54 and Getting my 20 Year Old Implants Removed June 25th!!...WORTH IT!!.. - London, GB

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I had my first implants 20 years ago. I was a...

I had my first implants 20 years ago. I was a tiny 34AA, I was very underweight at 34 and due to being constantly put down by my then partner, I went to my doctor, who recommended implants. Looking back I think I was depressed due to the abusive relationship I was in. I had had 2 kids and my small boobs had got even smaller. I had the first ba and went to a 34C. I did ask for a B. They made me feel more confident, and I no longer worried about all the big boobed girls he was getting off with. I ended that relationship just after my surgery! Haha!! After 8 years I notied lumps in my right boob, so went to the doctor who referred me back to the hosptial. I had my sencond implants, and was the B cup I originally wanted to be. I have had those implants for 11 years now. For the last couple of years I have been suffering with constant aching and some lumps. I had a biopsy on a small lump that was found to be benign. I am always tired, I could sleep literatly standing up, and can never wake up in the mornings. My boobs are hard, and it hurts if someone hugs me too tightly, plus Im always thinking that they can feel how hard they are. They are like tennis balls!! The aching, which feels like bruising, had me in tears a couple of weekends ago, so my bofriend of 6 years told me to get it checked out. My new doctor was very unsympathetic, but did refer me to the hospital. Ive been stalking this site, and have spoken to a couple of women, one in particular, who have been lovely and really helped me make a decision. I went today to see a breast consultant, who was brilliant. He has now booked me in for the 6th July for explant!!! I was so happy I nearly started crying! Poor man!! I didnt expect the nhs to accept my case, and was all ready to get a loan. I feel so grateful and will be making a donation to a charity.
I am aprehensive, and still have some doubts, but I know I need to do this for my health. My boyfriend is totally supportive of this, and just wants me to be happy and comfortable. I worry because he met me with the implants and has never known me to be flat chested. He says he would rather me be healthy. He text me at the hospital this morning and his words were "GET THEM OUT" funny because he was talking about the implants , but it sounded like he meant get my boobs out!!! :)) I will miss the shape I have,they do look nice and quite natural, I love wearing vest tops and t shirts, and Im worried about how I am going to look after the op. I bought some sports bras from Peacocks, as my normal bras were making me ache more, and the sports bras make me look quite flat and I like it. I have begun to hate seeing myself in a reflection side view as I look big. Ive got some lovely dresses, and I know I will not fill them out in the way I do now....Ill be more twiggy than jessica rabbit, but I do actually prefer twiggys style!! Im scared my belly will be bigger than my boobs, and I am going to really try to watch what I eat up until the op.....although I did just eat a lovely magnum lolly!!! So if anyone has any advice, answers or tips I would be really happy to hear from you. All the reviews Ive read have really inspired me to do this, just hope Im happy with the result xxx


Hi. I told my sons what I'm doing and they are supportive. My eldest offered to pick me up from hospital, and that makes me so happy! I said to him "I'm sick of having something foreign inside me" and he said "there's a joke there somewhere! " (my boyfriend is German!!) made me laugh and that helps xx I looked at some A cup bras in M&S tiday, and felt really excited! Never thought I'd say that. Just hope I can fill them after the recovery from op. Also told work I'll be off, just said I'm having breast surgery, nothing to worry about though. Think I'll need a week off after?? Not sure. Anyway, still optimistic about this. xxx

Emotional today

Woke up emotional today. Felt the insecurities I had about my body before I got implants. Don't know where this has,all come from. Worried how I'm going to look, scared I'll be as flat as I was 20 years ago, but I have put on weight over the years, so I hope there will at least be a small bit of something to put in a A cup. My bloke us great and has reassured me but I can't help those old insecurities creeping back to haunt me. Onwards and upwards. Still getting this done though. Xxx

Date of Explant changed to this Thursday, 22nd June!!

I received a call from hospital this morning, saying they can do it this Thursday.... Just been for pre op assessment. I will be going home same day, and will not have drains. At least I have no time to think about it now, which is better really. Will update again soon xx

Implants out tomorrow!

I'm going in tomorrow at 7.30, feeling nervous now. I'm worried because I've got a e cigarette which I know I shouldn't use pre op, but I've had a few puffs this evening, silly I know. Bag all packed, and now just want it over with. Will post my photos of before and then update after. They look great, not too big, but no good for my health.

All done!!!

Well, they're out, and straight away I noticed how lovely and soft they feel, also I don't appear to be completely flat, but that could be swelling, it's early Days. So far I'm very happy! Will post photos when I'm up to it xx

4 hours after op.

Feel ok. Bit tired, but happy! They are not bandaged up and no drains. Probably a bit swollen still.

Day after op

I feel good, bit of a twinge in them if I move the wrong way, but looks like the incisions have stopped bleeding. Wearing my Peacocks sports bra, which feels comfy. Slept propped up last night, and woke up twice, as I normally sleep on my side. Back in bed now just gonna rest today. I actually love my new/old boobs so much!!! Can't stop looking at them, they are so soft too! Probably still a bit swollen, so may be even smaller, but that's fine. So glad I've done this! Definitely worth it. Thanks to the lovely ladies who have given me hope and support xx

Day 4

4 days since my explant, and just a quick update. Still happy Ive done this, still feel a bit tired though. Ventured to shops today with my fella, felt ok, but scared of someone bumping into me! Not much pain, so Im not taking the pain killers unless I really feel I need them. Cant wait to go for my first check up on Friday and get dressings changed. Loving the size of my boobs, and Im amazed at how our bodies are able to repair after all those years. They are still a bit swollen, and look like small pasties in shape, but I love them. I will update some photos at week one. Good luck to any ladies about to have this done xx

First reveal and its a scorcha!! and Doctors letter pre op.

Weather here in sunny London town is ridiculous!!! Scorchio and I am melting. Today my sister in law came to visit me, so shes the first person apart from my beloved to see the results. She said that if I hadnt told her she wouldnt have known. I am still happy with my result, and as I said prviously, I dont care if I get a bit smaller (but dont tell the fluff fairy I said that!). Melting in the garden, in the shade, as I dont want to sweat my dressings off. Its now 6pm and although its still hot, there is a lovely slight breeze, so Ive taken off my support bra and Im wearing a loose cotton t shirt, lovely!!! I also got a copy of the letter the surgeon sent to my doctor, after the initial examination. In the letter he says

'On examination there is tender fibroglandular tissue in the medial aspect of the right and left breasts, and there is a contour deformity in the left upper pole. There is also capsular contracture. There is folding of the left implant but no extracapsular rupture was seen.'

I am due back at the hospital this friday to have dressings changed, so will have more updates then, and will post photos of 1 week post op. I am so glad I made the decision to remove them, I can only think that in the future I would have had more and more problems and pain, until they were taken out. I feel free!!!

Day 8

Dressing removed, all good! X

Day 26...advice please

Still happy but I see that my right boob is bigger than the left, and fuller on top. I prefer the smaller one so hope right goes down a bit. No pain at all. Anyone else experience this and how long till they changed? Any replies welcome! X

Today is a good day!

I've realised that it really doesn't matter if my boobs aren't perfect. I am so glad I did this, and to me they are fab, even if one is slightly bigger, it's really not that noticeable. main thing is, they are all mine!! Such a great feeling. I'm already forgetting what it was like before explant. Anyone having doubts about explant, don't. Ask lots if questions and use this site as much as I did, it really helps. Xx

4 months on

Been a while since I posted. Still happy, still love my boobs! Can't remember what the implants looked like. Best thing I've done xxx
Nhs Guys and St Thomas

Guys Hospital London. So far brilliant, will update as time goes by. Post op....can't rate guys highly enough. Felt well looked after and safe in their hands.

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