34 A/B to a D Cup 400cc Mentor UHP Unders 21 years old / no kids - London, GB

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I'm a 21 year old working professional and very...

I'm a 21 year old working professional and very fortunate to now be able to afford the surgery. I have so had a boy chest and have wanted a boob job since I was a small teen! It will be a massive confident boost I hope you guys find my review informative and inspiring! I'm choosing to go to a D size cup as I want my to make sure I get my money worth I think if I went for a C it would feel quite small as o have a broad top frame. I'm really excited. Everyone is asking if I'm scared about the procedure but I feel okay. My boyfriend isn't as involved as I thought he would inniatly be as feels as though I do not need to go through with it. This annoyed to begin with but now he says he wants me to be happy. So watch this space on that subject. As I have this profile on my lunch break I cannot upload any pictures I will do this later on though! I'm really excited about sharing this experience with you guys! Hey in touch

Finally took a picture before work!

So this is me now. I looked backed at the picture and for a second I was like hmmm I am not as flat chested as I thought. I'm really interested to see what they will look like after the OP. I have approximately 60 days to go. My health check is on Monday at 6pm and my pre op is on the 16th of September. As I smoke occasionally I've been told not to for a month prior! Which is okay I guess! Is anyone else having problems downloading a picture from iPhone! I will try again later guys!!!

Fingers crossed this up loads!!!!

Before picture 32/A and B

Pre op assessment tomorrow!

I'm really excited! I got my itinerary now for the next 3 months! I have no idea what tomorrow will entail haha. I've been out this weekend drinking so I hope this won't affect anything! I'm hoping to go for this look!


Went for my pre op assessment yesterday evening was great! Took before photos and went through my medical history. She went in to detail about procedure and how I was not along to smoke 8 weeks prior to surgery which commences next Tuesday and I have to not drink 2 weeks before!! I mean I guess this will help me to stop smoking ???????? which will be good. It feels so surreal! Just have to wait now for the 16th September for my surgeon consultation! Choosing the implants eft. I'm really impressed so far with the cosmetic surgery company I'm going through! Watch this space d

QUESTION: How long do you have to wait to have sex after the operation

Very curious! I'm sure my other half won't be able to wait too long hahah

2 weeks till I see my surgeon and choose a definitive size!

I'm so excited only 42 days to go time is flying by! I find myself looking at dresses that I could never wear and now I can! It feels like I'm in a day dream! I check real self every day to read people's reviews! When it gets closer to the time i will take loads more photos especially after operation!!!!

Surgeon appointment tomorrow!

Super excited to see my doctor tomorrow. I will choose the SIZE and that will be my final decision . We will discuss whether it will be sub muscular or not I'm sure it will be. I will be able to play around with sizers and he will discuss the whole process in further detail! I keep looking at my body and trying to imagine how it will look with boobs! I do think I will miss my small b cups but I know that these new boobs will make me feel super confident. Took some photos this morning before work.

Wish boobs

Final PS Appointment before surgery - I chose my implants!!!

So was very exciting yesterday. My PS is such a silver fox haha. Anyway it went exceedingly well. We discuss everything. I tried on the sizers I started off with 250cc I mean I wanted to achieve a full D I surprisingly ended up with getting 400cc it didn't seem massive when I had the implants in I liked the way they looked and felt. They honestly didn't look like d's hence why I got the 400cc. Yesterday was the first time I've been measured. I'm actually a 34a this whole time I thought I was a B I mean I wore a b cup bra. I have gone for sub muscular and round implants. There super soft ones as well they feel very real for what it's worth. They told me the sports bra I would need to buy would be a 34 E :0!!!! But that's due to swelling though. So yeah I reckon I will definitely achieve the full d cup. I'm so excited less then a month now. Watch this space...

23 days and counting - I bought a pug!

Only 23 days to go. Feels like forever now I love logging on and checking out the people I follow - seeing there progress and now great they all look. I hope mine look beaut. In other news I bought a pug called Lola we will be spending 2 weeks together after my op haha. She is perfect and also extremely £££ but worth every penny! Watch this space

20 days !! So this time in 3 weeks I will have boobs!!!

So excited! feels like it is taking ages now though. Doing my daily routine of bath and check out real self. I've seen so many amazing reviews recently. I've been searching for people who have or are having 400cc ultra high ones to see what there's are like! I feel like I need to buy loads of stuff for recovery does anyone have any recommendations! Also I'm only booked off for a week. Will I struggle at work??? I mean my job is mostly desk based and meeting based so nothing to strenuous. Also thinking about how big they will be when there first done! I have so many tight fitting 8-10 work dresses that I always wear! I feel like I might need to invest in new clothes!! But yeah :)

9 days!!!!!

I'm quite worried :( so last night I had 3 cigs!!!! I've hardly smoked in the past few weeks. I really hope this doesn't affect my surgery! Last night was the last time I will have a drink now till long after surgery! Feel so bad for smoking!!! Someone said last night that that there friends heart stopped twice during surgery so now I'm even more freaked out. Apart from that though I am getting excited it doesn't feel like it's basically next week :) eeeeee

Admission time 7:30 am - 1 week to go

Just had my confirmation come through with admission time. It's all getting very real now. I feel like I'm going to be so tired was wishing for a late afternoon admission so I could sleep throughout the night. My boyfriend has booked a week off work to look after me bless him! This time next week I will be super nervous I'm not really sure how I feel haha! Excited that's for sure. Does anyone have any recommendations for me to buy pre operation? Thanks xx

Freaking out!!! 2 days to go

So excited! Doesn't feel real this past 2 months have gone so quick. Seriously looking forward to it. I have taken photos of me in my sports bra for befores so let's see how they look after Tuesday!


So this will now be my last post before my operation. This boob journey has been interesting. I really do think this website is brilliant. I mean I've spent numerous hours of an evening scrolling through and researching specific things on here speaking to like minded people and more importantly girls that are in the same boat as me. I often feel that we are quite isolated when making the decision to go through breast augmentation because we do not have people to help us or answer our question around us or photos of what things may look like or advice even. I really appreciate everyone that's commented on my posts thanks! I hope you have liked my review now is the grand finale!!! So I hope it lives up to what it's supposed to be haha. Some of you girls have been great nigh time reads!!! And seeing your updates have been great! Anyway I need to stop blabbering on. I actually feel slightly emotional this so corny but it's just this is the last time I will see my real boobs - bizarre I know but it's weird to think they will never be the same again! But yeah my admission time tomorrow is 7:30 am - wish me luck xxxxx

It's done!

Can't believe it. Sorry guys I've been out of it literally so many meds haven't taken photos yet or even looked in the Mirror. They look good though from what I can see. This is the best thing I've ever done. Just thought I'd let you know I'm okay and yes this has been extremely painful!

Seriously guys!

This experience is so intense. I finally got to take a peak at my boobs because I was in so much pain yesterday I couldn't lift my arms up they looks great everything is massively swollen including my small nipples ????????????!!! Every time I need to go to the toilet I have to call the nurse because sitting up is just not physically possible at the moment. My boyfriend has been absolutely amazing he was here with me all yesterday and did everything for me. He fell asleep in th arm chair next to me was so cute. Looking forward to going home today. The surgeon has popped in multiple times and seems happy with his work. He explained because I'm a young i have tight skin hence problems breathing and stretching my arms. I think my implants are quite big actually. Waiting now for a nurse to come in and put a bandage on the scar then put me in my sports bra. I really hate feeling like I'm useless because I can't do anything for myself. I will post photos in a bit when my boyfriend gets here. Sorry for all the moans :) here though is a pictured my breakfast that was given to be at 7 am I can't even extend my arms to eat it!!!!

THESE pictures don't do justice haha

But I thought I'd take some - I'm too scared to un do the sports bra as it took some effort to put it on as its a bit small I got a 34DD the nurse said I needed to get a E! I have had loads of meds and had some waffles and beans haha how British I am feeling better now I know it's only day 2!!! I'm very bloated also so excuse the belly!!!!

This is another picture!

Afters on the left before on the right!!!!

DAY 3 seriously guys - has anyone experienced excessive only skin!

My face is constantly oily! It's driving me insane. I wiped it it's oily again! I'm waiting to wake up one and feel okay again. This morning at six my boyfriend had to pick me up and feed me meds and water because I was un able to do anything by myself within 15 minutes I passed out due to meds thankfully! I knew this process would be painful but I can't get over how bad it is. I just can't wait to start feeling normal again. I kind of hate this. The only thing that makes me feel okay is when I look down and see them. Feeling so tight and sore l!

Day 4!! Feel so much better

Still sleepy still on meds still have pains!!!! But I do feel so much better - also I took off my sports bra and I love them!!!!!!! They are like my perfect size so right now I'm feeling happy ????????

It's 4:46 am Day 5 - I can't sleep

I wake up on average 3-5 times a night tonight so far it's been 3. Just generally boob cramp tbh in my right boob the left one seems to be fine! I have extremely realistic dreams at the moment maybe it's down to the meds. This whole experience has been very overwhelming. I guess th excitement of having boobs actually blocked out the realisms. I honesty read so many reviews but I never actually took into account the healing process for me. But I guess it's all part and parcel. No pain no gain. I'm glad it's now day 5 because the only way to feel now is up. I've had moments of regret because how I feel emotional but I can now say after spending a good 20 minutes staring at myself in the bathroom that I made the correct decision! It was the worth the pain I promise!!!! I mean nothing prepares you for the pain/ greasy hair/ oily skin / bloating / restless nights / acne / constipation / morning boob!!!! But for me I just need to push on through and all of these things will subside! I cannot wait to get my nails done and my hair and general beauty stuff done I think that's when I will feel normal again haha! Anyway enough late night thoughts from me x

Day 6

I feel so much better even managed to kind of sleep semi laid down!!!! Which was great still struggle getting out of bed but that's okay. I now walk at a normal pace. Rang my doctors to find out whether I could have a shower or not I still have my large plasters on!!!! Absolutely desperate my hair is so bad it's so dandruffy not nice!!!! But yeah overall I'm okay. Here is an update pic

Day 7

I'm feeling almost normal! The only pain I really get is morning boob which is horrible. The past 2 nights I've slept bra less for comfort had real problems sleeping I wake up 2-5 times every night! I go back to work Thursday I think so that will be fun! I'm starting to love my new boobs :)!!!! Going to attempt having a shower today and wash my hair doctor said it was fine as long as I cover my boobs with cling film! Won't that be a sight for sore eyes haha! Here is a picture I just took x

Another before and after lol

My boobs before were horrid!!!!


I had a shower and the plasters came off!!!! I tried wrapping myself in cling film but it didn't work. Hopefully the nurse doesn't moan at me tomorrow! These scars are fresh one of them looks really big but it's just blood. They used surgical glue to close the scars.


I think I may go out for the first time in ages. My scars are so sore which worries me but apart from that I'm normal now. I can sleep lying down and last night I managed to sleep on my side! I can't wait to buy and wear actual bras so excited!

3 weeks

Wow sorry been getting on with life! The pain is next to non - however I get pins and needles in my left boob! I sleep fine now which is great and I went out on Chelsea this weekend and finally got dressed up and I had great side boob!

Today is the first day

That I can really appreciate my boobs!! I woke up this morning with no pain nothing and I looked in the mirror and was like oh my gosh they look so good everyone I have shown has said how natural they look and how in proportion to my frame they are which is great! Every now and again I look at them and wish they were about bigger!! But who doesn't - morning boob is a thing of the past! Thinking back to when k had surgery actually makes me shudder most definitely the worst pain in my life. So happy that's over. Anyway to all you girls about to begin the journey - relax and know the pain won't last for ever! The outcome is great I do genuinely feel so much more confident - 2 more weeks before I can wear actual bras wooooop!!!!!

It will be a month on Tuesday!

Time has flown by but I'm so happy with my results literally over the moon :) I went out with my sister for her boyfriends birthday last night and let me tell ya she is naturally big boobed and I used to look at her bras and think oh my god there huge she has one bra in particular that I love and because I was over there I tried it on and it fit perfectly it had like no padding!!! Here is a picture :) F x

6 weeks all clear :D

I love them so much

It will be 2 months soon!

Time has flown by literally....

Everything is positive.

Just bio oil every day :)

3 months!

I literally love them they have got a bit bigger and there so soft they feel so natural!

7 months on

Nearly a year on from my first appointment!!

I absolutely love them! I'm living abroad now which means I'm in bikinis constant so it's perfect.

1 year 8 months on

So it's been 1 year and 8 months it's safe to say that my boobs was the best thing I've ever done. I would recommend anyone out there who wants to do it, to go for it. My body confidence has increased massively and I feel so much sexier! I feel anyone has any questions please feel free to ask! My scars are non existent and they have really fluffed out I'd say there a little smaller I'm still 34DD.
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