37 Years Old, 3 Kids, 5"6', Currently 32b. Having 390cc Moderate Profile Nagor Implants in London

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Let me start by saying how amazing this site is,...

Let me start by saying how amazing this site is, however I had already booked my surgery before finding it!!
I'm having my surgery through My Breast who are based in London although I'm from the midlands. They prefer to use moderate profile implants and the biggest my ps would go was 390cc. He says I'm too small to go bigger and he's probably right. I tried 350 rice sizers and was happy with them so decided 390 based on them going under the muscle.
My surgery is in 6 days!!!!!
I took the next available surgery date as i just need it done as soon as possible otherwise I would have too long to think about it and get stressed out lol
I have wanted this done for about 8 years now but there never seemed to be a good time but I had the cash so I just went for it
Will try and upload some before pics soon

Before photo

2 Days to go

Feeling excited and nervous, not scared of surgery at all, I just have this huge fear of spending all this money and being disappointed at the end of it. What if I don't like them, what if they're too small. I just asked for a bigger version of what I already have and hope my ps can deliver.

Post op photo

Had surgery this morning, went really well. No pain(yet). Will write a better review tomorrow

1 day post op picture

Late review

Okay, better late than never..

I'm 2 days post op now and still no pain at all!!
Surgery day started off pretty bad with me arriving 30 mins late at the hospital due to awful traffic but did let them know and they said not to worry.
Had my pre op checks done and by 8am my surgeon was marking me up, wasn't stressed at all and I think this was due to being late and just being relieved to still get my op.
I told my surgeon in a joking way that my nipples were to remain facing forward and to make sure he didn't leave me with a huge gap between them both, my husband told me to shut up and not tell him how to do his job, he said you won't have a big gap because there wasn't one to begin with, that is the only time I saw my surgeon ( I was the only one on the list)
So I went down to theatre at around 8.20 and got taken to a small room where the anaesthetist was waiting, they did there but in there and I was away with the fairies before they must have taken me to the theatre.

Woke up afterwards and fell straight back to sleep, they decided to wake me up themselves saying wakey wakey, I was quite happy asleep!
They said I looked pale and I felt cold so they heated me up a bit, I then started to shake uncontrollably all over making my whole body and chest tense which was not pleasant so they gave me an oxygen mask and within 45 mins I was ok.
Took me back to my room and checked me every half hour but by 3pm my blood pressure had dropped and I thought I was going to pass out, 2 hours later having had water, apple juice and a can of coke I was fine and on my way home.
Getting comfortable in my own bed was awful and I wished I had stayed the night in hospital however I didn't want to spend an extra £300!
All in all a pretty straightforward procedure apart from sleeping(I do love my sleep). Once you lay back you can't push yourself back up so you're stuck there till someone comes to your rescue which is hubby in my case, or good old mum!

Time goes slow

The days seem to be dragging and I'm dying to see a dramatic change, they're not quite as squashed anymore but I can't wish the weeks away fast enough.
Woke up this morning feeling some discomfort but the worse thing is the bloating and constipation, I have gained 10lbs this week and look 6 months pregnant. Hating not being able to clean my house and to top things off the washing machine has broke. Think I might have to get myself out the house soon, even if it's just a walk round the shops, saying that though it's a little chilly!!


So swelling is starting to subside in my left breast and it is tiny compared to the right. Incisions hurt but that's my only discomfort. Going to try and have a nice bath at my friends house as we only have a shower.

Feeling better

Having a more positive attitude today and actually liking my boobs today, even with the size difference. You can't really notice it on photos. Pain is still bad, especially when walking so just resting as much as possible. Off to see my gp tomorrow to get my dressings changed, can't wait to see my incisions are ok, they hurt so much I keep thinking there's something wrong

Wish pic

I know you this is a wish pic for a lot of ladies on here but I absolutely love these


Feeling more normal

Really feel I'm on the road to recovery now, the pain has gone and I can move my arms so much easier. Really took it easy this week and I think it's paid off. Had a little drive in my car and it wasn't too bad. I had to go to the hairdresser and get them to wash my hair as there was no way I could do it, I feel human again! Will post some pics of the boobies tonight although I don't think they've changed much at all!

More pictures

2 week photo

Not really changed much, still very high and look odd from the side. Hope they start dropping soon.

Tape is off!!

Had my follow up appointment yesterday and all is looking good apparently. Asked about the swelling and ps says it takes 3 months for everything to settle so will just have to play the waiting game. Saw my incisions for the first time and they look pretty good! Back in 4 weeks time!

3 weeks!

Took some 3 week pictures and noticed righty is looking even bigger! My boobs look like long distance cousins, not twins!
They are textured so stressing even more thinking they won't drop like smooth
Anyone else had this much of a difference and ended up looking normal???

Nearly 6 weeks

Well they really have changed so much! They look quite big all of a sudden and I feel like Dolly Parton!
Size difference is still there but will have to give it time. Still get a bit of morning boob but other than that they feel fine. Bought a non wired bra from next, its comfy but doesn't sit flat, it's a 34dd.
I do feel fully recovered, go to see my surgeon next Wednesday and hopefully he will say they just need time. Don't know about anyone else but I am looking at my boobs about 100 times a day to evaluate, I know I have to be patient but it's so much easier said than done, the mental side of it has been so much harder than the physical and sometimes I want to slap myself in the face lol.

10 weeks

Been a while but thought I would put some new photos on. Feel completely healed and although one is still slightly smaller I'm very happy with them. Got measured and they're a 32F! Was quite shocked as I asked for DD, they would have been a lot smaller so goes to show cc's mean nothing. Still get boob greed from time to time but for now I'm just going to enjoy them, seen so many go wrong that I'm very grateful I've have no complications.
Dr Bran Sivakumar

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