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As a lot like other people, I've came to regret my...

As a lot like other people, I've came to regret my first tattoos. I got them done around 16 years ago when I was travelling and living in Australia.
For the first 5-8 years I really liked them but as the years rolled on I started to cover them up more with jumpers and so forth. It's at the point I'm pretty embarrassed by them.
I've even got to the point I've forgot what they even mean(face palm).
I thought about covering them up but I like the idea of having my arms clean again(or at least close).

As luck would have it, I have a friend who works in a cosmetic studio in a very highly established street in London England that's famous for beauty cosmetics. I asked her with regards to how treatments work and she happened to mention that the studio needs models(to show removal progress-cost free) and would I like to take part? Part of me is anxious but I think it would of been foolish to pass up the chance, so I said yes.

If I'm honest, I've become pretty nervous about it. Lucky for me, my tattoos are pretty small and solid black, so I'm hoping the process won't be as hard on me as I've seen on here for other poor souls.
My main concern overall is, will my tattoo end up ghosting?

I'll keep this updated and wish me luck.
If you have any questions then please let me know and YES it does rain a lot in London before you ask :P

Todays the day for my first removal session.

So today is the day for the first session.
I'm pretty nervous about it if I'm honest. I'm not worried about the pain but it's the way it's going to look afterwards. I'm concerned it would look worse than if I just kept it untouched.
I guess I should stick to the motto 'He who dares'.
Wish me luck !

1st session done

I've just completed my first session of laser removal.
The studio was super clean and the staff were very nice and helpful.
I was explained what was to expect and possible complications. All questions I had were answered.
I put on Emla numbing cream 40 minutes prior to the session.
I found the pain more than bearable, maybe due to the cream but still it was more than fine to move at a pace that I found comfortable.
The pain it self was perfectly described by others on here as someone firing an elastic band at the tattoo at great speed.
I've had no bleeding, blistering or scabbing so far.
The worst part which was 10x more painful than the session it self was taking off the dressing and the tape pulling my arm hairs out...OUCH !
I hope to go back in 6 weeks time for session 2.

The pics posted were taken around 24 hours after the session.
I'll update them in 2 weeks time.

Going for my 2nd session tomorrow.

It's been about 6 weeks since my first session and I was lucky enough to get another one tomorrow.
If I'm honest, I really don't see much difference since I had my first session.
The tattoos look just as dark and I really see no fading except one tiny part on a corner point.
Hopefully the next session will properly kick start everything in motion.
Wish me luck !

24 hours after 2nd session.

Wow, this session was more intense.
I had a different person this time working on me. She talked me through on how they are going to increase the settings to push for a better result. She came across fully professional and I felt I was in good hands.
The session it self was much more intense because of the change in settings.
This time they went over the tattoo twice instead of the once over last time.

My tattoos like last time feel a little sore, very swollen and I've got a couple small looking blisters which I hope don't get bigger over the course of the day.

Overall I was very happy how the session was conducted.
Last hope we see some results this time.
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