Video report. Full Face Lift, Brow Lift by Dominic Bray London. I am 49 Years old.

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So I have 5 days to go for my facelift and I am...

So I have 5 days to go for my facelift and I am excited and nervous all at the same time.

This is the start of a journal for you to follow if you wish from beginning to the end of my surgery.

I am a 49 year old model and I still shoot every week. I look a little younger than my age but have aged quickly just recently and could be happier with my look. I have decided that I would like to do something about it now. I will not be so bothered in 10 years time but at the moment it is important to me. I have searched for a couple of years now for a surgeon that suits me, not full on but occasionally and I found Dominic Bray. His reviews were great and after a consultation with him last month, I was convinced. So yes I have got in there quick, well there is no point in wasting time to look fantastic and I truly think that I feel I will especially after seeing his work.

The consultation was great he has a lovely manner and is not shy about showing you his work. There is good reason for this, it is fantastic. I discussed all my concerns with him and I am happy with his opinion. I wanted to get a younger look by having my jowls sorted and my forehead lifted to. I do not need a major review but a little will go a long way as he assured me.

I have spoken to Lucy yesterday, (Dominic's right hand girl), she is lovely and answered all my worries and any questions I had wonderfully. I intend to keep a journal of my experience the best that I can, for any woman who is considering a facelift with Dominic or any other surgeon.

I hope it will help you and if there is anything you would like to see, please let me know.


Received an email this morning from the surgeon.

Dominic mailed me this morning to reassure me and say hello. He has mentioned that he likes to go through and review his surgery plans for you several days before the surgery so he will be thinking of me. That was nice and it makes me feel confident in him today.

Hey also checked to see how I was getting on with not smoking just before surgery. Well the good news there is that I have become a non smoker for over a month now, which is amazing feat for me as I have smoked since I was 15. No struggle I just stopped, especially as he let me know what it does to your face in detail. Yuk is all I can say.

I have also embarked on a clean diet, mainly raw foods at the moment, so that is exciting and I feel great. I am also hoping it will help in my recovery as I will be absorbing more essential vitamins.

I will be posting up pictures I take later today.

On my way to London this morning...

My surgery is at 1pm,i have slept well and I'm excited now. Just eaten my last meal, small brekkie. Im not having a general anaesthetic, I will be having local with sedation, mainly for my health.

Video Up to London I go, for my facial surgery with Dominic Bray

Face surgery on my way to London
Just before my surgery.

2nd day after face lift

So here is today's update, I hippie this video goes through as yesterday's didn't.

2nd day after operation facelift

1st day and a little swelling.
As you can see first day swelling. I've had some but just a little bleeding over night from my neck and it all feels very tight as to be expected.

Back home now ...

I am back home now and did not struggle on my two hour journey on the train, I was completely comfortable. Before I left I went to see Dominic again he needed to take out the staples and give my face a massage to move the anaesthetic to my lymphs for drainage, there is a build up of it that collects after surgery. He then put me under a light machine that starts off boosting the collagen in the skin helping to kick off the healing process, I imagine as the light was so bright that it must have kicked out some vitamin D.

My face is quite swollen and I know on Sunday it will worsen but I am doing everything I can to take care of my face, especially icing which is essential, I can feel it making a big difference, I slept with ice all night too.

I want to remind you ladies to that I undertook this operation on just local anaesthetic and sedation. I can not recommend this more, I hate general anaesthetics at the best of times and it feels like an eternity before it leaves your body, so I would highly recommend having your op this way. I don't remember much but I was talking with the surgeon at times during the procedure, we had a funny moment where I asked him why he was stapling my head. I was happy and enjoyed every moment of the Op, so this was definitely the way to go.

Day 3/4 recovery

Ouch a lot, but it's still worth it.
Very swollen today and very sore, lots of ice is needed today and lots of rest.

Day 5

I have tried to upload another video but this site I find is very awkward, just thought I would let you know.

Anyway I am getting on just fine, yesterday I felt a whole lot better just as I thought it was going to get real bad the pain and the swelling subsided. I feel so happy and relieved. I have had surgery before and I can honestly say after each time I had gone through at least a week of agony. I have also read other women's recovery stories and they seemed to have suffered quite a lot like I have done in the past.

I am very in tune with my body and I know that my recovery speed is honestly down to my diet, having just a local anaesthetic and my surgeons skills with no doubt. Drinking a home made juice one or twice a day 2 months before my scheduled operation definitely has helped my body receive the nutrients it needs to cope with invasive surgery. As I mentioned before, other surgeries I had before I was left in absolute agony and recovery was very slow. I think I finally got it right this time.

I will post up some pics tomorrow of the newer me.

1 Week review

So things appear to be going pretty well. I guess I have still felt out of it for the whole week really but that is mainly due to the fact that I have let myself relax, as in I don't have to worry about going back to work too soon as I work for myself I can do that whenever I feel ready. If I had of had to go back to work I think I would generally take three weeks off. I am sure there are ladies that go back much sooner. I went to see Dominic for my review and to have my stitches taken out. That was all very well. He also gave me some laser treatment to help the swelling and bruising.

I do feel much better and some days now I feel super but I do tend to get tired quickly and need to rest and not push it too much. I think because you generally feel much better you think that you can go for it but your body soon puts you right on that.

I am still have firmness and swelling around my face and as each day goes past it gets slightly better, it feels as if the healing process is slowing down a little but I do see a little improvement every day. I am 12 days after surgery now so looking forward to still recovering.

Tightness and sore ears.

So today brings new sensations as the older ones disappear, as the tenderness of the original bruising goes away the healing of the skin and incisions become more apparent, so I feel little sharp pricks every now and then around the scars and the bruising feels different now. The numbness in my face effects me at different parts of the day, usually when I first wake up I am more sensitive and when I am tired at the end of the day. I am thinking of going back to wearing my face garment at night, I stopped for a bit as the tightness of it was getting uncomfortable, I feel it might give me a little more of a secure feeling at night.

A tonic for recovery I have made called Hug in a Mug FOR THOSE WHO LOVE ORGANIC

I have made a tonic that I absolutely love. It has great healing properties and a great energy boost, great for the morning and can be drank every day for the rest of your life. I have found this is excellent for my healing and when I get down with the pain it really helps. If you want a drink that is calming, change the Yerba Mate with a Chamomile tea. I hope you love this as much as I do, it is delicious.

Shopping List

Make the Yerba Mate tea on the stove and then drain.

3 TBS Yerba Mate
3 cups of water
2 TBS Lacuma
2 TBS coconut oil
2 tsp chaga powder
1 tsp vanilla
1 teaspoon peppermint
3 dates
1-5 drops stevia depending on how sweet you want the drink.
Pinch of salt.

Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend. Then drink and enjoy.

About Dr Dominic Bray

My Review for Dr Dominic Bray.

The BIG test!

I was waiting for this day, for the BIG test. I am very well known in my field of work and so I am recognised on a daily basis and my face is in the press and on camera every day, so there was one big issue for me having a face lift, it was that I don't want to look different. If I did I would get complaints I would loose some of my fan base and all sorts, it is imperative that I look like me.

Well the test came and I ventured out into town and had to pop to London for a meeting. NO ONE noticed. Hooray I was so happy. I was recognised twice and fans just said I looked very pretty and much more so in the flesh. Well that's good as I have not done a shoot since my Op. I went along for my meeting and everybody just crowed how wonderful I looked, I blamed it on my new diet LOL. So now I think a few of them will be eating juice diets from now, so funny. The women said I looked so young and that my diet had made a great difference to my skin, I have been using the obagi skin care that Lucy suggested to me too. No one mentioned surgery and believe me if they had of suspected it, in my world hell they would have said something without a doubt. The men kept staring and smiling more than usual and all of them said to me that I was looking really hot.

So that is a success as far as I can see, so thanks Dominic you bl**dy genius!

My latest Pics!!!

So I still have not attempted to put any make-up on, I wear it as little as I can as at work I have to be slapped in the stuff every day, so I love the break from it. Here are some latest pics, I will take more later to if you like. My look is changing everyday. I am feeling much better and my swelling is gradually going down but I know I have still had an Op. Last night I fell back a little again, the problem is the healing is going so well you think that you are entirely out of the woods you forget it and there is no difficulty. Then the next part of the healing process begins and there is a new sensation that wipes you out again. So at the moment I still have some of my stitches in, I had most taken out after week one but I still have many in. Well they are healing very fast now and the scabs are beginning to dry so there is this tightness, (this is all normal and a good thing according to Dominic and it is what he expects and wants to be happening), so it felt tiring and I needed to have a bath soften my skin and I asked my friend to rub the scars in coconut oil for a little relief. I then went on to have a warm honey and ginger water and an early night in bed. It's a little tight this morning there is a little itching but it all feels good.

Week Four, Check Me Out LOL

Hello girlies, well I am on week four now today, Hooray. I have posted my week four surgery pictures and the look I have I think is amazing. I would like to point out that these pics do not do any justice as my face looks amazing in real life, honest. I have yet to put any make up on, but I am enjoying not wearing it. Getting to this point is a milestone as all the days until this include, highs and lows and all in between. Most days you wake up and think great I'm recovered this is it and your body and face at some point in the day lets you know that it's not. These journeys are a combination of body tiredness, face tiredness, sleepiness, pinches or little sore bits through out the day, nothing too dramatic though, just reminders to tell you to take it easy. Sometimes I would experience a new sensation and get a little worried and sometimes a bigger worry would surface. Every time I had one of these worries, I would text Dominic and he would more than put my mind at ease, he would ask me questions and reassure me that everything was normal and expected.

Every morning I look in the mirror, in fact every once in a while during the day I will take a mirror visit. Please bear in mind that I did not look in them very much at all before my surgery especially just to look at my face, I only used them to see what I was doing. This is not down to vanity as I am not a vain person, it's because I am enjoying the wonderful gift I have been given of looking a little more like the age I feel inside. I am still running around with my son and his friends and I still go and dance the night away with them, I want to look my best.

So for women that can and want to, if I can help I will. This is a big decision however you deserve this little bit of happiness, so go for it.

I will be going out on Saturday so I will post pics of me with make up on and looking my best. XX

New Pics

So as I promised here are my new pics with a little make up on, I will keep on posting more.

Still healing well...But I am so sensative

This week I am delighted with the way my face is looking, it seems to change every week as my operation is settling, I mostly do not notice that I have had any thing done, but on the odd occasion I feel a little tug or twinge. This week I feel the need to tell you that I am incredibly sensitive in my skin, if there is the slightest bite or itch I feel it more strongly than anyone else (I have had this problem most of my life, my skin is super super sensitive, which is why I have continued this profile, if I feel anything then I believe it can help others, plus it's cathartic for me to. So to this week have felt quite itchy but that does not last very long, just have to resist scratching it, as I am a scratcher, when I start to itch it can sometimes effect other areas of my body to, this has happened in the past after I have had a tattoo, so I was expecting it anyway. I also notice that my scars are sensitive this week to and are weeping a little. I texted Dominic and again he is very reassuring and always puts my mind at rest. All in all I feel great and my skin feels good, I can still feel all the healing going on, so I am a happy bunny. Dominic has also prescribed me with face cream called OBAGI and my skin looks quite glowy. Just for fun, I was at dinner with my friends and family the other night and we were discussing conspiracy theories so my friend made me a special aluminium hat to protect me from the cosmos rays LOL , I thought you would like to see this pic, I have no make up on and I think I look super young. Whoop!

A Year and a half later ...

So I thought I would give an update after a year and a half post OP. Almost every month my skin and face looks better. I feel I have grown wonderfully into my new look and my face fits. I have been so delighted with the whole experience with Dominic and his team. Dominic's work I can honestly say changed everything for me, since I have had the lift I just feel totally relaxed, whereas before I was constantly unhappy with my ageing face. Below are a variety of pictures all have been taken after a year from my surgery. They are pics with friends and my dog some of them are pro pics as I'm still modelling at the age of 50. Thanks to Dominic.

I am delighted to have met Dominic after a few years of looking for the right surgeon I found him. I can keep this very simple, if you want to be in safe hands and have the best surgery possible for your face with the best after care you could ever need, go no further. Dominic is absolutely lovely, there are not many people like him in this world but he is special. His genuine care is second to none and the team he has around him reflect his own passion for what he does. He is a master at what he does and that is why he only performs facial procedures, this impressed me muchly. I had no doubt in my consultation that I would let any other surgeon have my face. Dominic is confident, knowledgeable, professional and realistic everything I wanted in my surgeon. His team are extremely professional and Lucy his PA is an excellent ambassador for what he does and to looks after you all the way from beginning to end and more. It is two weeks now since my procedure and Dominic and Lucy have looked after me all the way, I still receive texts messages asking about my recovery and the reassurance is second to none, they have contacted me with every little doubt or worry that I have had. I never expected the care to be this high and I am absolutely delighted, my surgery is amazing I could not be more happy. Every day I wake up and look in the mirror I have a huge smile on my face. If you care about your face and your treatment and after care, go no where else. You will be in amazing hands and you will enjoy the whole procedure. This is cosmetic surgery at it's best. Thanks you Dominic for my amazing transformation.

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