Nasolabial Folds, CELLULITIS Infection - London, TX

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Dear all, my horrendous experience with Teosyal...

Dear all, my horrendous experience with Teosyal began 2 months ago ( ===> few hours after treatment) and I really want to share with everybody what happened to me.

I had a practitioner recommended to me by an acquaintance a few years ago when first lines started showing and I considered botox. The guy I met was pleasant enough and he did an excellent job with the botox plus he was "cheap". He also recommended me to fill up my nasolabial folds and I had this done too. I had some bruising afterwards but the result was nice. After that I had botox every 6 months and filled up my nasolabial folds i total 3 times over 4 years.... but the last time turned out to be a disaster.... Immediately after he injected Teosyal in my left side, the area became very bruised and quite painful as if he injected too close to my nose. I trusted him so I didn't think anything of it. A few hours later however, strange discolouration started showing on my nose and the bruising became more severe (lot more sever than I had the previous two times). I sent him a picture and he said I should put cold patches on it and massage the area (in hindsight the worst thing to do...). The next day my nostrils became painful and hard and the discolouration had spread and was deep purple. I developed a nasty cold and sneezed constantly. Blowing my nose was painful. I messaged him again expressing my concern but I was again told to be patient, this was apparently normal... I was still able to cover the redness up with make up so again, stupid me, I thought he was probably right. Mind you he had injected me twice before with Teosyal and botox numerous times...

Well as you can see from my pictures attached.... there was really nothing normal about it. On day 3 I developed nasty spots and they were extremely sore when touching them. My cold didn't seem to subside and because I was unable to cover up the spots and furious redness I had to take a sick day. I was very unhappy about it as this was really the worst time for me to take time off work and again sent another picture. It felt like my nurse was getting annoyed with me and I felt so down about my entire appearance. On day 4.... things started getting really worse and I again sent him a picture. He changed his view and told me to go to the GP to get some steroid cream (beyond BAD advice!). I thought the change of heart was strange, I guess I had been hoping for another "it will be absolutely fine" so I started researching via this forum. It turns out one of the forums touched upon a very dangerous deep tissue infection named cellulitis and her pictures looked identical to what I was experiencing (minus the hideous, sore spots). I knew right then and there something was completely wrong, especially when I looked up what cellulitis truly meant. I booked a GP consultation with a private clinic straight away and thankfully they were able to see me the same day...

During my appointment the GP told me the infection was looking severe and asked me whether he could call in a dermatologist. The dermatologist confirmed cellulitis and told me he has seen more cases of this when filler is injected too close and deep. He told me my infection was already in an advanced stage but because I didn't really have a high temperature he thought an antibiotics injection, antibiotics cream and a 10 day course of antibiotics will solve it. He also told me that if I developed a headache within 48 hours I had to go to hospital straight away but for now staying at home was hopefully sufficient.... I was shocked and terrified....

Thankfully within 48 hours the infection started clearing up but cellulitis is no walk in the park... In the end it took me 21 days of antibiotics to completely clear up the infection and the aftermath was horrible. I had to take in total 1.5 weeks off work as I was beyond tired from fighting the infection and the antibiotics. In addition the tissue on and around my nose was damaged and the infection had caused a lot of capillaries around my nose to burst.

The practitioner did check up on me occasionally and even though I told him I suffered from cellulitis I don't think he fully understood how serious my condition truly was. Every time he texted me again he enquired about the "whiteness" and well in all fairness even though him checking up was kind, the spots were the least of my concern. He also offered to pay for my medication but to date (two months later...) he has taken no initiative to do so.

I feel stupid... I trusted this man with my face and if I hadn't found pictures on this forum I probably would have stuck it out longer with potentially disastrous consequences. In addition, visiting him was never about money. Yes he offered treatments cheaper but it was a matter of trust and he was recommended so I felt I was in the right hands. He told me he had done fillers hundreds of time so who was I to doubt him?

In the end, I can blame the practisioner all I want but it's really my own responsibility and hence this review. I am an intelligent woman, I should have known better but yet I didn't. I felt that reading up on Teosyal reviews and potential side effects was enough, never in a million years did I realise that the way the product is injected might have something to do with it to to this extent.

PLEASE, when you consider fillers.... take my story into account and make sure your immune system is 200%, your practitioner is part of a well established clinic which actually will be able to look after you in case things do go wrong and do not consider price as an obstacle. Including private doctors, medication and procedures to help the redness disappear I've now easily spent close to 2000 dollars (with the injections only being 600) and I am not there yet. More importantly, I put my health in serous danger....and well that's probably the stupidest thing ever.

I hope this helps, sorry for the long story but I really really really wanted to share my story and make you all aware.


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