Very Itty Bitty 32AA Cup, Not Overly Thin (Size 8-10 Uk Size) with Hips and a Big Bum So Needing Some Proportion! London, GB

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So far I have had 2 consultations in London and...

So far I have had 2 consultations in London and have 2 more booked in with other clinics. Felt really overwhelmed with how to pick a clinic/ surgeon so thought I'd see a few. So far:

Hospital group: average consultation, very rushed by the surgeon. Offered me £500 off if I paid then and there which I found very unprofessional and don't think girls should be pushed like that! Have also read about their terrible aftercare so I doubt I would go with them.

MYA: from the moment I walked in it was 100x better than the hospital group. Only met with a patient coordinator who was lovely and knowledgeable and recommended a female surgeon who specialised in small natural implants who I meet with next week. Quoted me £4995 which is £1800 more than the hospital group but price is a small factor for me, would rather go somewhere I feel comfortable!

NU cosmetics - seeing today!

Surgicare - seeing next week - although I already have a feeling they will be similar to the hospital group as I think they are linked together.

I dislike my current breasts so much that I haven't gained the courage to post a photo yet! I will aim to soon however as I know it's helpful to be able to compare.

If anyone does have any advise or feedback on going through the procedure in London/ UK it would be very well received!

Thanks all! Love reading all the posts and experience, it makes the whole process a lot less daunting! Xx

Before photos

Ekkkk, can't believe I am even going to post these, they show JUST how flat I am.. Even when I'm wearing a my very padded AA bra they are tiny and in low cut tops my bra still gaps awfully. The worst part is that I'm not even very thin so they are completely out of proportion.

I struggled to find people just as flat as I was to start with so hopefully these will make others feel better and have something to compare with once I've gone through with it!

Size confused!

Had my consultation at NUcosmetics today and it went pretty well, I really liked the coordinator and the surgeon. I was measured up and tried on some sizings before I was told what ccs they were. I was very surprised to hear that they were 350cc - 390cc that seems far to big! I thought I would achieve the look I wanted with 275cc - 300cc.

I am worried that they will come out far bigger than what I want but maybe thats because the girls I'm comparing this to all seem to have tiny frames. I don't have a very small frame and as the patient coordinator put it I have "broad shoulders and a good booty". She took a few photos for me but they aren't great.

I have two more consultations to go so it will be good to get sized with other surgeons and see what they think!

MYA Surgical consultation

Today I met with the absolutely lovely Dr Linda Fiumara at MYA and it all went really well. For some reason I just get really good vibes even in the waiting room there and it feels so much more confortble than the other places I have been.

The consultation was a lot more thorough than the hospital group and NUcosmetics and we even stood in front of the mirror with my top off as she explained what would happen - I semi hated this because I hate looking at my current lack of breast but it all made so much more sense to me and she seemed to give more realistic expectations.

I tried on some sizers again and she suggested 300 cc or 325 cc which I felt a lot more comfortable with then the 390cc suggested at my last consultation.

I am thinking I am going to book with them, even though they are £1000 more expensive than the others, I feel so much more confident in them. Does anyone have any feedback on MYA?

The other clinic that I would be interested in is Transfrom but they have never contacted me even though I have tried a number of times.

I have another consultation booked this weekend with Surgicare but I'm confused about how closely they are linked to the hospital group... I really didn't like the approach the hospital group had and can't even be bothered going to the Surgicare consultation if it's going to be the same, does anyone know the different/ relation between the two?

I've booked it!

Soooo I have decided to go with MYA. I just feel very safe in their hands and they have been the only ones so far who haven't rushed anything, have answered my questions clearly and have been honest about what I should expect as a result, also the only ones that suggested around 300 cc marks, all the men I saw reached straight for the 400 cc which I think is far too big for what I want.

So the official day is 2nd of June! I am excited but I'm not going to lie, I'm also terrified! I still have moments when I wonder if I'm making a mistake and am scared of captual contraction, infections, being too big and fake looking, rippling or just simply hating them but I guess if it's been something very much on my mind for the last 8 years and bothers me every day it's a risk I have to take!

Freaking out

Sooo I thought I was all sure on sizes but the more I troll through the Internet seeing 325CC on other girls I start to think it's too big for what I want. It's so hard though, it can look so different on different girls! People keep warning me of boob greed but I really don't think I would have it (probably what they all say haha) because I literally have nothing to start with I feel like I would be happy with a B but ideally want a C. Ending up with a D or DD is my worst nightmare! I have done the ricer test and am happy with how that looks but I don't know how accurate that it. I went back and looked at my photos from my consultation where I have 325ccs in and I feel like they look huge from the side but fine from the front. Also I look disgusting and fat in the photo haha which is why they aren't uploaded here so I think that doesn't help, I'm worried that too big will make me look chubby.

I'm not overly small though, I am 5'7 ish and a size UK 8-10. Dresses I seriously struggle to fit because on the booty I am a 10/sometimes a 12 but up top I'm more like a 6/8 so I need these boobies to sort that out!

The 325ccs have already been ordered for me but I have asked to go back in and resize just in case, I feel like I am being really annoying!

Any advise? I'm sure most girls go through this but god it's stressful!

5 weeks to go!

Last week was a bad week. I became so unsure of my decision, scared that people will notice, scared that they will be too big and that everything will go wrong and just terrified in general. I lost sight of why I was putting myself through this and in my mind at the time, wasting so much money. BUT on the weekend I went shopping for a bikini as I'm going on holiday soon and it all came back to me, I was nearly in tears in the changing room while trying them on and it's definitely not the first time I've been like that. My friend who was with me has been supportive but I don't think she ever really got it until seeing me like that and me showing her what I actually looked like in a bikini. We then went and looked at clothes and I was reminded of all the things I can't wear and I got super excited about my decision again. It sounds dramatic saying I can't wear so many things because people think it's purely asthetic when I say that but I seriously don't fit most dressed and so many tops because I'm so small chested but not small everywhere else. Anyway, I wanted to write this down so that next time I am freaking out and regretting my choice I can remember how I felt then! Funnily enough for the first time in my life I ended up buying a completely unpadded bikini and I'm not even too bothered about rocking the flat chest as it's going to be the last time! (And actually first time as I haven't been in a bikini in public in about 10 years!) I nearly spent a fortune on a hugely padded bikini which didn't even look very good but then realised I'll never get any more use out of it so went for the cheapy which I'll also use for my comparison photos. I'm sure there are plenty of girls on here who have felt all the same things and it's a big help knowing that!

Getting closer and more nervous!

Just over 3 weeks until my surgery! I had my pre op appointment last week and I think that's when I started to panic... The next time I go to the clinic will be the day. The nurse was so lovely and explained everything I needed to know for after. I have to find some good surgical bras and sports bras for after and am nervous about finding ones I can easily hide under my clothes! She said size large or 36C/D which freaked me out! But obviously they will be swollen... She also explained that my surgeon has patients wear a breast strap afterwards which I was surprised about, I thought people only wore them if they weren't dropping fast enough after a few weeks but she said Linda (my surgeon) has girls wear them pretty much straight after, every day. How the heck am I meant to hide that at work? Has anyone else had this experience? I'm fine wearing it after work in the evenings hidden at home but will it be ok not to wear it at work for 8 hours a day?

I'm still stressing out about the size. I have my 325cc rice sizers which I quite often put on and try my clothes on with and I am totally happy with them but would not want them any bigger. I keep on wanting to email and change to a 300cc but don't want to be a pain for only 25cc... Soooo confused! A few times I have clicked on a post on here that is about explants or woman who wished they'd gone smaller and then my feed fills up with them, that's when I start to freak out! I have had so many moments lately when I wonder why on earth I'm doing this but I know that it's what I want when I look in the mirror, try on clothes and when I think back to the times it's semi ruined my sex life! I need to remember it is what I want or I wouldn't have gotten this deep into it.

I find myself obsessing over this site and not being able to focus on much else. I have a job interview (with my current employers) this week and I have to move flats the weekend before my surgery. I've also made the decision recently that I'm moving back home to New Zealand at the end of the year and now I'm worried I should have just waited until then. At the time I saw myself in London for the next few years when I booked this so it made sense to do it here but things have changed so now I'm freaking out even more that something will go wrong down the track and I won't have the post op care... So I'm feeling all overwhelmed and stressed and I can feel myself getting rundown from it which is the last thing I want! Does anyone have any tips for how they prepared for their big day both physically and mentally? I'm trying to eat as healthy as possible and exercise regularly but am feeling disgusting and bloated at the moment which I can only put down to stress.

Gosh, what a negative post! Hope everyone else is doing well and not overthinking everything like I most likely am! Xx

6 days to go!

Can't believe I only have 6 days to go! This time next week I will be recovery at home and hopefully not in too much pain! Last week was a hard week and I went through a whole lot of emotions and stress about my op but I'm feeling so much better now and am super excited. Still really nervous about how obvious it will be once I return to work but I guess I'll just have to deal with the judgment and questions at the time. I made sizers (one out of rice and one out of oats as I didn't have enough of either lol) and have tried on heaps of my tops with them and found quite a few that you can't really notice a difference in, I just don't know how accurate they will be. I've uploaded some photos of the sizers in a bralette to give an idea of how accurate they are for after. I think one is 300cc and one is 325cc as I was comparing the two - I am getting 325cc moderate profile. Sorry about the photo angles, no idea why the flipped themselves around!

Less than 48 hours... Whhaaaaaat?!

Can't believe in 48 hours it will be done! I have to be at the clinic at 7am on Thursday but I'm not sure when the actual procedure will happen, they say it could be up to 6 hours from your admission time. For some reason I'm sitting here watching botched! - a show about botched plastic surgery. Probably the worst possible thing to be watching haha just saw a revision surgery for a terrible breast augmentation and it was horrifying. I already know I'm going to be a nervous mess the day of the surgery, especially waiting around by myself but I did say I didn't want any of my friends there before hand, only after to pick me up so its my own fault. I had a wee practise of getting in and out of the bath without using my arms before lol what a fail! I could not for the life of me get out of the bath without the use of my arms, let alone if I'm also weak and sore.. Guess I'll just be smelly for a week or so. Tomorrow after work I'm going for a final shop to by supplies, I feel like I'm planning for a zombie apocalypse or something haha but better to have too much than not enough. Here's a little reminder photo post of why I'm getting this done!

Today is the day!

Can't believe it's today! I had such a lovely evening last night laughing with my friends about having t-Rex arms for the next week or so and it was just what I needed! I had zero stress last night and actually managed to get some sleep, last night of sleeping on my tummy!

This morning I did feel a little teary suddenly when I said goodbye to my friend but now I'm happily waiting in my room at the hospital in my sexy hospital get up. I have been checked by the nurse and everything is good and now I just wait.. No idea what time it'll happen. My friends are collecting me when I'm finished but I'm slightly worried about the timings, I don't want them waiting around too long and me not being able to response to them but I know they are actually fine with it, I just worry about there things!

I think I will get nervous as the day goes on but so far so good. Will probably cry just before hand but I'm sure they are use to emotional girls!

Will update when I can. Thanks again all for your support, definitely wouldn't be here doing this if I didn't have the reassurance from so many women in the same situation as me!

Markings and waiting

I have spoken with my surgeon, had the markings done and now I just wait! My surgeon might be putting 300cc in one and 325cc in the other as they are uneven. I had never even noticed this because whenever I looked at them I just saw flat so I never looked that close but now that she's pointed it out I see it! Ive left it up to her to decide during, I trust her judgment.

I'm done!

I have boobies! Heading in to the operating area was a bit of a mix of emotions but I didn't cry! Everyone was sooooo lovely and made lots of conversation and jokes whilst getting me ready which helped so much. The only part that was slightly stressful was the nurse trying to find a vain, apparently mine are very small. Got there in the end though and then I woke up in recovery! I will admit I was very worried when I woke up, in a lot of pain and felt like I couldn't breathe. I was shaking so bad and getting really anxious but they gave me some drugs, bought me down to my room again and it's just been getting better since then! My chest doesn't feel as heavy as I thought it would and my arms seem to be OK for now but the hardest part is my breathing but it's manageable. I'm sure tomorrow will be harder but right now I am feeling so good! I am really happy with the size so far even though it's hard to actually see how big they are. Here's the first pic!

First nights sleep and post op day 1

I am so pleasantly surprised at how easy this has been! Fingers crossed I'm not speaking to soon, I guess it has been less than 24 hours and could get worse. My beautiful friends came into my room at about 6pm while I was waiting to see my surgeon. It was sooo nice seeing them, they were really surprised how normal and happy I was and thought I might have still been high from the drugs haha. My surgeon came and helped put my sports bra on and told me to stop moving and using my arms haha it was hard not to because they weren't sore at all! We went back to my flat and the girls cooked dinner and we had a wonderful evening. I ate a massive bowl of pasta and a boob themed cake cup they bought me and had no nausea at all. The hardest part was when they had me in fits of laughter, that was painful haha. I took my first lot of pain killers just before bed, I didn't feel like I even needed them but thought it was a good idea to get a good nights sleep. I slept ok but sleeping on my back is never going to be the best. It was much harder getting myself out of bed this morning and a lot sorer using my arms but I popped some pills and was good again. I've had breakfast as normal and now lazing around the house feeling so bored! I have been using my arms a bit, like making cups of coffee, getting glasses of water and opening doors etc I'm hoping this is ok as its not too painful, if I'm not allowed to do that then what am I allowed to do! All in all feeling fantastic though! Will post some more photos once I have some updates :)

Post op days 2 and 3

Still feeling pretty good and the pain is not half as bad as I expected but there have been a few harder moments. My breathing sometimes gets sore and it's painful to talk if I haven't had my pain meds in a few hours. I have dropped it down to 1 pain killer and 1 muscle relaxer about every 5 hours and it just helps to be able to move around and do a few things. This might be a little too much information for some people haha but I read about how most people experience constipation from the meds, I really didn't think I would because I'm very... regular usually and I've been eating as normal. Unfortunately I am soooo bloated, I could pass as being 5 months pregnant although I don't feel like I need to go. I find it really hard to get up first thing in the morning or if I'm lying on the couch too long, I'm like a turtle fallen on its back haha it's kind of tragic. Once I'm up and moving I'm all good and managed the have a shower (waist down of course) and cleaned up the house a little. I kind of worry I'm doing too much when I'm feeling fine but I'm not lifting anything heavy and it's not hurting so I feel like it should be fine. I even managed to put my hair up by myself! Miracles happen.

In terms of what my actual boobs look like it's still a bit of a mystery to me! Because I've had the breast band on since I woke up and the big bandages over the incisions it's hard to see how big they are but I think I'm pretty happy with them. I think it will be a look of side boob more so than cleavage which is fine, I had no cleavage to start with and my surgeon made it clear you can't just create it.

Oh nipples! Soo my right one never lost feeling and my left one was numb for day 1 but is already slowly coming back to life. I was worried I would experience hard nipples all the time but so far so good, fingers crossed it won't come later!

I will do a post op day 4 and add some pictures :)

Post op day four - boob greed so soon?!

I'm experiencing two things that I absolutely promised myself I would not let happen... Impatience/ freaking out about how they look and boob greed... I took off the sports bra to have a peek. They look weird and pointy and not like boobs. I just can't imagine how they will soften up and look like how imagined/ wished they would. Most people's sit really high and have the breast band to help push them down but I don't have them sitting high at all but am still wearing the band, apparently to stop them moving up. I was terrified that they would be sitting really high and that that they aren't I'm disappointed haha I guess I'm just wondering why they aren't like everybody else's. They don't have much roundness or definition at the top but I guess they are swollen so that would be covering it? I've struggled to find people post op that look like mine do, all weird and pointy and small... I did find one and apparently the doctor said because she had never had kids or stretched the skin it will look tighter at first. I have found a lot of woman as flat as me who got the same size as me who look great a few days post op but often had had children so their skin had previously stretched... I hope this is true anyway! I'm attaching photos here so hopefully someone can tell me it's normal and they will look good one day haha. My sports bra is quite padded so they look big in it - bigger than I would have wanted but yesterday I tried on my other surgical bra which is also a 36C and it was far too big. I guess I'm not actually a 36, more a 32 or 34 so I should expect to fit it. I know I'm being stupid as my biggest fear was coming out bigger than I wanted. I just hope they don't stay pointy and are movable so I can push them together a bit. I suppose I just have to wait for the magical "dropping and fluffing" fairy to come, please tell me she will! I am feeling really good still though. I'm thinking I might try stop the pain meds today as its all very manageable. It's such a beautiful day in London, I've been in the sun working on my tan all morning! Probably not the best idea getting all sweaty in my sports bra and not being able to have a proper shower haha but I just can't let this sunshine go to waste!

1 week post op appointment!

A week today since surgery! The time has gone so fast yet some of the days sitting at home have gone soooooo sloooow. Strangely looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. I started venturing out of the house on walks and to the shops from post of day 3 and it was fine but I do find I have to walk quite slowly because I'm very aware of my chest. I've stopped pain killers but have a few saved for tomorrow at work, just in case. The main pain I have been getting is at night and randomly when I lie down, my left incision burns. My left boob is also the one that's nipple went numb and I get weird little vibrations in it as it comes back to life. The nurse took off the bandages and I had a look at my incisions, they are a lot smaller than o thought which is great! She covered them back up so I can't put a picture up yet. She said everything is looking great and gave me the all clear to have a full shower, yaaaaay! I feel much better about the shape and size now, I might just put my last post down to the boobie Blues though I wasn't that down about it. I have to wear this hideous breast band for 3 more weeks! Its a little uncomfortable but the main issue with it is finding clothes that will hide it. It's the arm holes that always give it away but I managed to find some outfits that work. I got stuck in so many tops in the changing rooms and almost thought I'd have to ask someone for help getting them off haha that would have been embarrassing! Nothing much else to report. Im adding some more photos here. I can't quite tell what has changed with them as my attention to detail is hopeless haha but I do think they are looking a bit better then the last photos. I'm also a terrible boob photographer it turns out haha they never look very good! I feel like in all the photos one looks bigger than the other but I don't notice it in the mirror.

Back to work! Post op day 8

I feel like I choose the perfect amount of time to have off work, I think any earlier and I would have been slightly pushing it but was so ready yesterday and it was absolutely fine! The only pain I had was when one of my darling work mates come up from behind while I was sitting and gave me a massive cuddle haha he's a very good friend of mine but I hadn't told him, it didn't hurt too much but I was definitely concious of it. I also had a slight drama, my other work mate (another friend) asked me to help her in our storage room when a whole heap of boxes had fallen over. I said I couldn't help pick them up sorry and then after a long list of guessing (are you pregnant? Oh my god are you sick?) I told her and she loved it haha I knew she wouldn't be against it or anything, I just know that she is a big loud mouth (as much as I love her) and wouldn't keep it to herself. Now that I feel 100% happy with the decision I don't really care who knows but I would of hated to have lots of people judging and asking questions while I was doubting myself. I then had to tell my huggy friend as they are good friends and he also loved it, wants a good look once they are healed haha and I inspired him to starts seriously saving to get his teeth done as he has always wanted too. Don't know that I want to go inspiring everyone to have plastic surgery haha but life's to short to stick with something you're not happy with right! I had another look at my incisions last night before taping to up and I am so surprised, they are so much smaller than expected! I also expected them to be really sore and sensitive but they are already kind of hard and look like they are healing. It was too dark to take photos but I promise to add some of them soon! I'm only allowed full showers every 3 days and then have to keep them dried and covered the rest of the time. As you can see in my photos I have stretch marks on my boobs. I expected this as I am unfortunately prone to them but I can't work out if they are just the ones I already had which are now a bit more noticeable. Side note - in what unfair kind of world did my not even AA cup boobs get stretch marks! When I was 20 I did turn into a bit of a porker and then lost the weight and have been up and down by about 5kgs ever since (story of every girls lives!) but my boobs never grew enough to warrant an extra cup size let alone stretch marks haha life is unfair. Annnnnnyway, my lovely nurse said that she also got stretch marks but she got rid of them by exfoliating them away! I didn't quite believe this because I thought I'd done all the research in the world to get rid of the ones covering my hips and thighs but surely enough it is an actual thing - googled it! By exfoliating you break down the skin and allow the product (bio oil in my case) to get to the actual damaged skin - science! So I have started doing this and hopefully will have some good results to share. Wasn't planning on uploading a photo but I feel like they are definitely starting to drop and get rounder so here's a sneaky one.

Incisions - post up day 12

Things are pretty much just the same as my last update but I thought I'd post some incision photos.

I've been back at work for 3 days now and it's all been pretty good. I do get sore during the day but I think it's more the pressure from my stupid breast band more than anything else, I can not wait to burn that thing! I even have a count down going on my calendar haha 18 days to go! I asked my nurse if I was allowed to take little breaks from it and she said a very stern no, I was to wear it 24/7 except when showering... I do however take it off for maybe up to an hour some afternoons when I get home and also had to wash it the other day so had it off for a few... Am I bad? Haha I doubt that it's going to hurt them and I already think they have dropped heaps so I'm not in a massive rush for them to drop now. My left nipple is becoming a bit sensitive at times but no major nipple erection which is good! My right hurts sometimes when I use my arm but I guess it's because it's the more dominant arm. The only thing at work I have struggled with is hole punching, have to do about 10 pages max at a time haha I'm so weak!

Here are my incision photos. Still a bit bruised and haven't been about to clean the markings off because I am nervous cleaning them too much. I'm pretty happy with them, they are smaller than I expected, I think the photos actually make them look bigger and darker than they actually are.
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