210cc Nagor Silicone MP Unders - Recovery Journey

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This site has been such a brilliant resource that...

This site has been such a brilliant resource that I thought I'd document my own recovery process, and hopefully I can be of some help to anyone considering BA or going through the recovery themselves.

The basic stats: I'm 5'5", 50kg and was a 32A with basically no upper pole. Very slight asymmetry to my breasts. I've always had small breasts, but gravity, age and a little weight loss all contributed to them suddenly being smaller than I realised.

I've never minded my small breasts, until quite recently when I realised just how mini they'd gotten. So I started researching breast augmentation, but I wanted to look as natural as possible, and definitely didn't want to be bigger than a full B / small C. My surgeon recommended 2 options: 210cc or 240cc silicone, round, moderate profile, unders (she'd make a decision on cc size in surgery, depending on how much tissue I had). We talked it over for quite a while, and she is wonderful, so I felt very confident in her ability to choose the right size for my body and for the look I wanted.

Surgery went really well. Everyone was lovely. When I came to, I had no appetite and a really dry mouth, and I was in and out of sleep for 3-4 hours. My body must've been in a bit of shock, because it took 9 hours and the threat of a catheter before I could pee! Groggy and a little nauseated until the next morning, but I slept at a 35-45 degree angle perfectly fine.

POD1 was the hardest to move, and it felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest. Hurt to breathe and laugh, swollen, and I slept most of the day and night. POD2 was basically a full day of the dreaded morning boob, they were rock solid and so painful. A bit of nausea, lots of sleeping. Today I'm POD3 and it's a mixed bag. The breasts are ok, tight like over-inflated footballs and of course riding very high on my chest, but not too sore. Nipples are completely numb. But the bloating and constipation (and the stomach pain that goes with it) are nearly unbearable. Also a bit light-headed from the meds, and no appetite.

I've added a few pics -- some before, one right before surgery, and two cheeky peeks from POD1.

Happy to answer any questions about prep or recovery so far, but otherwise I'll just pop my progress on here every so often in case it's helpful. Promise later posts won't be as long as this one! A big thank you to all of you ladies who are doing the same, it's really a big help :)

POD4 - Rock solid and rectangular

Tonight they've gone rectangular on me, and the skin feels very tight. Asymmetry accentuated. Still rock solid and sitting high of course. It's a good reminder how early on in the recovery it is, they've got a while to go.
I took them out of the bra and strap for a little while tonight, and put a bit of coconut oil on them. Just around the top and sides. My surgeon specifically said not to put anything on them at all, she couldn't possibly have been clearer... but if I avoided the bandages completely it can't be that bad, right? They just needed to breathe! 20 minutes! I wrapped them back up quickly after catching sight of their shape. No need to look at that any longer than I have to.
The bloating is awwwwful! What do you ladies do for bloating?

POD6 - Incision aching, shape (!!), dry shampoo

So far a pretty uneventful day. My right breast has some occasional sharp pains, fleeting, probably just the muscle trying to settle in. The incisions are definitely aching though, and quite uncomfortable.

But the shape!! They'd looked so perfectly round for the first couple of days, and now they're all distorted and crazy looking. A bit rectangular, a bit triangular (see front pic), and each breast has a slight dip when seen in profile (see side shots). I'm trying not to get anxious, but they definitely aren't looking like some of the other ladies on here at the same stage in the process. Early days...

An important pre-op prep point: stock up on dry shampoo! Being unable to wash your hair will make you slightly batty.

Otherwise, I'm keeping up with my post-op vitamins, lots of water and tea. Taking some work calls from home, but I've downloaded all seven seasons of The Shield. Still fighting a bit of nausea so haven't managed enough protein for my muscles so far today.

POD9 - PO follow-up, restless body, breast sensations (or lack thereof)

Had my POD7 checkup two days ago. The nurse replaced the plasters on my incisions with nude-coloured micropore tape. The incisions are longer than I expected (maybe 4-5cm?), but apparently they're healing well. I was sent home with a roll of micropore tape which I need to use once I'm allowed to shower (come on POD14!) for at least 5 weeks. Replace the tape after you shower, or any time you get the tape wet.

Other than that, the nurse didn't give me much input, so I'm glad I went armed with a few questions I had. Definitely write down and bring with you all the questions you've got. It's your body, take your time at these appointments and ask whatever you need to.

Now it's POD9. Things are sort of ticking along. Photos attached, etc.

Sleeping has been difficult for the past couple of nights. I wake up with what feels like the body equivalent of restless leg syndrome, and can't get comfortable or relax. I think my body is incredibly frustrated with being so sedentary. I keep catching myself getting really jealous of all the runners on my street. Really jealous.

Everyone's recovery process is different, but I'm guessing most people experience a lot of different sensations in their breasts as they heal. My breasts feel bruised absolutely eeeeeverywhere but also a little numb. A strange combination. The sharp, shooting muscle pain that people talk about is also pretty real. And my nipples, which were numb until around POD6, have suddenly become hypersensitive recently which makes changing clothes somewhat torturous. Finally, and my least favourite, there's been some intense incision pain recently, especially at night. I can't see anything visibly wrong with the incision area, so going to try and ignore it for now. Paracetemol helps.

Going back to work tomorrow. Wardrobe challenges: minimising the new breast shelf, hiding the compression strap, not being my pajamas.

POD14 - Showers, hypersensitivity, the slooooow D&F

A little delayed posting this update (currently writing it at POD17). Maybe it was the excitement! of finally! being able to shower!

From POD14:
Generally feeling quite a bit better, but the chest pain, pressure around the incision area, and inability to take deep breaths gets more painful later in the day. The girls are still insanely sensitive, nothing unmanageable, but definitely a weird experience (defo can't say that breathing has ever hurt my nipples before).

Finally being cleared to shower was great, and I stayed in for ages, but was cautious about the incision area. Changing the micropore tape was easy, and I was glad to find that it didn't hurt to pull the wet tape off post-shower.

D&F is still maddeningly slow, though I can see a difference. They're finally taking shape and no longer look like the weird rectangles I had on my chest for a while, but they aren't exactly round yet either (at least not from the front, as you'll see in the pics). Oddly, I think my breasts look smaller in photos than they look in person - except possibly this POD14 frontal (which is the only one where they look about the same as in person). Maybe I'm so used to them being teeny tiny that I can't be objective.

I can feel the Boob Greed creeping in... must... resist... the Greed...

POD 21 - Patience, Patience, ....Patiennnnnnce

From 21 days PO...

The girls are dropping a little, and getting a wee bit softer and more supple on my chest. It's slight but noticeable. They're doing their thing each at a different pace, of course -- the right is still a little harder and higher than the left, but she'll get there. The incisions seem to be healing quite well, but it's hard to tell because I don't want to mess around with them too much (that stickiness in the pics is from the micropore strips).

This stage in the healing process is characterised, for me at least, by the odd combo of numbness and hypersensitivity that's still very present in both breasts (all over, nips included). And the stretching of my nipples, which better fix itself as d&f happens! (Some stretching is to be expected, I know, but my implants were so small!)

The most frustrating thing is the lack of exercise, since I seem to have gained a bit of weight with all of this inactivity. Again, not unexpected, and it's only a few months of my life before I can get stuck in again, but it takes some focus to be patient in this area in particular.

Anyway, overall things are good. I don't notice the compression strap as much anymore, and I feel completely normal. Looking forward to my appointment with my PS this week! Hope all of you lovelies are healing well.
London Plastic Surgeon

I can't say enough about Dr Linda Fiumara. From the first few minutes of the initial consultation with her, I felt very confident in her abilities. She is calm, smart, detailed, and spent a lot of time talking to me and answering all of the questions I had. Most importantly, she spent a lot of time explaining how implants could enhance my breasts based on my existing breast shape and body type, pointing out both the benefits and potential limitations of implants, and making sure that my expectations were realistic before I made my decision. I haven't seen her for post-op aftercare yet (still too early), so can't speak to that -- I'll update this review once I have. But if you want a smart, thorough female surgeon who specialises in the natural look, you couldn't do better than Dr Fiumara.

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