4 Kids and Want to Do my BBL and Possibly a TT in DR

I've gained too much weight and I think I look...

I've gained too much weight and I think I look hideous. My stomach is just growing and I'm fed up of people asking me when it's due. I've tried exercising ( a bit) but my stomach just laughs at me. I've decided that I need to do something about it.

I have been considering having at TT for a long time now and with my research I have now fallen in love with the idea of getting a bbl. I'm adamant that I will have it done but am not getting the support I need from family and friends so have decided that I will not bother to discuss it with them anymore. I hate it when people say you can loose the tummy fat with exercise and you can get a better shaped butt with squats! No you can't! It's a myth for someone of my age! It may well work on a pert 19 year old with tight skin and no history of giving birth! Anyway, forget them, this is all about me! I'm going to be selfish for a change!

So, I have researched Michael Salzhauer, MD in New York and Mr Miami. Mr Miami's waiting list was way to long for me. I want this done asap.
I discovered Dr Hamza after searching for a surgeon in the UK. OMG, this took me ages. It doesn't seem to be as popular in the UK as in the States. DR Hamza has got a good track record and seems knowledgeable so I have booked a consultation with him. I really want my surgery done in the UK as I worry about complications and getting them fixed. Having to fly all the way back to the States isn't something I want to do (or can afford to do).

I will touch base after my consultation and if I feel brave enough I will post my pics as I look now which as I said before is hideous (in my opinion).

Now who should I go with?

So, I've decided to go to Dr Baez but getting an appointment is proving to be so difficult. I made contact with her via realself and she responded really quickly asking to see my photographs and details about my medical history. I sent these to her and she again responded saying that I would need a TT as well as lipo and a bbl. I was so happy to hear from her. However, now that I want to book an appointment before the New Year she has gone silent. I have sent several emails and even text messages and there has been no response. I contacted Dr Mallol as I like his work, especially his TT, they are so neat. But my heart is set on Dr Baez. She's a woman. She knows what we want. I'm so frustrated. Talk to me Dr Baez, I need you! I am so ready to just get this procedure done. I will keep trying though, If it has to be the New Year then so be it. I am so over the 'are you pregnant look!'
Also, I have been researching recovery homes. I like the look and sound of Sea Lilly. Anyone got any feedback that would be useful on this particular RH? I'll be travelling solo so I need somewhere that will give me all the help I will need and definitely no room sharing ugh! I can't imagine sharing a room with someone else in pain, full of wind and snoring - no thanks!
I guess I'd better start doing my shopping! I'll post my before pics soon. I'm just trying to muster up courage!

My before pictures

I guess it's only fair show my before pictures if I am going to do a full review of my procedure so here I am- warts and all!

Question about faja hygiene

Hi Dolls
I read a lot about dolls getting their faja's washed by the staff at the recovery homes. How do they wash them? By washing machine with everyone else's or by hand singularly? Is this even a silly question since they HAVE to wash them separately innit? All that blood and lymphatic fluid..........I'm a serious germophobe.

Anyone going with Mallol in December 2016?

A buddy would be fab. He's given me a date for 18th December and I'm yet to decide on a recovery home. Help?
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