25 Coloured Tattoo Upper Arm - Instant Regret. London, GB

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Hi, Just want to start of by saying the community...


Just want to start of by saying the community spirit on this site is unbelievable.

So I recently, impulsively, got a tattoo a new tattoo. It was done by someone I'm familiar with who has already tattooed me.

To the main story. When having a recent 'session' he showed me (what looked at the time) to be the coolest Boba Fett tattoo (from the movie Star Wars. It looked so detailed and not too colourful and not like a homage to Star Wars in any way. As there wasn't any meaning behind this tattoo and I just appreciated the artwork I decided to have it placed on my upper right arm where it would be hidden, even by short sleeves (a tiny part pokes out underneath). Turned out once the tattoo was complete I had an instant emptiness feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Now not to sound too cliche but I'm really someone that lives life as carefree as possible, and the thought of tattoo regret never even crossed my mind. Well that soon changed! As soon as i got home I wanted to chop my arm off.

Ive been trying to constantly reassure myself and tell myself over and over "it's just ink", "it's just ink". However, the only person I've mustered the courage to tell is my girlfriend of 2 1/2 years who isn't a fan of the tatt. I got it done on May 4th and my mother (who I live with) still isn't aware of its existence. I won't leave the bathroom in just a towel and get changed in my room anymore - I get changed in the bathroom! So as much as I try to not let it get to me - it does.

I'm aware a tattoo of this size will take probably a year or so to see signs of removing and even then I'm not sure about the red. I might leave the roses at the top. Am I allowed to be specific about which sections I want removing or will it all need to be treated as one?

The colours are green, black and red. He included white which I've read is almost impossible to remove however there is only a small amount of white so I'm not overly bothered. I have a lower half sleeve on the other arm which I wanted to complete but I've now been so traumatised (I'm being so dramatic lol) that I just don't want anymore tattoo work!

I believe I have to wait 3 months before I can start the process. I live in London and there is a place which has a picosure laser a train journey away so I will book a consultation when the time has elapsed.

For anyone reading this - thank you for taking the time out of your day to listen to me rambling on.

Much love x

Hey all

Hey all,

So there's been a huge delay from my first post until now.

I did get a little down about it but I spoke to Wayne from the 'Reset Room' in Soho and he was the coolest most genuine guy I could of hoped to speak with.

He told me it was way too soon to consider treatment and that summer time is most certainly not the time to start lasering. He told me to wait until October-ish and that gives me time for me to reflect and decide if this is definitely the road I want to go down.

So months passed and I felt better and better but still not comfortable enough to fully expose myself to everyone and let the world know about my tattoo - it just felt so gimmicky and I still had a load of regret.

I knew this feeling wouldn't go so I made contact with Wayne again and I got myself booked.

Currently sitting here with a pack of frozen sweetcorn on my arm I can tell you the experience was absolutely fine. That's probably down to the fact that Wayne put me soooo at ease with everything but in terms of the 'pain', it's a pretty similar level to the tattoo itself except it is over much, much quicker. I will provide updates with how it goes.

There was some black in the red so we only attacked the blacks / greens today to eliminate what we could and then we'll attack the reds next time - I'm not too clued up on the lasers but he has an updated laser which can be set to attack specifically reds / pinks so I'm looking forward to seeing those results next time.

4 treatments in!

Hi all,

I was laying on my bed thinking s***, I totally forgot about that post I'd made on on this site over a year ago ????.

So... I waited a fair amount of time to allow my tattoo to fully heal.

Fully healed, I've been getting Boba lasered by Wayne. Now based in Moorgate, he's made the whole experience seamless. I've been using the Picosure laser. The image uploaded is a few weeks post my 4th treatment (lasered at the start of Oct). We didn't touch the reds on the fourth treatment as I'd been on holiday in Sept and I was quite tanned. We didn't want to damage the skin with the high frequencies needed to tackle the red so we'll do that next time.

I've been leaving a decent amount of time between treatments - between 1.5-2 months.

I seem to have reacted really well to treatments. The green helmet part at the top is almost gone. The deep blacks are fading fast and big pockets are vanishing each day. The red will take longer but I feel the next treatment will see a lot more fading in that.

At work I ensure to fill up my 1.5 litre bottle at least twice each day. I've never covered my arm after treatments, apart from the first. I simply try to let it breathe and make sure it's covered with an ice pack for at least 2 hours when I get home after treatments, as suggested by Wayne.

I'll try and be a bit more regular on here and update post 5th and 6th treatment. Not sure how many more I'll need as I plan on getting a cover up! The roses haven't been touched and are staying btw.

If you're new to this, want your tattoo lasered and can get to Moorgate just meet with Wayne and have him take a look.

Try not to stress. Yeah it'll take time, yes it may suck but try your best to remember it can be fixed!
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