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The first septorhino and turbinate operation left...

The first septorhino and turbinate operation left me with fractures in my bone and a hump and collapsing nose, I did it to improve my breathing passages nothing cosmetic as I was happy with my nose. Iv now had the second operation and I regret it my nose looks HUGE and I don't like it anymore I miss my old nose it really changes the face! My nose is huge apparently I look completely different, my nose is upturned, I look like a pig, my nose comes out longer and the tip is huge not petite anymore, I have a circular indent on my tip, upon going to an emergency review they wouldn't tell me anything about my concern they kept saying wait till the review which is on April 15th. I can't leave my house, I'm extemly self conscious. My skin has broken out EXCESSIVLEY iv never had acne before now it's ALL over my face Iv couted more than 60 spots -_- and they have been here for 3 weeks now. My nose is horrible what do I do?????!

Weird smell

I went to an emergency review last week because I got a weird circular indent and bumps and the nose seemed to be bending. I was given antibiotics as he said there could be a minor injection and said he couldn't say anything till my two month follow up in April. Today I have had an awful BAD BAD smell I know it's sign of injection??? What do I do??

When will I be "restaurant ready"?

It's nearly exactly 4 weeks, I am yet still far from socially acceptable. I have not gone back to work, I refuse to leave my house even for a meal with friends. When will I look "normal", I understand it takes months to a year for swelling to subside, I didn't know I would look like this prior to my operation till the day the cast was off and even then the surgeon didn't warn me of the after math of the surgery. I want to be able to look normal enough to leave my house, Iv seen many people post op 2 weeks with normal faces! Is it just me???

One month later...

Still hate my nose even more, I miss and prefer my old nose, its not as straight from the side profile as it was the day I took the cast off. It's still HUGE front view it looks like a massive obergine! Still not comfortable to go out. Spots still have not gone since the breakout when I took my cast off. I want to have another corrective surgery it's getting worse not better can't stand the nose now, this is all the first surgeons fault if he had done the surgery properly I wouldnt of had to have a second one, probably now a third by the looks of this nose! Any advice? Still blocked my sister hit my nose yesterday at the tip not sure if thats ok?

One month after septorhinoplasty

Growing bump in middle of bridge

So my side profile now looks bigger, longer and has a bump in the middle of my bridge as the swelling has gone down!!! I'm hoping this is not going to progress into the final result having a bump left over?

Huge wide nose 5 months post op why???

My nose is bigger and wider at 5 months breathing is getting worse and narrower as months progress, must hold cheeks at night to breath properly, what do I do? I am so unbelievably depressed

7 months later... WORSE THAN EVER

My breathing is much worse, my nights are so restless due to the nasal collapse on both sides my breathing is near to non existent!
Visually my nose is disgusting I hate myself and how I look, I no longer socialise, see my friends or go out, I am on leave at work because I can't even go to work looking the way I do! What do I do I can't wait another 5 months to fix this I need it fixed as soon as possible!

need serious advice multiple nasal issues no surgeons will touch

I had a rhino-septoplasty following a bad septoplasty in August of 2014 , it left me with a nasal collapse and a dorsal hump. I then had a rhino-septoplasty to correct my breathing and simply remove the bump. I now am still blocked bilaterally and have a number of cosmetic concerns. I have an irregular left nasal be, as well as broad dorm. My tip is bulbous and i have a slight drift at my tip onto my right hand side. Internally I have prolapse of both my lower lateral cartridges into my nasal cavity almost narrowing my valves. Cosmetically my nose is curving all the way from the bridge down to the tip towards my left side, I can feel and see at the bridge where my hump was, lined indents as cuttings made when filing my hump, that is still visible. My nose is bigger, ridiculously bigger, and through the recovering process has gone bigger, I just want my nose back to how it was, to be able to breath again, sleep again, I have sleep apnea now due to my oxygen levels dropping at night. I have lost all confidence, I can't see my partner for months due to this, I do not know what to do. I just want it to be fixed for my nose to be petite again and look better.

3rd time lucky? NOPE! It is forever hopeless on me... What can I do???

I had one septoplasty in Aug 2014 just to breath better, Feb 2015 a septorhino, and another in 2016 to fix the collapses I was left with blocking my breathing leaving my nose looking bigger everywhere. After my 2nd opp my nose stayed big a year, after this 2nd opp my nose looks the same as I went in

5 months post opp.. The same big nose :D

It has been around 5 months since my operation, and my nose is still so so huge the shape is disgusting and the tip is drooped again... I have had a horrible smell in my left nostril for around 2 months now I was given antibiotics and nasal spray... but nothing has changed or progressed... I do not know what to do anymore. I have paid so much for 3 surgeries.. and no one has fixed it. Missing my old nose, it was so perfect.

The same...

So my nose is still troll like everyone that sees me says "oh no what did you do to your nose" my surgeon says it's apparently swelling but I don't believe him have you seen my nose? It's so huge it's the same as after the second surgery nothing has changed! I wanted to get married in the next year and I can't now with this nose :(

6 months later...Not getting any better..

It has been 6 months, I still have a nasal collapse and unable to breath. My nose is still so big and wide. I do not know what to do anymore I really need some advice. I have uploaded photos in order 1-8 which are grouped together of how I looked prior surgery and now.
Dr randawa

This man ruined my life, my nose is bigger it's collapsed and it cannot be fixed! If I could give ZERO stars I would.

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