22 Y/o, Mild Tuberous Breasts, Breast Lift with Implants on Dark Skin, Currently 32A/B - London, GB

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I hit puberty, around the age of 11, and my...

I hit puberty, around the age of 11, and my breasts began growing from then, however I always knew that something was not right about the shape or look of them and so I always hid them away even from my mother. As the years went on, my hatred of my breasts only grew stronger and it got to the point where I would look at myself in the mirror with such disgust I'd break down into tears.

A couple of years ago, I was a watching a television show called 'Embarrassing Bodies' and a woman with breasts exactly the same as mine came on and it was from then on that I came to learn the term 'tuberous' and that I wasn't the only one with the deformity! Soon after I had it confirmed by my GP and had a go at applying to have them fixed on the NHS however that was turned down (no surprise there!). Since then, I have had numerous consultations with various doctors trying to find the perfect surgeon to finally fix them. I am set on finally having them done in December this year and have my last consultation in a few weeks with a renowned doctor at one of the Spire clinics. From there, I hope to settle on one PS to use and book my surgery as soon as possible.

The reviews on here and a private Facebook group called Eden's Bustmob, have all helped to make this process easier and less daunting. My only worries are keloid/hypertrophic scarring and generally going 'under'!! There aren't many cases of tuberous women with dark skin on here so I hope I can be of help to someone else out there. I shall follow up with an update after my consultation so feel free to follow me on journey! :)
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