26 Years Old, No Kids, A Cup to Hopefully C. Petite Frame and 50kg. Hoping to Have my Surgery Confirmed for 9th August! - London

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Since the age of 18 I've always though about...

Since the age of 18 I've always though about getting a BA - but has not ever been a priority because of other things... going to uni..getting a "real" job.. buying a car... buying a house. Now I'm in a place to put myself first and want to really really go ahead with a BA.

I have a friend who went through the process 2 years ago - Great results. So I felt I should meet with her surgeon (as he has really good reviews and a friend has used him and been really happy with the results!). So I met him on the 8th July for an initial consultation, which went well.

I had a fixed idea on silicone, round (not teardrop/anatomical), and a size that would get me somewhere between a large B-mid C cup. After measurements ect he come to the conclusion that 175-225cc would be my range of choice. After reading all of your helpful reviews and following your journeys I initially felt that even 225cc would not achieve much, but have come to realise that everyone is so different and I would regret going too big for my frame - So need to trust the surgeon!

Currently I barely fill a A cup, so struggle to find nice underwear, bikinis and struggle to find clothes I want to wear that makes me feel good about my size!

I'm awaiting the surgeon to agree the surgery date of 9th August, which really isn't far away! I should have my pre-op appointment on 29th July - where we will agree on the size etc.

I am just seeking any advice or reassurance in regards to:
1. us small people! anyone who has had implants of around 200-225CC
2. things I should get ready to make life easier post op! (I've read alot about neck pillows!)
3. what to expect pain & healing wise

And generally anything else.
I am so excited and am usually a very organised and practical person, so want to ensure I don't miss anything!
I will look forward to any input :)

Pre-op appointment today - wish me luck!

So today I have my pre-op appointment, with a surgery date of 9th August.
First I will get to meet with the surgeon to finally (hopefully) agree on a size and profile.
At this point in time I am hoping we can go for the 225cc with a moderate plus profile.

I've gone a brought some v shape pillows, a neck pillow, ice packs and 3 comfy (zip at the front) sports bras!! What else do I need to prepare? Only 11 days to go - eek.

I am really luck that I have been offered such a quick surgery date!
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