35yrs Old and 34dd is Not for Me! - London, GB

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Hi everyone. Thank you for such a great site and...

Hi everyone. Thank you for such a great site and encouraging stories.

I had my implants (above the muscle) fitted 14 yrs ago age 21 against everyones opinion. they took me from a 34b to a 34dd. I have been unhappy really since having them (but that's a secret, please don't tell my mum! lol) as ive felt they were too big and really booby in pictures etc.. I finally made the move earlier this year to approach my gp as one my left one has gone hard and has moved a little bit ie pulls a bit to the left (its been hardening for a couple of years but I ignored it....another intelligent move!) The hospital have since discover that also my right side has a leak and they recommend they are removed asap. They gave me the option of replacing and going smaller and I have been back and forth (literally) deciding and discussing what to do.

Thankfully in my distress I found this site and have been encourage to just remove them. No lift, no replacement. I have a pre surgery assessment on Friday then I'm in for the 8th September. I AM VERY CONCERNED ABOUT HOW THEY WILL LOOK. However, I just want my body back. sometimes I freak out thinking that they things are in my body and causing discomfort. my left one hardening does ache and has therefore gone out of shape!! i didn't realise how bad until i actually looked from a side profile. The right one has fallen naturally but this is due to the leak.
I have been told I will look saggy after and actually felt a bit pushed to replace them. but I just wasn't sold on the idea I can go through all this again essentially. I look at photos of me and see boobs straight away. big round bulbous boobs and they don't look natural or feel it anymore.

I'm booked for removal on September 8th and although very nervous just want to get it done and am praying that my body recovers well and my emotions stay in check although I guess that's just hoping. I hope I am young ish enough to heal and bounce back a bit..but again this is my head trying to stay positive.

I am off to Ibiza on Monday so its a last chance to relax and sunbathe topless with big boobs albeit not at their best!. and also get a bit of perspective.

I can hear my little girl singing "let it go" watching Frozen in the living room now,and what a apt song! because I will be letting these implants go and if I'm a bit saggy that was a choice i made years earlier by inserting these implants before i realised what was important (my children and happiness). but fingers crossed for a good result.

I just want to feel normal again. at the moment i feel like a right tit! lol.

paula xx

so far so good....?

its been two weeks, and I have been cleared to go back to the gym. I was very tender but healed quickly and I know I made the best decision. I'm hoping they will fill out a bit more but am probably just missing the fullness of the implants but embracing being natural more.

nearly 1 year on....

just a quick update really to complete the journey. I'm about 4 weeks ago from my explant anniversary and I am in no doubt I made the right decision not to replace. Im back to a 34b - my original size - and I'm pleased with the result. they are stretched and no way as perky as pre boob job sadly; considering ive had two children and 14 years of stretching them with silicone my little boobs my result is something ive learnt to love. I just wish id never messed about in the first place and if I could advise anybody I would say to accept who you are and buy a car or have a holiday with the money instead!

one year on...almost.

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