49, 4 Kids and Want to Do my BBL and Possibly a TT in the UK - London, GB

I've gained too much weight and I think I look...

I've gained too much weight and I think I look hideous. My stomach is just growing and I'm fed up of people asking me when it's due. I've tried exercising ( a bit) but my stomach just laughs at me. I've decided that I need to do something about it.

I have been considering having at TT for a long time now and with my research I have now fallen in love with the idea of getting a bbl. I'm adamant that I will have it done but am not getting the support I need from family and friends so have decided that I will not bother to discuss it with them anymore. I hate it when people say you can loose the tummy fat with exercise and you can get a better shaped butt with squats! No you can't! It's a myth for someone of my age! It may well work on a pert 19 year old with tight skin and no history of giving birth! Anyway, forget them, this is all about me! I'm going to be selfish for a change!

So, I have researched Michael Salzhauer, MD in New York and Mr Miami. Mr Miami's waiting list was way to long for me. I want this done asap.
I discovered Dr Hamza after searching for a surgeon in the UK. OMG, this took me ages. It doesn't seem to be as popular in the UK as in the States. DR Hamza has got a good track record and seems knowledgeable so I have booked a consultation with him. I really want my surgery done in the UK as I worry about complications and getting them fixed. Having to fly all the way back to the States isn't something I want to do (or can afford to do).

I will touch base after my consultation and if I feel brave enough I will post my pics as I look now which as I said before is hideous (in my opinion).
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