Hyaluronidase Works 5 Years After Dermal Filler Injection - London, TX

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I had dermal fillers injected into my tear troughs...

I had dermal fillers injected into my tear troughs and nasojugal lines when I was 27, I am now 32. I did it really because the nasojugal lines were asymmetrical. I have a slightly asymmetrical face to start off with. The initial treatment really worked. Flattened out my face, but a 3years later I noticed a weird orbital rim effect, very ugly under the wrong light.

I -assumed- that the original filler was gone, and that this was a normal part of ageing. So I had more filler injected, to bulk out the cheek on that side, so that it wouldn't catch a shadow.

This recessed eventually, so I had more. Maybe three or four lots in small amounts. Including on my malaria area. I started noticing my face was becoming increasingly weird looking, with a small mobile blob that moved up and down on my cheek. The confusing thing was this was underlying a patch of solar elastosis, so I assumed, it was just elastosis...

Eventually after about 5 years from the initial injection, I lost some weight, and I could see filler lumps moving around my eyes. Some of this was 3+ years old, some was 5+ (the tear trough). I tried to massage it hard to get it to go away and i felt a 'squish' sensation. About 4 hours later my cheek swelled up with oedema all over the malaria region. I had blocked my lymphatic drainage. It looked hellish!

I went to a oculoplastic surgeon and she injected hyaluronidase. It was bloody magic. Within about 5 minutes I could feel the pressure decreasing. She took out the tear trough filler, which she could see, despite the fact I assumed it was gone 4 years back!? The weird mobile lump subsided into my (new) nasojugal crease, and looks a MILLION times better. The elastosis no longer catches the light. The weird 'rim' shadow around my eye disappeared as well. I now realise that all I thought was puffiness in the eye due to age, was in fact an overfilled tear trough. I've been feeling bad about myself for 5 years because of this!!

I look way better. Literally within 10 minutes I looked so much better. My lines are back where nature intended, not blobbing about on my face. My eye socket is a bit darker, but looks -nice- and normal, rather than a bit weird. I feel flipping fantastic about myself, when I'd felt grim for 4 years completely necessarily.

Take home messages are:
1. Filler around the tear trough does not go away in 6 mths to 1 year. It can hang around for at least 5 years. Mine was not showing any inclination of going away
2 .Hyaluronidase is magic, and works on even extremely old filler. Don't believe anyone who says that a residual lump is just 'collagen' it could well still be filler.
3. Be very very careful with any injection in the malaria area of the cheek, it can occlude lymphatic drainage. If you are worried about it, don't massage it, get it lysed with hyaluronidase.
4. If your appearance looks a bit 'weird' years after filler, try lysing it, and don't get into a vicious cyle of using more filler to 'bolster' the weird bit...

Anyway. Hope this helps anyone reading it.
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