19 Years Old, 5'8 (172cm), Looking at Either 315cc or 380cc Under Muscle Textured Teardrop (Anatomical) Implants - London, GB

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Firstly, the price I've quoted is in GBP (£5530 ...

Firstly, the price I've quoted is in GBP (£5530 inclusive of meds, surgeon and hospital fees, post op etc) - I haven't bothered to convert to USD.

All booked in for October 31st - 7 weeks away EEEK! This website has been so so helpful and enlightening in the past few months, but I found that I couldn't always find the answers I was looking for (given, everyone is different and personal queries and be quite niche!) so I thought I'd try and help others by sharing my experiences.

I understand that I'm very young to be making such a huge decision, but I've realised that I've been unhappy with my boobs since I was about 14/15, had constant boob envy since then too, and will have most likely made this decision in 5-10 years if not now. My logic is, I don't have a partner, not a greatly diverse social life, have saved the money and have the luxury of time to recover; there's no reason for anyone to know that I've done this (important to me - this is for me, and I'm slightly worried about being judged to be honest) and everyone I meet from now on won't think "wow her boobs grew overnight!!". I'm still at the age where I can explain it away as late development, or a consequence of starting to take birth control etc.

Both my mum and my aunt have had BAs.. My aunt when she was a little older than me and my mum after she'd stopped breastfeeding me and her boobs "deflated to flaps of skin like on a turkey's throat" (her words not mine lol). I only found out last summer when my mum got capsular contraction and booked in for a replacement and uplift which she had done 3 months ago. She used the same PS who did her original, and I've decided to go with him too.

Mr Carver is lovely, so reassuring and knowledgable. I do have concerns, and I think I'd be surprised if someone didn't when they're going in for something like this, but Mr Carver and his team have been so helpful and supportive I really feel assured.

My PS only works with textured, teardrop implants which he inserts through the IMF (5cm incision) under the muscular for a number of reasons. Mainly that the textured nature reduces the risk of capsular contraction and turning, and that the anatomical shape gives a more natural result. He took my measurements and I have a BDM of 11.8, so I have been given the option of 315cc or 380cc implants. I've uploaded pics of sizers and will add some more before pics when I've taken them haha

I'm a little nervous about the size. In my first consultation my lower pole was described as 'concave' which is really the reason I'm doing this. Also I have very little width - my boobs are definitely pointy and conical. However, PS said that my breasts aren't tuberous as they look straight ahead, don't sag and my nipples aren't herniated, just large and slightly puffy. I'd been lurking on this website for a few months before my first consultation and had convinced myself I have tuberous breasts, but it only took 45mins of examination by a PS with over 25 years of experience to lay my worries to rest. I don't really want to go massive, just get some fullness and roundness in shape. Mr Carver is also going to lower my IMF as it's currently higher than it should be too. This, and the large gap between my boobs (will make sense when I upload pics) makes me think I can get away with the 380s especially as the teardrop shape will make most of the volume fall to the lower pole and sides... This is what I struggled with when trying on the sizers at the PS's office - they're round implants so I feel not true to the shape I'll be getting, if sizers are ever a true depiction anyway!

Anyway, paying the deposit tomorrow and then it'll all become real! Not nervous at all yet, just impatient if anything!!


Just a quick check-in to share before photos with you. Been feeling less excited and more doubtful of my decision the last couple of days. My reasons are still valid, but I just can't help but feel I'm being a little bit silly by doing all this. Also, I've spent so much time on here I've kind of become a little bit boob-immune!! Just totally desensitised to them and having major boob envy hahaha


View from above didn't upload... here you can see that my right breast has slightly more breast tissue, and when you look at it from the front you can see that because of this the IMF is a little lower. It also means my nipples have 2.2mm difference when my PS took measurements. To be honest I'd never really noticed the asymmetry too much (only that my folds didn't align) and so I'm not too fussed that it'll still be there post-op. As you can see from the pictures, the main thing I want to achieve is lower pole fullness and maybe a little extra width too. I've also included a picture of me braless in a nightie to show how they look au naturel in clothes.

Top view still didn't upload!!!

This app!!!

Will it work?

They're done!!

I'm in surprisingly little pain.. It just feels like I really went for it at the gym yesterday with the lat pull downs haha. It's mainly underneath my boobs which aches, and down the right side of my torso/ribs. My right boob is more painful, but my PS said that this is because it had more breast tissue to start with and so it was a tighter fit to get the implant in. I've definitely got some serious Frankenboob going on.. think I described them as the Pyramids of Giza when I first woke up! My surgeon did tell me to expect them to be very pointy and tight for the time being, so I wasn't too surprised with that. I'm not really paying too much attention to them at the moment as I know the swelling is going to go down and they're going to relax in time. The best thing is that my left boob hasn't got double bubble which I was worried about anyway, and then my PS did warn me it might happen due to the tightness in my IMF before I went to surgery. Overall, very pleased with them so far.. just being very impatient to see what they'll settle into as I can't get over how massive they are at the moment!!

Day 2!

I actually slept pretty well last night, but was definitely more stiff and sore this morning. This has improved throughout the day. I'm still taking 2 x 500mg of paracetamol 4 times a day and 2 anti inflammatory tablets but I can't remember what they're called. Not sure that the swelling has gone down much but that's just me being impatient haha. Still can't believe how big they are - hopefully that'll change soon!! Really want them to drop and relax.

Just a quick check in...

The pain/achy-ness/stiffness has definitely improved today. Not to say that it's all back to normal; moving (especially sitting up) certainly invokes a bit of a twinge. Also, my left boob keeps getting this bubbling sensation - a little like when your tummy rumbles - but my after care leaflet said this is normal while the fluid around the implant settles.
As far as sleeping goes I've been doing a lot of it! Only had a couple of 20 min naps during the days, but I've been sleeping through a solid 9 hours at night with no discomfort at all which I'm really relieved about. I've also not been taking the painkillers so often the last day or so which is nice. I haven't opened my bowels since before the operation and I'm hoping that reducing the painkillers might help move things along! The bloating is really getting my down a bit especially seeing as I weighed the lightest I had been in over a year the day of the surgery.. Obviously I'm going to weight 380gx2 more the next time I hop on the scales, but I'm just hoping that the swelling in my abdomen goes down soon.
The pics are from Friday (had the op 8am Monday) so day 4.. I think my right boob has started to drop! It's a bit strange as it's gone from being the tightest and most sore to the softest and first to drop. The left is now definitely the most tender especially along the incision but that's what I'd expected in the first place (as it had the most lower pole construction pre-op).

1 week post op

So it's been 7 days.. The pain is definitely much better. Morning boob is 100% a thing - I guess it's from laying in one position for so long not using the pecs.. they're just a bit stiff when you first wake up.
I went into theatre just before 8am last Monday, so I'm counting the day of the op as day 1. From that, I would definitely say day 3 (Wednesday) was the worst pain wise. I still ache along the incisions but that's only to be expected. They just feel real bruised as does my stomach, I'd say about half way down the gap between my IMF and my belly button. I've also had some pain on the sides of my boobs the last couple of days, but this is probably the skin stretching where they're dropping.
You can see from the photos that my right boob has dropped a lot faster than the left, but they should even up soon. I'm having the dressings off this Wednesday (in 2 days time) so will update then with scar pics.
I finished the anti-inflammatories yesterday morning (they were Celexion or something?) and haven't taken any paracetamol/painkillers in 2 days.
I took a stool softener last night and finally went to the toilet this morning, which has really helped with the abdominal bloating and the tummy aches. I think that stopping the painkillers has helped alleviate the constipation. I've started drinking 3-4 litres of water a day again now which should help if not reduce the swelling, it will help remove the toxins from the lymph a bit quicker and maybe help the healing process. When the bruising isn't so tender I'm also going to start doing some lymphatic massage on my boobs.
Overall I'm really starting to like my results now :) I think that the initial look is a bit of a shock but patience is a virtue and they really start to settle down nicely. They change so much so quickly, in my experience, it's best not to get too fixated on the appearance at first. I've just been trying to not pay too much attention to how they look if I'm not happy with them because I know they're going to get better in time. I'm still worried that they're a bit too big but no ones noticed yet and in a way I'm glad I didn't go for the smaller size as I've definitely avoided early onset boob greed!!

Sorry it's late...

But here are some week 2 photos!
Last Wednesday (day 10) I went back to the hospital for my wound check appointment. The nurse changed the tape, cleaned the incisions and gave me some micropore tape which she said to change weekly. I've just taken them off, had a shower and put them on now so took some scar pics too to show.
Went back to work/uni this week so been busy, exhausted and sore. It's my shoulders and back which are really feeling it! I think it's more commuting and carrying my bag with laptop keys etc in it, but did find a couple of things at my desk a little sore like reaching to get a file or plugging things into the computer - reaching basically!!
They're still really uneven but I think (HOPE) that it's a combination of the left boob having not dropped yet, but the swelling in it having gone down quicker (so it looks smaller) and the right boob having dropped first but having more swelling where it was the trickier one to operate on (so more trauma inside). Other than that I'm seriously starting to wonder if he put two different sizes in ahaha!!
Like I said, there is still some pain - mainly muscular, and the scars feel a bit tight/ the beginnings of a sensation like they might rip if I stretch too far. The underneath are still mainly numb which is a really weird sensation for me but otherwise all doing well!! Still impatient and overanalysing them, but overall I'm really happy!
Ooh, also no one has commented on them yet so feeling reassured that they look natural and part of me already :)

Finally starting to see a difference!

So yesterday marked my 3rd week and everything's starting to just feel normal. The discomfort hasn't gone completely - it comes and goes with varying intensity in different places but to be honest I really haven't found the pain too bad at all. I'm still sleeping well and have started sleeping on my side again - tentatively though, it is still a bit sore at times/in certain positions. I find it helps to sleep with a cushion underneath the boob closest to the mattress and then sometimes a small cuddly toy between my boobs (lol I know) to support and take the weight.
The right one is still swollen and the left is still yet to drop but I think that I'm starting to see a bit more curve in my lower pole which is the whole reason I did this so I'm really starting to like my results. I know there's a long way to go yet so I'm just holding out for that 3 month mark before I start getting too critical about the shape/finish etc. Also, I've been out a couple of times with friends (in tight tops and baggy jumpers) and no one has noticed or commented yet so that's a huge relief too!! Really don't want people to ask questions as I'm still embarrassed about what I did but SO much more comfortable with how I look in clothes and out of clothes ???? will add incision pics on Weds when I change the tapes, and a video when I figure out how to film one haha. They're still v hard and shiny but slowly improving fyi????????????????

Scar updates

Week 3 incision pics

Week 4 photos

Follow up appt with PS

So yesterday I had my follow up with my PS. He's very happy with the results and how I'm healing. He said that the scars are level and although I have a little swelling and pain left in my right boob it's probably because I'm right handed so he's not too concerned. I've been using ScarAway silicon strips on my scars and to be honest haven't really found them that great. Any recommendations for how other people are treating their scars would be welcome :) Uploaded recent pics too... these are all at 8 weeks
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