26yrs Old, 1 Miscarriage at 5 Months, Left Deflated and Unhappy. - London, GB

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Hey guys! I'm finally able to upload this as I've...

Hey guys! I'm finally able to upload this as I've now told my Mum about my BA. My goal is just to fill out what I have but lack of volume due to my late miscarriage. A lot of women think if they don't breastfeed their boobs won't change WRONG. It will be emotional and I'll be blogging my journey. Xx

Mr George Samouris, Dolan Park and The Hospital Group

Hello Ladies!

My first consultation was with Mr Miles Berry at Aurora clinics and although it went well I was advised by a friend that has also had the procedure to see a few surgeons and then make a decision.

Mr Berry was very detailed and realistic, he took his time explaining the pros and cons and listened to my ideal outcome. He said the 270cc implants should be enough to fill me out and take me to a D cup as anything else would look "too big" in the midst of the consultation he even tried to put me off with the realities of scars and anaesthetic, little did he know that neither of those things bother me being a healthcare worker, I later explained and
I left feeling accomplished having finally taken the first steps to doing what I want to.

A few weeks later I then went for a consultation with Dr George Samouris at The Hospital Group. After asking me what my aim was Mr Samouris examined me then advised I do a breast lift as a result of lactating. I was shocked to say the least and It upset me as the previous surgeon hadn't suggested that. I was caught in a predicament. He explained that if I don't do a breast lift my implants are likely to drop quicker however if I do the "lift" the incisions would be different and it would stop me being able to breast feed in the future which is something that I definitely plan on doing. It was too much information for me to take in at the time but when I went home I decided that I'm not going to make a decision that will have a negative impact on my unborn children. I've decided to just to the implants for now and the lift in 10 years or so when hopefully I would've had all my children by then.

My Surgery will be early July with Mr Samouris. I currently wear a 34C and he's recommended 410, 440 or 475cc "Motiva corse" to fill me out. I'm 5'6 and weigh 65kg which is 143 pounds.
He's been amazing so far and so has his patient care coordinator, I've been emailing her every day and she's never rude or annoyed (or she doesn't show it if she is)
She explained that it will quieten down now up until a few weeks leading up to surgery and then it will be all go from there. Can anybody recommend any tips or tricks? Best post surgery bras? Best creams? Etc?

I wrote a post on my blog called " so ..am I mum or not?" I'm really thankful for the love and support I got from the post but the repercussions of these events are something I have to live with everyday which is why I felt the need to tell my story. Here's the link if you're interested.


Thanks ladies x

This week I published a post letting my followers...

This week I published a post letting my followers know I'm about to have a BA. I've had mixed reactions, mostly supportive so I'm kinda grateful because I was worried about how I'd be perceived.

How have you ladies managed to cope with negative feedback from people? Just wondering about your reactions etc. The reason I chose to disclose it is because seeing all your reviews help so much, this community is amazing along with another one I've joined on Facebook thats a bit more intimate. I'm sharing in the hopes that my story might help another woman.

Mr George Samouris.

Mr Samouris is profession and direct but also kind. He gave me a few options and told me what he would do but left the decision to me. His patient co ordinator Melissa has been fab.

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