4 Kids TT and a DBL in DR with Dr. Mallol Cotes (pictures)

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I've gained too much weight and I think I look...

I've gained too much weight and I think I look hideous. My stomach is just growing and I'm fed up of people asking me when it's due. I've tried exercising ( a bit) but my stomach just laughs at me. I've decided that I need to do something about it.

I have been considering having at TT for a long time now and with my research I have now fallen in love with the idea of getting a bbl. I'm adamant that I will have it done but am not getting the support I need from family and friends so have decided that I will not bother to discuss it with them anymore. I hate it when people say you can loose the tummy fat with exercise and you can get a better shaped butt with squats! No you can't! It's a myth for someone of my age! It may well work on a pert 19 year old with tight skin and no history of giving birth! Anyway, forget them, this is all about me! I'm going to be selfish for a change!

So, I have researched Michael Salzhauer, MD in New York and Mr Miami. Mr Miami's waiting list was way to long for me. I want this done asap.
I discovered Dr Hamza after searching for a surgeon in the UK. OMG, this took me ages. It doesn't seem to be as popular in the UK as in the States. DR Hamza has got a good track record and seems knowledgeable so I have booked a consultation with him. I really want my surgery done in the UK as I worry about complications and getting them fixed. Having to fly all the way back to the States isn't something I want to do (or can afford to do).

I will touch base after my consultation and if I feel brave enough I will post my pics as I look now which as I said before is hideous (in my opinion).

Now who should I go with?

So, I've decided to go to Dr Baez but getting an appointment is proving to be so difficult. I made contact with her via realself and she responded really quickly asking to see my photographs and details about my medical history. I sent these to her and she again responded saying that I would need a TT as well as lipo and a bbl. I was so happy to hear from her. However, now that I want to book an appointment before the New Year she has gone silent. I have sent several emails and even text messages and there has been no response. I contacted Dr Mallol as I like his work, especially his TT, they are so neat. But my heart is set on Dr Baez. She's a woman. She knows what we want. I'm so frustrated. Talk to me Dr Baez, I need you! I am so ready to just get this procedure done. I will keep trying though, If it has to be the New Year then so be it. I am so over the 'are you pregnant look!'
Also, I have been researching recovery homes. I like the look and sound of Sea Lilly. Anyone got any feedback that would be useful on this particular RH? I'll be travelling solo so I need somewhere that will give me all the help I will need and definitely no room sharing ugh! I can't imagine sharing a room with someone else in pain, full of wind and snoring - no thanks!
I guess I'd better start doing my shopping! I'll post my before pics soon. I'm just trying to muster up courage!

My before pictures

I guess it's only fair show my before pictures if I am going to do a full review of my procedure so here I am- warts and all!

Question about faja hygiene

Hi Dolls
I read a lot about dolls getting their faja's washed by the staff at the recovery homes. How do they wash them? By washing machine with everyone else's or by hand singularly? Is this even a silly question since they HAVE to wash them separately innit? All that blood and lymphatic fluid..........I'm a serious germophobe.

Anyone going with Mallol in December 2016?

A buddy would be fab. He's given me a date for 18th December and I'm yet to decide on a recovery home. Help?

date change

It seems as if I will be having my surgery in January now due to financial issues. What a pain. I'm ready to be snatched NOW!
If any dolls are having surgery with the handsome Mallol around the 11th January, let me know. I think I will keep my recovery home as Rocio Ortega as they have been really communicative and have not been pressurising me to pay my deposit.

Flight booked and Spanish lessons

Hi dolls.
So my flight and recovery home are booked. The flight was mega expensive but I won't dwell on that too much. I have been in close communication with Dr Mallol and the recovery home. There is a lot of talk about infections and it got me nervous about my SX but with a lot of care I pray that all will be well.
I've finished most of my shopping. I really didn't want to go overboard so I've kept it simple. I've got my tourist card for DR, my ESTA (for us UK citizens flying through the States), one of those portable safes to keep my money, phone and passport in and my surgeon's personal phone number. Just need to get a few more medical supplies and wet wipes.
I still need to see my GP for those extra strong painkillers and antibiotics. I've been taking my vitamin B, folic acid and iron tablets religiously but a quick check on my hemo levels will make sure I'm ok where that's concerned. Plus a check on my heart to make sure there are not issues there. It's just a case of waiting for the big day now.

I've learnt a few Spanish words " is it clean?" - "Esta limpio?" , "it's dirty!" - "Esta sucio. "I'm in pain!" - "Estoy sufriendo" and "I need some bottled water" - "Necesito un poco de agua embotellada" lol! The lady at the recovery home says she's a teacher so I'm hoping to learn a bit of Spanish to help pass the time if I'm up for it. I've downloaded lots of books to my kindle so that I won't get to bored. I have the text to talk function on it so I wont have to 'read'.

Dr Mallol interview

Hi Mallol Dolls,
I found this video on YouTube of our PS. OMG, he's super cute! How can I get naked in front of him lol! The interviewer isn't great but at least we can get to see what he looks like and how he sounds. His English is not bad at all and you can tell he is knowledgeable.


I've hired a private nurse

I've been reading some reviews where the dolls have complained about the nurses at the clinic/hospital not giving them the attention they need after surgery. In order to combat any difficulties I have managed to hire an English speaking nurse from my recovery home to assist me before, during and after my surgery. She will remain with me overnight and return to the RH with me. The cost? $50! Worth every penny for peace of mind.

Contact with Dr Mallol

I received a surprise call from Dr Mallol today. I was not expecting that at all. He wanted to make sure I was OK and told me that his assistant will call me soon with the last minute instructions (I'm travelling next Tuesday). His English was good and he said if I had any questions that I shouldn't hesitate. This puts my mind at ease as I know another doll was having problems with his coordinator which none of us need as we are about to travel out to DR especially those of us travelling alone.

It all seems so real now and I am having dreams that the driver doesn't know where the clinic is and we get lost and someone in a market place offers to do my surgery and I agree and she uses rain water to clean my wounds and I when I try to stop her I have no voice blah blah blah... you know those mixed up scary dreams.

I must find a wish pic to show him otherwise I may end up looking like KK :-o

I've started taking arnica and bromelain. I've heard it helps minimize the bruising after surgery if you take it pre and post. Nothing to lose by giving it a go.

Sleeping after a TT and BBL

Saw this item and thought it may be useful for those who are having a TT and BBL at the same time and are wondering how they will sleep. It's cheaper than the curve cure mattress. They only deliver in the US though :(

More before pics

leaving for DR tomorrow

I'm all packed and ready to go but my nerves are shot! I'm all shaved, nails cut, hair did, travelling clothes laid out. It's an early start for me and I hope I don't leave anything behind. My suitcase is full but I don't know how to reduce what I have in it so am just going to roll with it.

My kids are all over me and I feel tearful about leaving them for so long. I pray the time goes really quickly so they don't pine for me too much. My babies! I wish I could have brought the entire family so they can vacation whilst I have surgery but that would just be a mess. I just want them all near me. Anyway, this is a lonely journey and I'm not backing out now.

I have the name and photo of the driver who will pick me up which is comforting.
I'll see you all in the DR!

Prayers please!

Post surgery update- Journey to DR from the UK and meeting Mallol

Hi dolls. I did it! I am going to have to do my updates in stages as I have a lot to say about different things.
As some of you know, I travelled from London. My flight path was London-Madrid-DR. The actual journey was very straight forward and I went with British Airways and then Iberia who were not too bad at all. On arriving into DR I noticed that the line to purchase tourist cards was quite long but the line for locals and those with tourist’s cards was longer. Those who bought their tourist cards in country got through the airport much faster but this may not always be the case so if you like to be extra prepared, buy your tourist card before you leave your home country. I showed some official looking guy my tourist card and he told me to join the long queue. He just put my card on the table next to him - didn't even look at it. It could have been a photocopied one and he wouldn't even have realised!
I wasn't asked any questions which I found surprising. You have to give them your fingerprints on a bio-metrics machine. They do not wipe it after each passenger so bring your antibacterial gel. Get into the habit early!
My suitcase had already been taken off the carousel and I made my way out of the airport. The driver from my RH was there with my name on a sign. He was very friendly and took my bags from me. His English was understandable. I had already been sent his name and a picture of him which I then sent to my husband just in case. Lol in the car, I got a message from my husband asking me if I had arrived yet and I said yes I'm with the driver. He said how do I know I'm talking to my wife? Text me my full name and the name of youngest niece Lol! It made me laugh - so dramatic and unnecessary. I texted him the pet names I call him and he was relieved - silly! I didn't think this country was known for kidnapping but whatever puts his mind at ease - I digress......(I may do a lot of that).
The traffic to Mallol’s clinic was a hot mess. I was already feeling icky from the long journey and now I have to sit in a car for over an hour then undress with my ripe self in front of the doctor without even having the chance to shower. I was like I hope the antiperspirant spray I used in the morning holds up like they say it does in the adverts!
First impressions of Mallol’s clinic. Clean! I was taken up to a recovery room and waited for Mallol to come in. He didn’t keep me waiting too long. He’s very cute. His English is very good. He made me feel at ease instantly, gave me a big hug and kiss and called me sweetie (not sweaty!) I don’t feel special for this as I know this is what he calls all of his patients but it’s a nice touch! We had a long discussion about what was going to take place the next day an what he expected from me. I talked about my wishes and he talked about expectations. We discussed additional areas that could be treated. I wanted to do my double chin and he also suggested my flappy arms and my inner thighs (which I actually like the way they are thank you Dr Mallol). Each additional area is $250. So with all of that I could be spending an additional $750. Nar, I just decided to do the chin. All that extra money could be used on an annual gym membership to keep my new shape in tip top condition if everything works out the way it should.
He then asked me to take my clothes off so he could take the before photos. The bit I was dreading! I stood there in my skin, totally exposed whilst he took pictures. The worst part for me was when he stood behind me taking pictures of my back and butt. I felt so terrible, not because of him but because of how I feel about my body. I was happy when he told me to get dressed again. He gave me the chance to answer any questions. I showed him my wish pics which were just for a low incision and natural looking but and waist. He never made me feel like I was wasting his time. I paid him and he said someone would come along to take my blood then I could go. He was very strict when it came to explaining me washing with antibacterial soap the night before and the morning of the surgery and re-emphasised that I must never use their water on any part of my body after surgery at all! We talked about infections and he said that it’s important for everyone to do their part for a successful outcome. He was so thorough and very serious at this point.
My blood was taken, forms were filled and questions asked. Be prepared to answer the same questions at least 4 times before your surgery. My consent forms were all in English.
After that I was taken to the recovery home. My recovery home – yes, that deserves a separate review I think!

Day of surgery and the following few days

I was woken up at 6 by one of the lovely nurses. I took my shower in my antibacterial soap as directed and repacked my suitcase as I had to bring it with me. The driver was waiting for me and took me to the clinic. By this time, I am a bag of nerves!
I had to fill out the exact same paperwork that I did the night before at the reception area before being taken to the room I would be recovering in. I was seen by some consultant who did the tests on my heart, blood pressure and some other things that I can’t even remember now. Before she started the test, she asked me the usual questions. The test was straight forward and everything was ok.
Dr Mallol came to see me back in the recovery room where I was given my hospital robe and that thing to cover your hair. He marked me up. It was all getting so real now. He had his game face on and it was strictly down to business. A nurse put an IV into my hand and I was wheeled to the operating room.
The room is small; the operating table is narrow but it all appeared to be clean. The anaesthesiologist sat down and asked me the same now annoying but necessary questions then explained what his role was and what I should do after I wake up from surgery. They had attached a heart monitor to me which could be heard quite loudly in the room. As soon as Mallol walked in my heart started to beat faster. I asked where my blue pill was and that I wasn’t ready yet and if they were going to pray before they started. I felt something cold on my back and then the next thing I remember is waking up with someone wiping my face and me talking about I don’t know what and being told to relax. I remember saying “I don’t want it to hurt and asking where is Dr Mallol? - he said "I'm right here sweety”! l must have fallen right back to sleep as I woke up in my faja in my recovery room with my lovely nurse there.
My nurse was amazing. She established that there was internet at Mallol’s clinic and went and got the password for me. She remained overnight with me and was very attentive. During the night, I barely got any sleep because of the noise in the clinic. It sounded like a hen house. There was no respect for the recovering patients from the nurses at all. In the morning, I was told by Mallol that my hemo levels had dropped down and a blood transfusion would be necessary. I’ve read where other dolls had needed blood transfusions after feeling really weak, fainting and vomiting and then feeling 100% better afterwards. I didn’t feel any of that but I know I was slightly anaemic before preparing for the surgery so I took the transfusion ($130). The blood comes ice cold and I had to keep it in my boobs to get it up to room temperature lol!
I was ordered to remain on my back for 24 hours because of the TT. My butt cheeks hurt so bad because of this but I just couldn’t shift my position due to the pain from the lipo.
Let’s talk about the pain! Lipo is no joke. It hurts like a bitch. My back felt as if I had been skinned and ripped. Getting in and out of bed was hell on earth. It was at this point that I said it serves me right for being vain and that’s what you get. I was on the phone to my husband crying and blaming him for not stopping me from having the surgery (both of us knowing full well he wouldn’t have been able to stop me). He let me vent and have my solo pity party. I think everything was highlighted because my damn period started and it was the heaviest I have ever had it. I just didn’t know what to do with myself; trying to keep clean with that damn faja on, the ‘peezee’ thing not doing what it was supposed to do and me peeing all over myself; constipation then diarrhoea - girls, it was a very low point for me.
Notice I am saying “was”. I am 6 days out of surgery and am feeling so much better. It is true when other dolls say the first 2-3 days are the worst. You can get through this everyone so don’t be put off by my descriptions of the pain but take your meds and look at the bigger picture. Find someone to talk to if you are feeling bad and don’t suffer alone. This is major surgery (tummy tuck, lipo. dbl). I am now able to move around quite freely but I still feel really stiff when getting in and out of bed but this wears off after walking for a bit. The area around my belly button doesn’t feel as if it belongs to me and my back is still very swollen and numb feeling. It doesn’t hurt though and I stopped taking pain meds on day 5.
My results are hard to determine at the moment. I’m not overly fussed about whether my butt is big or not as my main objective was to get a flatter stomach and I decided that I may as well not waste my good old fat and put it to use. My stomach is definitely flat and I am beginning to see a waist line behind the swelling. I will be purchasing my stage 2 garment tomorrow as I am already on the 3rd hook of my stage 1 faja.
At this particular point in time, I don’t regret having this surgery but I am not out of the woods yet. Mallol has advised me that the remainder of the results will come from me following the instructions I have been given, eating healthily and exercising which is fair enough.
I had a follow up appointment with Mallol 5 days after surgery where my incision was cleaned and the dressing changed and examined. According to him, everything was as it should be. I will be seeing him again on Thursday where hopefully my drains will be removed as they are really irritating.

Pictures so far


More pics

Recovery Home tales

I stayed at Rocio Ortega. On contacting this RH I had requested a room for myself as I did not want to share. I was told that their single room was being refurbished but they had a double. I asked if it had its own bathroom and was told yes. I paid my $150 deposit – ***note to dolls travelling from the UK, they only take the money in US$’s. when I went to Western Union, I found that it was not possible to change the currency being sent i.e. the receiver could only get it in their local currency. I tried to do it online and again was not given the option of changing the currency into US$’s. I ended up sending the money via MoneyGram and their transfer fee was just a joke***

A few days before I was due to leave the UK, I again contacted the RH. This time to double check some things and to asked questions about what they provided and that specifically I would be having my own room. I received a reply saying that the room I had booked was a double with its own bathroom and a list of supplies they had in the RH was also sent. They also sent me the name and photo of my driver.

I arrived quite late to the RH as I had to go straight to see Mallol after landing. I was now informed that a lady in my room had to stay in DR longer than expected therefore I would be required to share and if that was ok! Oh, hell no it was not and I said so. I was actually really pissed off but I am also reasonable. Shit happens and people sometimes have to stay longer than anticipated. I figured that since I would be having my surgery the following morning and would be remaining in the clinic for 24 hours by the time I came back to the RH everything should have been sorted out. I was taken to a room that had 3 beds. One was occupied. I decided that I would just have my shower and sleep. One of the nurses came back up to me and said that she was told to inform me that they had another RH that was new and I would be able to stay there after my surgery if I wanted to. I asked whether I would have my own room and bathroom and was told yes so, I agreed. (This is why I had to take my suitcase with me to the clinic). I was also offered some money off or a free manicure and pedicure for the inconvenience. I’m not rich by any means and I explained that it wasn’t about the money at all but rather about the space. I just don’t share rooms and especially bathrooms with strangers unless I really have to and especially not after surgery. That’s just me!

Anyway, fast forward to after my surgery, the driver took me to the new home. I remember trying to get out of the wheelchair into his car. My hair was in a high bun and I could barely move one foot in front of the other as they felt like lead. Everyone was trying to help me get into the car and my bun prevented a smooth movement from chair to car seat. All I can say is that the pain that ripped through my body I will never forget. I managed to dump myself on the seat all crooked, too scared to straighten my body and holding back the tears. The driver then asked me what music I wanted to listen to. I just gave him one look. I know he was trying to be kind and maybe take my mind of the pain but I wasn’t in any mood.

The drive to the RH was quite long as the traffic in DR is just a fool. It’s horrible! Arriving at the house there were staff members waiting at the door for me. They immediately took charge, somehow got me out of the car and into my room, which was 2 flights of stairs up! I wanted to just lay on the floor and bawl when I saw the stairs but now I’m actually glad I was forced to climb them as it made me realise that I was stronger than I thought.
The nurses that were assigned to me (they are actually doctors) at Rocio were just amazing. They looked after me so well and with a good heart that I feel blessed to have met them. They were on time with my meds. They were always around to help with anything I needed and gave good advice. They bathed me when I couldn’t do shit, prayed over me when I had a mini meltdown (see below), made sure I always had enough water and food They treated me like a baby and I loved it lol! My blood pressure and temperature were taken every day and everything was written in my personal health folder. I never had to tell them to wear gloves – it was automatic for them and they reminded me not to use the water for anything! When my drain was blocked (which was often) they would rinse with bottled water.

My room consisted of a hospital bed and a regular bed. There was no TV, the Wi-Fi wasn’t sorted yet and there was no mirror. There was tons of cupboard space and the room and bathroom were always kept super clean.
The food was healthy and was always well presented but towards the end I started to get fed up of it. The juices were freshly made; pineapple, beetroot, orange, passion fruit. We were encouraged to drink at least 7 bottles of water but the most I could manage was about 4 and that was a struggle.
For the first few days my food was brought to me in my room but later on when I was stronger I chose to go downstairs and eat with others. It’s up to you what you want to do and there’s no pressure to socialise if you don’t want to. There are snacks available for you to help yourself and also a basket of fresh fruit. If there is something you want in particular just ask for it and they will happily accommodate you. I was hooked on their beetroot smoothie and the cook was kind enough to tell me how to make it at home.

So, a few days in, one of my beautiful nurses came to me and said you will be having company. I said where and she pointed to the empty bed in my room. I said no! She went away and came back saying that they have a guest who needed to room and there was nowhere for her to go. I said no, that is not my problem. She said OK no problem. I went straight on to WhatsApp to speak with the admin person. She now informs me that I don’t have the room to myself after all as it’s a double. We went back and forth with her sending me screen shots of what she had written to me previously and insisting that my room is a shared room. We were both polite but I think if we had continued we would have cut to the bone. Basically, she decided that I misunderstood her when she said the room was double thinking it was for me alone. I told her that I SAW what she had done. In my opinion, she was very careful not to confirm that I would have the room for myself but whenever I had asked her she would just reply that it was a double. I decided that I would look for another RH coz I don’t like being made a fool of. I actually found another place that had a single room for me but then I thought about having to pack my things up and then get used to a new set of nurses. She said that I could have the room for myself but she would have to charge me an additional fee. I did some research and calculations based on if I had brought a guest with me and although I thought the extra she charged me was quite high I just paid it – not because I’m a push over but because these places rely on reviews and word of mouth to succeed! I’m no fool! I hate it when people try to shaft me and make it out that I’m confused.

I was so angry/upset that I started crying and at this point I just wanted to go home. This is when I had my mini meltdown. One of the nurses came in to take my blood pressure (I’m surprised it wasn’t sky high) and I was crying. She called for the other nurse and they said I was too pretty to cry, asked if I was a Christian and when I confirmed I was they started to pray for me, I Spanish, holding my hands and stroking me like a crying infant. I was really bawling that I had to hold my stomach. I was just over everything at this point. The prayers worked for me. That was the last tear I shed in that place.

That day, I had an appointment with Mallol. On my return, a TV, side table and some pictures had been placed in my room. There was also a mirror in the bathroom. Remember, this house is new so they were adding bits and pieces whilst I was there. They also had more dolls staying and we all got on really well.
The house has a lot of potential but they need to be honest when it comes to certain things. This probably happens at most RH’s. Three of us used the driver to go to buy our stage 2 faja’s. One of the dolls didn’t like the ones that were on offer in the shop we went to and the driver said he knew another one and drove us there. Before this, we had gone to the owner’s salon for me to have my pedicure and manicure and for another doll to have her massage. When we got back we were told that the trip was $40! What? We haggled it down to $30 but were pissed. Why was it so much when it was advertised at $10 if you need to take personal trips?

Would I recommend Rocio Ortega? At this point, I believe the nurses and the care you receive is what makes the RH so I would say yes. The house was quite noisy with all the work being done around us (a bit of drilling here and there) but it is a beautiful house.

This is my personal opinion of the house and the nurses. Another doll may have a totally different experience to mine so I would say just research and ask those who have already stayed at a particular RH what they thought of it.

Stage 2 garment. Day 13

week 3 update

It seems like forever since I had my surgery! I am still quite stiff when I first get out of bed but I can walk quite fast, which makes me look strange. I don’t want to push it by standing straight too quickly as I have seen where dolls have caused damage to their TT incision even after 3 weeks. Slow and steady for me! My stomach looks and feels as tight as a drum. I can’t stop looking at it! Also, I love my little curvy waist, it looks so natural. I have keep my incision covered with gauze and tape even though there is no leakage – it just feels more comfortable. The hole from where I had my drain has closed but I also keep that covered as it is still tender. Thank God I have had no sign of infection but I know even at this stage, I’m not out of the woods yet!
My lipo areas still hurt. I mean they are sore. My lower back is as hard as rock and feels quite warm. It’s also still numb and strange feeling. I am concerned about this so if any dolls have experienced this please let me know that it is normal and what you did about it. I sent Dr Mallol a WhatsApp last night about it so I should hear from him later today. He has been so on point with answering my concerns so far – love him!
Now my DBL. I’m not sure about it. I know it’s early days but it doesn’t look how I expected it to look. It is definitely bigger. My 13 year old daughter said “what happened to your butt mum?”I asked her what was wrong with it (she doesn’t know anything about BBL’s) and she said “it looks so.……big!” lol! My husband seems to like it (he’s too rude anyway). I must admit that I sat on it a lot on the first day and I was worried that I flattened the life out of it. Also, I remained on my back the whole time whilst at the recovery home due to my TT and the drains so maybe I ruined it. I now understand fully why some dolls decide to go for round 2 after having a TT and BBL. It’s difficult to do both and get amazing results as you can’t lie on your stomach during the early days following a TT which means your butt is compromised. The thought of doing round 2 fills me with dread as I’m still not fully recovered but I wouldn’t rule it out altogether. Let’s see how the butt looks in a few months’ time.
I went to a party on Saturday- with my boppy pillow- all bent over (no shame in my game). I couldn’t resist dancing the Candy and had 3 round of Bailey’s (very naughty). I paid for it severely the next day though. My legs and feet were massively swollen like I had elephantitus and my incision was aching. Serves me right! I spent all of Sunday in bed with my legs raised.
I went back to work on Monday. I really struggled! The drive there was only 30 minutes but I felt every bump in the road. I felt nauseous the entire day and couldn’t wait to get home to my bed. The first day was exhausting but it was a bit better the 2nd day. I told my students that I had back surgery – too nosey!
I still haven’t had a massage since returning from DR which is really bad. I must sort this out asap as I’ve got swelling in my abdomen. I don’t want to get a seroma. It’s £40 a pop in the UK and Mallol said I should have 3 a week for a month! I just have to factor the costs into the whole price of having surgery. This process is not cheap at all but oh so worth it!
Has anyone used ultra sound on their lipo areas? Did it help?

Swell hell - 4 week update

Just a quick update. I feel stronger and stronger each day but I still get tired very quickly. I am now having my massages and I can see and feel the difference in my body but am still very swollen, I’m not sure if I have a seroma but I’m not going to tamper with it yet as it is still early days. I have to force myself to drink lots of water after my lymphatic massages but I really struggle. Apparently though it really helps with the fluid in your body so I have to persevere with it – ugh!
The hardness in my back is starting to diminish but the itching is driving me insane! It’s like I have fleas and the sharp zip pains that that happen occasionally make me jump. I’m not going to complain though as I love my body, apart from the obvious swelling. I am a little concerned that my BBL didn’t turn out quite how I wanted it to but I will leave it a while and see how it looks in a few months’ time.
I discovered that if I don’t wear my lipo boards under my faja I am left with really unsightly dents in my body at the end of the day. This because the faja creases as you sit down. Even though the boards are not very comfortable they are necessary as they help keep my stomach flatter and keep the fluid down. I dumped the back board I bought in DR as it was a funny shape and really hard. I ordered a shaped one from e-bay which came from the States (so took nearly 2 weeks to arrive) and it’s much better.
I found out that the incisions from the lipo had spat out some of the disolvable stitches and they were quite sore. I had 2 under my breasts, 3 on my back and 2 under my butt cheeks. I decided that I would remove them myself and was terrified that it would hurt but they just came out really easily with a gentle tug and by the next day the soreness had gone. I still shower using Hibiclens and will do so until all my scars are completely healed. I’m probably overdoing it but hey ho! I can now start scar therapy on them. All suggestions on what works welcomed!
So, I’m healing really well. Dr Mallol was really impressed when I sent him my updated pictures. It’s so nice that I can still contact him even at this stage.
I’m desperate to start exercising – my legs are so flabby now! Surely I can do that from now! Plus, I pray the swelling goes down before summer. I’ve got bikinis to wear!
Dr Emmanuel Mallol Cotes

I can only give Dr Mallol 5 stars all the way. From the very beginning he has been very responsive and accommodating. There was no issue when I had to change my appointment date, my questions were answered in a timely manner whether via WhatsApp or email. The payment process is straight forward although I did hate having to carry so much cash on me from the UK but all the surgeons in the DR do this. During my consultation, I didn't feel rushed when I brought out my list of questions. He took his time to explain everything to me which put me at ease as I was a nervous patient. Please listen to what your surgeon tells you with regards to hygiene and infection avoidance. The buck stops with you a lot of the times and sometimes it's just one of those things that happen in the process of healing. For me, there was no issue at all with infections - I followed Dr Mallol's advice to the T. His persona just made me relax and I felt that I was in very good hands. After my surgery, I saw Dr Mallol several times before I left the clinic, then twice more before I left DR. He is a very busy man but he doesn't rush when he is with you. You have his attention 100%. With regards to the staff that dealt with me, I found them to be OK. I think the language barrier is an issue which makes them appear aloof. That said, I found that once I was able to get my point across they were fine with me. I watched them like a hawk but they were fine. It was just the noise during the night. It was terrible, not that I could have slept anyway and I doubt Dr Mallol is aware of this. Since coming home, I have been in contact with Dr Mallol several times via WhatsApp and he called me on the telephone to reassure me about my hard lipo area. I'm not aware of many surgeons who take the time out to do this for their patients. I am so glad I chose him and would recommend him to anyone who is considering at TT. I mean, have you seen my scar? It's amazing!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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