27 Yo, Tall, was 32/34 A, got 275cc & 325cc mentor moderate plus round textured breast implants, sub-muscular. - London, GB

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Hi Ladies! Firstly I have been following your...

Hi Ladies! Firstly I have been following your stories for many months, ever since I had my first consultation in March 2015. Real self is such an amazing support network, and it has been so inspiring and encouraging reading all about your journeys, so now that I am day one of recovery and have time on my hands, here is my story!

I am 5ft8, slim-ish but broad 27 year old. I have wished for breasts ever since a young teenager. I finally decided to do something about it at the beginning of this year because a) I am lucky to be in a long term relationship with my amazing boyfriend who loves me exactly the way I am but also was so supportive and understanding of my desire to fill a bra, b) I got the exact same support and understanding from my mum who's opinion means a lot to me, and c) I could afford it, so I just thought what am I waiting for!

I had my surgery yesterday (6th August 2015) at 10am in London. I got Mentor moderate plus silicone round textured implants, sub musclular split (top half under the muscle, bottom half over). My natural breasts, albeit tiny (!) were a bit uneven (not that I'd ever really noticed until my surgeon did), so in an attempt to even them out I got 275cc in the left larger breast, and 325cc in the right. My size goal was to replace the significant padding in my bras with real boob. So I'm hoping that under clothes there won't really be a noticeable difference between my old sillouette (with padding) and my new one (without!). Having read through many other stories prior to my surgeon consultation, I thought 275cc would be the absolute max size I wanted, but my surgeon recommended the slightly larger sizes due to my broad shoulders and rib cage, and he said that the smaller sizes would actually look more unnatural as they wouldn't fit to my existing breast width and my frame.

So the surgery all went fine, no horrid side-effects from the anaesthetic (thank goodness - although I did get the itchy face thing, what on earth is that all about!?) and was able to eat drink and wee unaided for the afternoon. Discharged at 4pm and plonked on the cushioned throne that has become our sofa for the rest of the evening.

So, the pain. I feel like I've been hit by a bus in the chest. It's not pain as such, but an overall tightness, soreness and uncomfort. I've woken up this morning and I'm really quite swollen - the sports bra they put me in after surgery is bulging, even round the sides as well which slightly concerns me. I've got a band on too, round the top to help push my boobs down. I really want to take it all off to get a look at my new chest but am worried it'll scare me to see how swollen they are and if they're really bruised, plus I think getting the bra and band back on by myself will be painful. So I'll leave it for now and maybe think about doing it tonight once I have an extra helping pair of hands if the tightness has eased.

I've put some pre-op photos of my boobs up but I will add post-op ones once I can get to them....! Hope those of you also in recovery are all ok, reading other reviews gives me hope that I will be feeling a lot more mobile tomorrow, but I will just have to take each day as it comes.

Lots of new boob love!

Pre-op pics

32/34 A

Day 1 post op - first peek at my new boobs!

First peek at my new boobs! As suspected, some notable bruising along the sides of both breasts, but I guess that having always had a flat chest with no little extra skin means that whatever was there has had to stretch a long way now. My breasts themselves feel bulging and swollen, like a fit-to-burst balloon. I know I need to be patient and give them time to soften, and the skin to stretch and recover. Hoping my mobility improves too...!

Size wise, it's tricky to tell so early on, but overall I'm happy. As per my first post I wanted to replace the padding of my bras, not suddenly become a big busted girl overnight. What I've got now is significantly more than I've ever had, but doesn't feel completely alien either.

I'm just going to be counting down the weeks/months until I finally get to go buy some beautiful non-padded bras!

Day 4 post op update

Day 4 post op update. Right breast (left looking at the photo) has improved with the swelling down the side and around the nipple subsiding, although bruising underneath and around incision has come up more. Left breast still very swollen around nipple and down the sides following the path of my bra, but bruising around incision is much less prominent. Still very tight overall, but I am very relieved to finally see some let up in the swelling, even if it is only on one side. Mobility constantly improving, could wash my hair over the bath this morning, and brush and dry it, which felt like a milestone! About to embark on a gentle walk, hoping it will help shift the fluid build up which has crept into my neck, all over my sternum and into my abdomen, and the swelling. Pics attached!

One week post op - they're growing!! And sharp nipple pains!?

Made my first milestone of 1 week post op. Hoped I'd be more active by now! I definitely think my boobs are bigger today than they were day 2/3 post op. They look more rounded and prominent from all angles, but I'm really liking the shape and size. I have to admit the swelling has gone down further, but bruising is still very colourful. Did anyone get weird shooting pains into their nipple post op? I seem to get it the most when I'm leaning forward, and mostly just in one breast, not both. I can't wait to get back to normal, still feeling super delicate!

Day 8 post op

Looking larger and rounder. But still bruised!!

Two weeks post op

Couple of pics to show the reduction in bruising (at last). Really happy with the size of them. They are still very swollen especially across the top, and very tight, but they are also so much more comfortable. I'm fine doing most normal things now, and can just about sleep on my side again too. Overall very happy and just looking forward to dropping and fluffing!
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