Breast Augmentation with Silimed (Sientra) Teardrop Cohesive Gel 215cc - 9 Years Post. Want to Downsize. London, GB

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Implants are Silimed (Sientra) Teardrop Round...

Implants are Silimed (Sientra) Teardrop Round 215cc, submuscular (11.3cm diameter x 3.7cm projection) - My shape and size has barely changed since a few weeks after surgery, 9 years ago.
I am now 50 yrs old, fit and fairly sporty, and have always wanted a very natural look with just a little more fullness to my breasts, having lost this since having a child. I am only 5ft (1.50m). Since the very start of this, I have felt the implants were positioned too high, or due to my short stature were too big in height. (The width is fine). Before my surgery I was a 32A/AA! And with my own extensive research and using the rice in a bra technique at the time (9 years ago), I had assessed I needed round implants of 180cc. I was advised to have the tear drop cohesive gels in size 215cc under the muscle, and told this would give a natural look with less upper fullness. I ended up with too much upper fullness, (looks fake in low cut tops) with very little fullness below the nipple!
I wore my sports bra 24/7 for about 6 weeks with a strap around the top of my breasts 24/7 for the first 3 weeks after surgery. Since then, I have rarely worn a bra as I like the freedom, particularly as I spend a lot of time in a hot climate.
Since the surgery, I have never fitted standard bra’s very well because of my unnatural shape, so a 32C cup which I fit in terms of projection in the cup area, is too tight across the upper part of my breasts, and a D cup which fits the upper breast area, is then too big in the cup area. My breast are basically sausage shaped!
In my opinion, the tear drop implants are positioned too high and are not centred behind the nipple as they should be. Causing the nipples to point slightly downwards now. My nipples are also two thirds of the way down on the breast mound with very little fullness below the nipple. In fact this fullness below the nipple is my actual breast tissue and not the implant. The breasts start projecting very high up on my rib cage from above the level of my armpits, which looks unnatural.
Would a pocket revision be sufficient to allow the implants to drop? Or downsizing to an oval implant with less height than than the width? as I also feel I already have a bony fullness in the upper chest wall (upper pole area), so do not need more fullness there. I am happy with the current width.
Apart from these aesthetic problems, I have no other physical problems, no pain, breasts are still soft and natural feeling etc.

Silimed (Sientra) Textured Teardrop Unders with photos showing breast shape from 2 days post to 9 years

5.0' - 105 lb. Teardrop 215cc Silimed Textured Under Muscle. I waited for them to drop, but it never happened. All healed well without any problems, and so far still soft and natural feeling (within reason being high cohesive gels!). Having a small size implant the unbalanced shape (too little fullness under the nipple) was not too obvious as long as I wore the right clothing. But anything clingy would often emphasise the elongated shape. So finally after 9 years I plan to get something done. Hopefully just a pocket revision on the lower pole area...
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