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As young as I can remember I didn't develop like...

As young as I can remember I didn't develop like other girls. I hated swimming and looking like a boy in my costume. 3 children later my breasts didn't change much not even in pregnancy. I always wanted a natural look, I love fitted clothes and just wanted to feel like a woman, boobies for myself nobody else. Wanted to not feel subconscious taking my little ones swimming, spending a small fortune on bras and swimwear I failed to fit. I always wanted to be a full c cup, not toonly big or small. Didn't want my boobs or lack of them to define me! I didn't know going into this how many options there were in terms of profile, cc's, implants and so.forth. In the end I went for 285uhp overs...these were on trying on the implants that lookEd perfect to my frame/what I wanted and although had been told to go bigger if unsure I always knew I'd be way more upset going too big and looking like I had things stuck on me than the other way round. Now on the other side I can't believe I waited so long!!! I wasn't going to write a review only browse but since this site has helped me so much I'm deciding to share!

Boobie blues?? :(

I've heard all about the boobie blues...I think I have them!! Mine new boobies are looking very cone like, lots of projection not a lot of volume and no cleavage :( I picked 285uhp overs as they looked great in the bra/vest. I also thought as going over may make them appear bigger? I've read going under ladies should disallow 50cc? Hence why not going above 300 cc. I've heard a lot about dropping and fluffing...when does this happen and should I expect anything dramatic with a smaller implant? Would really love to hear from ladies who have gone smaller....feeling blue!! :(

Wishing I'd have gone bigger

I feel upset that I did not have more time to make up my mind re size. I feel as if the process was rushed and I've gone through all of this and am still unhappy. I'm all over the place at the min..I thought I would love them but I just don't. I was worried the other implants offered looked too big for my frame so went with the safer bet smaller. I'm not happy. I don't know if this is common. I see the too big/too small scenario on her e all the time. Am I the only one? Why am I still not happy? I feel as if I'm sinking into depression

Implant dreams!

So last night I had a dream that my implants of which was under the skin in my knee!! Haha. First light hearted post I've had this week. Feel like I'm on a roller coaster! Feeling a bit more positive about size. Went to try on some bras ranging c/d. Def not going to be a full d which is what I didn't want more a full c (which was exactly what I wanted). I think the whole process is playing with my mind right about now and seeing images as one of you lovely ladies mentioned of near perfect boobs straight out of surgery is just not the norm. I didn't buy anything on my trip. Just decided it was way too early and stick with my two post op bras and save for a good me treat/pick me up in the new year. 8 days post up I'm feeling better up top yet very achy on my lower half. I'm guessing this is an after effect of the op? Mobility is very slow and my bum and legs are lagging. Definitely a reminder to take it easy and to remember what my body has just been through.

Yesterday I had my first post op with the nurse. All doing welol. Incisions looking good. Have a bruise on one upper rib but otherwise I'm mark free. Bit of a bumpy rash from my bra. I feel the band is tight especially at night. The nurse stuffed in some extra thick paddEd dressings to help so I'm going to keep this up. Tip ladies....maternity pads will do the same!! Been told another 3 weeks of not washing the area or getting it wet..I think this is the worst part but better than getting an infection I suppose! My first proper bath/shower will be heaven so count down to that! Am trying to distract all my time by Christmas shopping! The distraction is definitely helping. Kids are off for half term....finding it hard as we usually get up to so much and we'very pretty not much left the house. Lone parenting/lack of emotional support has to be one of the worst aspects in all this yet those precious phone calls and messages from close friends are seeing me through. Looking forward to getting back to full health!

Finally a pic I'm proud to post! 10 days!

Finally seeing some hope. Appears my new boobies are dropping and looking a little softer! Getting more comfortable with them now. Still coney and swollen especially from the side but pretty pleased with the front view! Still wondering if I should have gone bigger. Have to thank all the wonderful ladies on here for your support. My gratitude to you all is in measurable! Xx

Pre op-12 days post op

Had a good look at my new breasts earlier (they are my secret and my children don't know)! Still pondering the 'should I have gone bigger' question and am honestly split 50/50 down the middle. Sadly I'm looking to trim down the rest of my bod to look more in proportion. I have a butt and thighs, am nearly 5'7'' I have long legs, my ribs are quite high however and sticky outy. Anyway, whilst I ponder/try to distract myself from anything but boobs whilst anxiously wait for that 'drop and fluff' I thought I'd share a pre op/today pic

More pics

2 week update

This in between stage is horrible...I thought I would be in love. I'm so impatient I want to see my final results! Didn't expect a roller coaster of emotion through this and it really is!
Dr Meleagros

Very direct but seems to know his stuff! Felt in good hands!

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