’ve looked at photos and I don’t think they look ‘more’ fake, it just depends on the person.

Over-the-muscle = I want to go the gym and do weights, and I don’t want to feel uncomfortable when my chest muscles move, and I don’t want to be forever paranoid people will notice. Plus overs are softer and I’ll get a better cleavage.

So I’m good to go.

Shocking though, in the past week, and up to today, I’ve discovered a new love for my current boobs. I think from taking tons of before photos and looking at others I’ve realised mine are bigger than I thought. Plus I can make them look really good in a push-up bra, and even when naked I’m not THAT out of proportion. However, I could just be feeling like this because this time tomorrow they’ll be gone forever! I think I’ll miss them.

I’m really looking forward to wearing non-padded bras. Those 2-sizes-bigger bras make my boobs sore after a whole day!

This is something I’ve wanted since I hit puberty. I want breasts. I want to look like a woman. I want to wear a bikini rather than hiding in padded swimsuits. I don’t want a big gap in the top of my bras. I want to look sexy in front of my boyfriend. I want to stop feeling embarrassed when he reaches for my boob in the dark and can’t find it because it’s disappeared into my underarm! Or when he passes over it not realising he had it (he has to rely on finding the nipple!).

Moving on. I have to be at the hospital at 8.30am tomorrow. I’ve had my last shower tonight! And a big dinner. I’ve bought the Macom i bra (they recommend the i over the signature for over 350cc). I was told I could get any sports bra, but I wanted the best. Plus with the Macom you only have to buy your back size and the cups will stretch.

Gosh I so badly want a glass of wine right now… damn not being able to drink!!

Next time I post I’ll have boobs! Wish me luck!!!

It’s done!!!

Firstly, thank you to all the ladies who commented on my last post, love how supportive we are (and that we’re all in the same boat!)

So I’m on the other side!! Here’s how it went, in detail, as I would have liked to have read this before I went in:

I arrived about 20 minutes early and sat in the waiting room, I even saw Mr Melagros arrive – chauffeur driven… so that’s what I’m paying for ha!

I was greeted my my nurse Oxana (blonde and Russian if anyone else had her). She was lovely, but gosh she reeled off everything so quick. I was in my room and was all put your luggage here, put this on, put that on, answer these questions – I just wanted to sit down!

The anaesthetist visited, an older man who’s name I’ve forgotten, and went over questions again (I must have answered the same ones a dozen times!) and I told him I didn’t like needles and could I please not have one in my hand. So he told me I could have the side of my wrist, as my forearm veins aren’t that great. He also got Oxana to put some numbing cream on the area. I’d never had it before (as I never even had a blood test before) but they put the cream on really thick and cover it with sticky plastic, then leave it for like an hour – they took it off immediately before the needle went in.

I walked myself to the surgery room about 10ish. I went in the room next door first and chatted to another Russian nurse who was also lovely, she was clearly trying to distract me by asking about me and telling me about her son! Then I had to go in a lie on the table, so weird lying down in a crucifix position. I looked to my right where the nurse was holding my hand while the anaesthetist worked on my left. I’m not going to lie, I started to cry a little, but the nurse was really comforting and the anaesthetist kept talking through what he was doing. It was so quick and I barely felt it!! I coughed a bit and felt my arm go cold. I don’t even remember shutting my eyes and then I was being told it was over!! I’d read it happened like that but it’s weird!

So, when I woke up I was immediately in pain. All around the incision and crease area, as well as pressure on the top of chest. I told the guy who woke me up and he said he couldn’t help just now as I’d had morphine 15 minutes earlier (fat lot of good that did!). I was wheeled back to my room and had to shuffle myself onto my bed, without using my arms, which was exhausting. I could only take tiny breaths and it felt like what it was – like I had big cuts under my breasts. I then drifted in and out of sleep for hours, being woken up when they took my blood pressure (many times) and gave me lunch (cheese and bacon panini with an avocado salad – both really good), I was quite sad they gave me tea without sugar and I couldn’t find the call button. I was also really hot, every time someone came in they turned down the heating, but it wasn’t enough.

About 3pm my boyfriend finally arrived and brought me some chocolate and lucozade sport.

Then Mr Meleagros arrived to check on me. It was very brief, he asked how I was and I said good. and I didn’t even thank him properly as I was still a bit foggy – whoops! I’ll leave that till I see him again…

Then another doctor came in and gave me my antibiotics and co-dydramol for pain. I only have the antibiotics for 1.5 days (3 doses), and I’m allowed to take the painkillers for up to a week.

The Oxana came in to take out my tubes and she asked my boyfriend to leave the room. I hadn’t looked at the tubes (because eww) and I assumed they were only an inch or two under the skin – oh how I was wrong! They were all the way up to my underarms! The first one had bent so she had the wiggle it as she pulled it out – such as horribly weird sensation. The second one was straight so it came out much easier. I didn’t even notice her take the tube/needle thing out my wrist!

Then I was allowed to get up, get dressed, and go home!

Day 1

So last night I slept in my super-comfy armchair, with my legs on the sofa on front, and a few pillows so I was at about 45degrees. I was in discomfort, but not pain. However after dinner I took one painkiller tablet, as well as my antibiotic, just in case.

I slept reasonable well. At 7am I was awake as my boyfriend was getting ready for work, so I took 2 painkiller and went back to sleep. The at 9am my antibiotic alarm went off so I turned on the telly and basically all day I have been in the armchair watching Netflix. I’ve taken a total six painkiller tablets today and finished all my antibiotics.

The pressure is weird. It feels like I wearing my 2-sizes-bigger bra, but in the wrong position so it’s squashing me, and I can’t adjust it as it’s actually my boob! The definitely do not feel like me! The only pain is around the right incision and crease, roughly where it hurt when I woke up from surgery… I hope the stiches weren’t done wrong or something. That area is the only reason I’ve been taking the pain pills.

As for appearance, they’re smaller than I expected. They’re pretty much the size I wanted them to be, but considering they’re supposed to be swollen I’m worried about them getting much smaller. Having said that, I don’t feel swollen. My ribs look the same and my stomach is bloated but I’m pretty sure that’s because I’ve had 4 portions of macaroni cheese since yesterday (my boyfriend made a large batch for me!). I sprained and strained pretty much everything in my life and never swollen, so I think my body doesn’t swell much normally. So hopefully that’s the case now!

But overall I’m very happy, when I hold them they’re a good size, but they still disappear under a jumper which is what I wanted. Now just to wait for them to drop!

Day 7 – One Week Update and First Post-Op

I’ve had my boobs a whole week!! Which also means I go back to work tomorrow boo ?

I can barely remember what I’ve done or felt like this week, I shouldn’t have written this each day – too late now!

I took the painkillers for two days plus the third morning. I would have kept taking for the third day (even though I wasn’t really in much pain) but I stopped early because oh my gosh the constipation! So I wanted all drugs out my system so I could get everything moving again. I went for a walk into town on day two to get moving (about a mile each way) but I didn’t, ahem, get “other things” moving until day three. I’d never had constipation before and I don’t want it again!

The general boob feeling this week has been discomfort. They feel quite ‘stuck-on’, more so the left one. Although when I took photos today it looked like that’s the one that’s actually dropped a little. They’ve got a tiny bit squishier each day; they’re still hard to squeeze or poke, but when standing today I could push them together to make them touch.

The biggest pain this week has been my back! So sore! I’m normally a side or front sleeper, so lying on my back slightly upright means I’m barely sleeping (like 2 hours at a time) and I’m so stiff!

I like the size, in a t-shirt you can’t tell I’ve had them done at all. But out the bra they look huge! I’m really hoping as they drop they move a little closer together (they’re so under my arms!) however I had a two-inch gap between my breasts before, and I know that implants can’t fix that ?

I had my first post-op yesterday with a lovely nurse called Lola. I swear it must be in the job description to work in cosmetic surgery to have a super lovely personality! Anyway, she took off my dressings, which I’d been looking forward to – they were itchy! Turns out my skin was bunched underneath due to me slouching (oops). My incisions are closed so no more dressings, but she gave me some plain gauze (nothing sticky) to place over them so my bra doesn’t rub. She told me even though they’re healed she’d still like me to wait till Tuesday (9 days post-op) till I shower.

Ah yes, showering. I’ve washed my hair twice so far by standing outside the bathtub and leaning over and showering my hair. I’ve also showered from the belly button down, but the rest of me has had to rely on baby wipes. Baby wipes are not good – I smell! Seriously hoping a tonne of deodorant and a thick jumper masks it at work tomorrow and Tuesday!

At my post-op I completely forgot to ask if I can start using scar cream, so I’ll call tomorrow. I did ask about going back to the gym though and she told me I could go back after 4 weeks, but she’d rather I waiting the full 6 weeks, so that’s what I’m going to do. That’ll be in 2016! I’m also not supposed to lift my arms above my head until week 2. That’s due to letting the internal stiches heal.

Can anyone recommend any tried-and-tested scar creams (or strips)?

I’ve re-uploaded my day 1 photos so they’re all in the same format so it’s easier to compare. Unfortunately I didn’t realise how blurry today’s photos were until I’d put my bra back on and got comfy.

Few More Day 7 Pictures

Forgot about these in my last update.

Here's a picture of me squeezing them together and some pictures of my scars. Not too happy that they're not perfectly straight (they're a bit wiggly) but I'm sure that will become less noticeable over time.

Day 14 - Two Week Update

So my last post was last Sunday. On Monday I went back to work. All week I’ve made sure to wear a loose jumper rather than a tight cardigan. Not just because I don’t want to show off my new boobs, but also because I hate when you can see nipples through clothing (on men as well as women), and the Macom bra doesn’t cover much. Speaking of nipples, mine have been very sore all week; I think because they’re all squashed and have had hardly any freedom from the bra!

On Tuesday evening I had my first shower. I still washed my hair separately over the edge of the bath, as I didn’t want to be in the shower too long. Partly because I didn’t want to soak the scars too much, and partly because my boobs felt so uncomfortable and heavy the moment I removed the bra. Felt so good to wash my underarms with soap and water!

However, I also used my shower opportunity to take my first long look at my new boobs. When I took the photos last week it was very quick. I immediately decided they were huge! And when I pointed out I would have been happy going smaller my boyfriend made a face as if he agreed! So I had a bit of a cry in the shower, they a second cry when I came out the shower and declared to my bf that I hated them!!

However I have to remember that right from the first time I tried on sizers I knew 350cc was the smallest I’d go, and that I’d probably want bigger. 25cc is hardly anything so 50cc extra is really what I need to ‘look’ bigger than 350cc. And when I suggested 375cc to Mr Meleagros he said I wouldn’t get the fullness necessary to get the size I want unless I got 400cc.

I also tried on the 32DD bra from my before pictures and it fit! If anything it was a little bit big – so I did get the size I wanted. After talking to some people on this site I’ve realised everyone goes through thinking they’ve made a mistake of some kind. It’s just such a big change when we’ve all had tiny boobs for our entire boob-lives!

Moving on, by Wednesday I noticed that when I ran (e.g. for the bus) it felt like my left implant was bouncing inside my boob – very weird feeling! I’ve also noticed that my Macom bra feels lose around the underbust, so I’ve been looking on ebay for a smaller size, as I don’t want to splash out again on a brand new one – it was expensive!

I’ve started taking my usual supplements again this week, plus I’ve found a comfy sleeping position on the sofa – head and back against some pillows on the arm rest, and my whole body leaning against the back of the sofa. I swap the end my head is at each night. Overall my back is feeling much better.

Hmm, what else… I’ve been using bio-oil all over my boobs every day to soften the skin and avoid stretch marks (none so far). My scar has started to flake a little; I will use a scar cream on it once the scab is completely gone. I had my second shower yesterday and washed my hair normally as my boobs no longer feel like they’re going to fall off when I remove my bra (although they’re still uncomfortable). I love my boobs in the bra, but bra off there’s still too much side-boob. I went out his week with some old friends, including one known for her naturally large boobs, and no one noticed anything. In clothing I think I look that same as before, which is what I wanted.

Some questions for you:

1) What scar creams have worked for you?

2) When your boobs have ‘dropped’, does the crease position also drop? Please look at the photo of my drawing. Far left is immediately post-op, middle is how I thought they would drop, right is how I think mine are dropping. The black dot is where the scar is.

3) When did you start massaging? Do people with overs do them different to people with unders? Ultimately I will do what my surgeon recommends; however I’d like to hear what others are doing.

Day 21 - Three Week Update

Feels like ages since I wrote my last update. And it feels like a lot longer than three weeks since I got my boobs!

It’s strange, even though they still look so “fake”, they do feel like they’re mine. I look down in the shower and it just looks right; like these are the boobs I was always supposed to have. And to be honest, I do think my body could get away with having bigger, but it’s not possible for me to have any bigger without looking extremely fake forever. Plus I don’t want big boobs, just boobs! Which I now have ?

They are starting to feel more like a part of me. They no longer feel like they want to fall off when I’m bra-less in the shower. Although I still do hold onto them when I can! Obviously I’m still wearing my Macom bra 24/7 when I’m not washing.

I personally don’t think my boobs have really dropped. However I have to keep reminding myself it’s only been three weeks! My boyfriend has only had a couple of peeks so far and today I showed him them for the first time in a week and he immediately commented that they’re dropping.

And since I know some people will want to know these sort of details (and I’m anonymous anyway) I will tell you than on day 14 we had sex first time post-op. I wore a regular crop-top style sports bra rather than my Macom bra (didn’t want to get it sweaty!) and we stuck to positions that didn’t require too much ‘bouncing’! So all was good ;)

I’ve been out for several Christmas parties this week and still no one has noticed. I’m deliberately wearing a tight top when I go out this evening to push my luck. I’ve also been wearing a lightly-lined non-push-up, non-wired bra over the top of my Macom bra to hide nipples and give a nice shape when in tighter tops or wearing tops with a thinner fabric.

I can still only squish them the same amount as on week one. It’s like my breast tissue is squishy, but as soon as I hit the implant they’re quite hard. My nipples are also so sore! I think it's from being crushed in the bra all the time. I've put a cotton wool pad on top of my nipples which has helped (you can see the mark in my photo!).

Can’t wait till after Christmas when I go back to the gym, so tired of my larger belly! I’ve tried cutting down on eating, but I love food too much! I've also order some scar strips for when my scabs are gone (so much flakiness right now!).

How's everyone else doing??

Day 46 - Six and a Half Week Update

So, it’s been a long time since I last posted an update, oops! Sorry! Just been way too busy to write a review (end of year work deadlines plus Christmas eek!) Plus I think I’ve been avoiding writing about my boobs as it just makes me think too much about them and I don’t want to find flaws with myself.

I was planning on doing this weekly, but since it’s been three and a half weeks this is going to be a long one…

After feeling a bit up and down with regards to their appearance, I decided the best approach was just to ignore them! So they got locked away in my Macom bra! I didn’t even take photos at four or five weeks.

So where I am right now: I don’t think they are too big at all, if anything I think they look a little small (!) particularly from the side (and I got high profile). However I don’t want any bigger, and even if I did, I think a bigger implant would look more fake and round. My body could pull off bigger, but I think even strangers would ponder if I were really that naturally blessed! Although I guess it could be believable next to my natural 34FF sister ha!

It’s so strange reading other people’s reviews on here; everyone has such different opinions on boobs! For example I mentioned before how I hated how ‘under my underarms’ my boobs were. Well apparently other people call this ‘side-boob’ and they love it! Some people like their boobs touching each other, and others like a gap. And we all have very different views on what looks ‘natural’. I do not think mine look remotely ‘natural’. In a bra I think I would fool someone who didn’t know what fake boobs look like, but anyone else would still guess. But I don’t mind, they feel so much like MINE and I love that these boobs are now a part of me.

Sunday marked 6=six weeks so I’ve started wearing a non-wired Marks and Spenser’s bra in a 32DD. I didn’t get measured as I was too embarrassed, so I tried a few and this was the best fit. I was a 32C before. I also bought an under-wired bra to wear for the bf ;) (it's the one in my profile picture) and I needed a 32E (American 32DDD) for that one. I also tried on some bras in John Lewis on Sunday and the lady getting measured in the cubicle next to me was also post-op. I got ready slowly and eavesdropped :P She was buying her first proper bras after wearing sports bras, like me, and she was a 32F / FF, I was so curious to see what she looked like and what implant size she got! But alas, I didn’t feel brave enough to wait and introduce myself (it would intimidate me if someone did that to me!) So I left and continued my browsing.

The non-wired bras are comfy but my boobs feel ‘tired’ after all day in them, I guess I’m just so used to the Macom bra. However I love being able to wear sheer tops again without worrying about people seeing the Macom outline. And my nipples are hidden again woop! I still wear my Macom bra to sleep in and in the evenings. I will probably wear it for a few more weekends as well, if I’m not going out.

As well as not writing a review, I also completely forgot to book a six-week post-op appointment! So I phoned yesterday and got booked in for this Saturday (which will be the day before seven weeks).

On the six-week mark I also started using scar strips as my scars had been healed and scab-free for three weeks already. I have to remove them to shower or exercise (sweat) but otherwise I wear them all the time. I’m also still using bio-oil all-over after every shower; I’ll keep doing that till I finish the bottle. It helps with the dry skin and preventing stretch marks. I don’t put bio-oil on my scars though as the instructions for the scar-strips say not to use anything else at the same time.

I went back to the gym on Monday (six weeks and one day) and wore an old sport crop-top that fit as it had stretched over the years. The gym was knackering! Two months of no exercise plus Christmas weigh really takes it toll! I’m not at all impressed with my weight gain. I’ve only gained about 6 pounds, however I’ve also lost muscle mass, so in reality I’ve gained more then six pounds of fat! Dang it! I’ve downloaded a six-week gym routine so hopefully that’ll help.

So, sleeping. The first week I slept upright on the armchair, with my feet on the couch in front. I did the same the second week but found it really uncomfortable. So weeks three and four I slept length-ways on the couch, leaning my shoulders against the armrest and my side along the back of the couch. So although I was upright, I ‘fooled’ my body into thinking I was on my side. Weeks five and six were over Christmas and I visited family who didn’t know, which meant sleeping in a bed. The fist night I tried sleeping propped on pillows and it was awful, so I gave up and slept on my side! I put a pair of socks in my cleavage while wearing my Macom bra to hold everything in place. Although I got rid of the socks in week six as I figured my boobs falling sideways and narrowing my cleavage can only be a good thing! This week, week seven, I’m starting to get fidgety on my side, so I’ve been lying a bit on my front, with a pillow under my head and shoulders, and another under my stomach and hips so my boobs fall in the gap. I’m actually fine lying on my stomach with my weight on my boobs, but I don’t want to create unnecessary risk. My boobs have started feeling a little sore in the mornings again the past few weeks; pretty sure it’s from the side sleeping, oh well.

So other than some slight sleeping aches, I also get tiny sharp pinprick pain in random parts of my boobs every now and again, like every other day. Sometimes it’s on the surface; sometimes it feels deeper nearer the implant. I’m guessing it’s to do with the internal scar tissue around the implant – maybe when I move I’m stretching or tearing it slightly? I’m not worried but I’ll try to remember to mention it at my post-op on Saturday.

What else, what else… Oh yes: no one has noticed. No one has said anything, and I haven’t noticed anyone looking. All my clothes still fit as I always wore loose tops anyway. I can’t tell the difference in clothes either. I guess I got so used to that two-sizes bigger bra! Kind of wish I’d never worn it just so I’d feel different myself! They’re getting squishier; however it seems to me that my breast tissue is squishy again, but as soon as you hit implant it’s still hard. I guess that’s just silicone for you. I’m still not certain what my boyfriend thinks of them. I think he loves that I have bigger boobs, and he loves that I like them. But I think he misses being able to *really* squeeze them and I think he misses them being natural. But of course he’ll never tell me that.

I also don’t think my boobs have really ‘dropped’. Looking at more reviews recently, I think ‘dropping and fluffing’ occurs a lot more with under-the-muscle implants. Mine look a tiny bit less round at the top than they did, but only if you really look. The main difference is the softness; so now they are easier to make sit together, so I have less of the side-boobs and more of a cleavage.

Any questions please shout! I’ll aim to update you all on my post-op appointment this Saturday.

Six Weeks Post-Op Photos

Here are the pictures that should have been attached to my last review :) These were taken last Sunday on their six week birthday.

Day 48 - Post-Op Appointment

So I went for my six week post-op today (although tomorrow will actually be seven weeks). It felt like a complete waste of time.

The Transform clinic in Enfield is connected to a BMI (private) hospital. They are on the 1st floor and have their own waiting room. Today when I asked to wait upstairs at reception the receptionist (who I hadn't seen before) just bluntly said no there's no one there. Which left me confused. Then barely a minute later a BMI nurse appeared and took me to a BMI room. She was busy apologising for some muck on her uniform so didn't actually introduce herself. I believe the BMI clinic deals a lot with cancer patients and anthropology (bones), so I felt immediately uncomfortable and self-conscious seeing one of their nurses about a cosmetic, medically unnecessary procedure. Therefore I didn't ask any of the questions I wanted to and she just took some photos and told me they looked good.

She was surprised about the scar strips - apparently she's never heard of them! She just recommends bio-oil plus lightly rubbing them in the shower.

As I was getting ready to leave our small talk went to how good it was to finally get this done and that I had saved for it, and she mentioned that so many take out finance. That made me think that maybe she sees a lot of Transform patients and I should have talked to her. Oh well, too late! I'll email them later.

So, an hour and a half travel each way just for a 5 minute appointment to take photos. I wouldn't have gone if I'd known I wouldn't be seeing Transform. I paid 4 grand to see Transform!

Urgh, can you tell I'm tired from getting up early this morning!

Wish They Were Real

I don't know what happened, one moment I was on buzzfeed literally looking at cute puppies (I want a dog!), then all of a sudden I was on reddit reading real vs fake and every. single. comment was negative.

I just typed some of them, then deleted as I don't want you girls to read them too!

It's such a no win situation!
"You should love your small boobs, don't change them for someone else"
"Don't go fake, men hate that!"
So do what you want for yourself, as long as men still approve *sigh*

Small boobs: Too small!
Padded bras: False advertising!
Fake bras: Ew fake!

Before I hated having small boobs, now I've worried I'm going to start to hate having fake boobs. It really shouldn't matter, I think I just need some reassurances from Real Self! I already feel more confident, posts on this website show other women feel the same. I just need to be less obsessed with reading about boobs online and ignore the stupid men; most of whom have probably never touched a fake boob!

P.s. on a side note, some of you might find this website helpful: http://www.brasizecalculator.tk/

And if you try not to get distracted then this is where I started on reddit, which was actually useful: https://www.reddit.com/r/ABraThatFits/wiki/beginners_guide

Day 59 - Eight and a Half Week Update - Loving Them :)

Gosh I think I tried so hard to avoid the love/hate boob relationship during the first six weeks that it just hit me afterwards! I'm really sorry if I depressed anyone with my last post :( I just needed to vent, and like I've said before, I'm sort of using this site as a personal diary.

Anyway, I'm now 8.5 weeks post-op and I think in the last fortnight my boobs have really sorted themselves out. Up until week 6 you could still see the upper pole from the side, as if I were wearing a push-up bra. However now there is a smooth slope: so much more natural looking.

Plus I realised in clothes or just in a bra they don't look fake at all! I think they suit me so well. I feel so vain for loving them as I've never 'loved' any part of my body before. But I think my boobs look great!

Yes there's still a bit too much side boob for my liking, but who cares. That's just the price I had to pay to get the overall size I wanted.

Plus they're so much more squishy! My bf seems to love them and now he's allowed to squeeze them he's been much more vocal about how much he loves them haha.

I've attached a couple of clothed pictures for you to see. Just need to loose the combined post-op recovery and christmas weight gain now!! 8 pounds to lose! *cries* But I reckon I can do it :)

I'm still wearing my non-wired bras during the day, and my Macom bra to sleep in. I use bio-oil on my scars over-night, and use the silicone scar-strips during the day. I sleep on my sides, and can comfortably lie on my front - although I'm not letting myself sleep on my front. My boobs feel a bit 'tired' by the end of the day, but I think that's because non-wired bras aren't as supportive as wired bras.

Three Month Update

I’ve now reached (and passed) the three month mark! It’s actually closer to four months now, but I kept forgetting to post an update.

So I love my boobs; absolutely love them. They have dropped a little further and are squishy. They bounce when I walk, like natural ones, and I don’t think they look super fake at all. Even in a bra they look fab and just like natural ones in a very good push-up bra. They’re even a little closer together now, about a 1.5 inch gap when it was 2 inches before.

No one has noticed. My boyfriend is still the only person who knows. My parents haven’t noticed, and none of my friends have either. Recently I was talking to a friend who never knew my size and we were talking about bras so I made her guess mine. I was wearing a fairly slim-fitting top and she still guessed 32C – which was actually my old size (before people guessed me as a 32B). So she was surprised when I told her 32E!

I had my three-month check up with Mr Meleagros. I heard it would be brief, but my gosh that’s an understatement. I arrived about ten minutes early but was taken in quickly. This is how it went:

Mr M: (while on his phone) Hello how are you?
Me: Great thanks, yourself?
Mr M: Good (finishes call). So was your recovery good?
Me: Yes
Mr M: Any numb areas on the breast or nipple?
Me: No
Mr M: Ok let’s have a look
(I start taking my top off, meanwhile his phone rings. He answers, so I stop undressing and wait. After about 30 seconds he hangs up so I take my top and bra off)
Mr M: Stand over here please
Me: (moves)
Mr M: Ok they look good. (Lightly squishes each side of each boob, about half a second on each) I can’t feel the implant (writes notes, then lifts each boob) the scars will fade (writes notes). You can put your things back on.
Me: (while dressing) So I’m good to wear underwires now?
Mr M: You can wear anything you like.
Me: Ok (sits down)
Mr M: So everything is fine. If you have any questions you can phone the clinic whenever you like.
Me: Ok great
Mr M: (stands up and walks to door)
Me: Ok thank you, bye.
Mr M: Thank you, bye

And then I left. Done! No need to go back there again (unless something goes wrong!). But since I had to take a day off work to go to the appointment, I made the most of it and went into central London to go bra shopping!

So Bravissimo are great! I personally didn’t find a bra that fit well, however their service is fantastic and they go down to a 28 back size. I found out that I fit into a 30 back size much better than a 32, which made me a 30F. I also discovered my left boob is ever so slightly bigger. The store is near Oxford Circus so I’d recommend going if you’re in the area.

I went to the Fenwick department store on Bond Street and thought I’d try on some Chantelle bras, as I’ve seen them recommended on Real Self. They only went down to a 32 back, and were around £60 which was a bit much, but since I was there I tried it on anyway. Meanwhile the sales assistant asked through the curtain if she could take a look and help, so I figured why not. She agreed the band was too big, and assuming £60 was my budget she came back with two bras in a 30F for about £60 each too. Eek. I tried them on to be polite, but then they fit perfectly! Like the most amazing bra I’ve ever worn in my life. The cups fit beautifully and the wire touched my rib cage the whole way round, including between my breasts, which I’ve never had before! They were a French brand called Maison Lejaby and both were the Elixir bra, one in lace, one plain. So I just bought both! They’re in nude so I can wear them with everything.

I’ve picked up a few tips for bra care that I never did before.
- Always wash them in a mesh delicates bag so they don’t get caught on other washing.
- Never wash with wool detergent as it stretches them.
- Never store bras with one cup folded into another; always store them flat.
- Alternate between different bras so you don’t wear the same one two days in a row.

I’ve also got two sports bras. The Panache Wired Sports Bra in a 30F for the gym, and the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra in a 32DD for running. The panache bra is great as it has a little padding to hide nipples. The run bra’s underband was really tight, hence I got a 32, and I went down a cup-size so it was super tight when running.

I really need to do more in the gym. Recovery + Christmas + winter has resulted in me putting on some weight, particularly around my stomach which I hate. I would love to have my 24 inch waist from two years ago back – I just need to work out hard!

Here are my before and after measurements:

Height: 5’6’’
Weight: 9 stone / 126 lbs / 57kg (give or take a few pounds)
Bra size: 32C
Bust measurement: 34”
Underbust measurement: 28”
Waist measurement: 27”
Hips (widest part of bum) measurement: 37.5”

3 months after:
Height: 5’6’’
Weight: 9 stone, 4 lbs / 130 lbs / 59kg (give or take a few pounds)
Bra size: 30F
Bust measurement: 37”
Underbust measurement: 27”
Waist measurement: 27” / 28”
Hips (widest part of bum) measurement: 38.5”

I haven’t got a smaller underbust; I’ve just got better at measuring!

Meanwhile sleeping has been fine. I’ve even started sleeping occasionally on my front. I still sleep in my Macom bra though. I’ll probably keep doing this until at least six months for ‘peace of mind’ more than anything else. I bought the Cosabella Never Say Never Sweetie Soft Bra (which is a lace crop top) to sleep in when I’m done with the Macom. It really is very soft, with no itchy seems. They also do one with a little padding if you want to wear it out. But from reviews most people wear it as a round-the-house comfy bra. I got one in both small and medium.

I finished my Scar Strips, not convinced they did anything at all! So I’ve since switched to just bio-oil. Not sure it that’s working either! My scars are still quite red, but I guess they’ll fade eventually! I haven’t got any stretch marks.

I can’t think of anything else to say about my boob experience right now. Other than this has definitely been worth it! I’ll update again around the six month mark. It’ll be interesting to see if people say anything when I start wearing vest tops and tighter tops in summer.

3 Months - Pictures

Photos didn't upload with my last post again...
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