Perhaps Don't Rush into a Facelift with Dominic Bray, Try Botox First - London, GB

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This review is about a near procedure, not an...

This review is about a near procedure, not an actual one. One where I visited Dr Bray to ask what options there were for my somewhat saggy face and fat neck. I was left reeling - only a full facelift, a brow lift and liposuction at minimum. A cost of at least £12k. Nothing else would do. I booked in. Put money on cards, continued to avoid mirrors, got more and more stressed. Then my son, who's disabled, needed my financial input and also reminded me (not out loud, he's autistic) why unnecessary surgery is to be avoided. I cancelled - depressed beyond belief that all I'd achieved was pointing out how hideous I'd become. I booked lower face Botox with Dr Prager. It looked great. I lost two stone. It looked great. That app where you ask how old you look? I went from 58 to 38. I had my eyebrows tinted, another couple of years gone. I have no doubt that Dominic Bray is an exceptional surgeon - his feedback is amazing, he's a nice chap and had I gone ahead I would probably look 30. But I'm 51. I don't need that. When I need a facelift, IF I need a facelift he would be my choice but blimey, be sure before you visit that expertly applied lower face Botox won't do the job at least for the time being.
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