4 Day Old Tattoo - Removal Via PicoWay - London, GB

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Hi everyone, so I am starting my tattoo removal...

Hi everyone, so I am starting my tattoo removal process. I guess I keep going back and forth between keeping and removing it. Keeping it because removal seems like a long process and I get to use the money for other things. I don't particularly hate the tattoo but I have now realised (a bit too late) that it's useless - I got it to cover a scar and divert attention from that area of my body. Now, as the tattoo is so prominent, that's the last thing it'll do. I am not depressed about it however - which I am thankful for. My thoughts are more along the lines of "Would prefer my own/old skin". So I thought I'd start the process now and hopefully by the year's end, it's all gone.

Well, dramatically faded anyway. I simply want it faded so that I don't have to wear opaque tights to hide it completely. So I have been talking to a clinic in London about using their PicoWay machine. They've told me I am going to have to wait to remove it - so that my tattoo heals. Which I am fine with - as little damage as possible please.

I have seen so little info on PicoWay that I am hoping my experience helps other people choose what's best for them. It is pricey but I am convinced it's the best one for me simply because of how well it's done in clinical tests - I got sent a presentation by the clinic. Before and after photos were taken of the patients of a doctor called Eric Bernstein. I am inclined to believe it works simply because the doctor is well known and I read his academic paper on tattoo removal - I don't tend to believe articles unless it's peer-reviewed. So let's hope it does what it says on the tin.

My first session is in the second week of Feb and it's going to cost £199 and a bit for travel to London and back. I don't mind though - let's get this ball rolling!

The tattoo is a star (boring!) which I didn't get to be unique as is the case with most tattoos but I would prefer something a bit lighter.

I am 70% sure I'll go ahead and remove it but my tattoo is still healing and I need to decide why I am keeping the tattoo or why I am removing it. I currently don't really hate it and I don't think it really would impact my life as it's on my leg and I only show my legs out of the house 3 days of the year)- I really love tights. I need to evaluate this properly and make a decision. If I do remove it - I'll go ahead with it in February as the earlier I start the better. On the other hand, I am a student and removing it means money will be tight for the next couple of months. And I won't get to go to Portugal. Decisions, decisions!

Decision Made and Mental State

Hi everyone again,

I wasn't going to update until the 13th of Feb when I go to my first consultation at sk:n clinic here but I thought to just let everyone know what's going on. I have booked two consultations one already mentioned and the other at PHI clinic in London. I booked the first because I was being a bit parsimonious as it's cheap to get there (no transport costs, really as I have a bus pass) and the prices are cheaper. After more thought I asked myself whether I really wanted to pay less for a third of the results and the answer was no! So I booked PHI clinic consultation on the 25th of Feb. I've paid for my patch test at PHI clinic (with the PicoWay!) so I know I am definitely going for PHI clinic and I am looking forward to it. Although I'd rather have the process started earlier, I wanted to wait for about 8 weeks before going to London so my skin would be completely healed and I could have my consultation and patch test the same day. I didn't want to risk going earlier and having them say I couldn't do my patch test if my skin needs more healing.

I have not cancelled by sk:n clinic consultation because I want to have someone to examine my tattoo and tell me what they think so I can adjust my expectations accordingly.

In the meantime, I am focusing on more important aspects of my life, mostly academics and dancing and keeping myself healthy. Throw in a bit of mountaineering and you've got a completely content me. So I am definitely not letting this keep me down. Although, some days still are harder than others.

It's also helped that when I told some people I am removing it, they ask "why?" as it apparently suits me. I am not sure why they say that but sometimes, I think so too. Not enough to want to keep it, just enough to enjoy it while it's there, if that makes any sense. Anyway, that's all for now. I'll post a mini-update mid-Feb and another one on the 25th or 26th of Feb with pictures of my patch test. Although I am not going anywhere - will still be here, watching out for everyone's progress in the meantime.

(P.S I haven't proofread this so if there are any grammatical errors, apologies )
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