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Today I had a modified Phenol peel. I have been...

Today I had a modified Phenol peel. I have been preping my skin with hydroquinone cream for a month. I had local anesthetic and then the peel was put on my face with a small applicator. It stung a little on application and then it got progressively worse for an hour to the point I wanted to cry. I was thinking to my self what have I done. The pain has subsided to a painful type of burn @ six hours post procedure. I am feeling a little sorry for myself. I just hope it is all worth it.

Day 2 18 hrs post peel

All pain is gone, I can feel my face throb but it's not painful. I washed my face with cooled boiled water and white vinegar. My face has starred to peel under my eyes and at the corners of my mouth.

Day 2 - hardly slept

I am struggling to sleep. I feel my eyes may have been affected with the peel as they weep and are quite red. My face is becoming very tight and itchy.

Day 3

Still having trouble sleeping, but back home now and happy to have something to do, even if it is housework. I had a shower this morning and let the water run down over my face. Face is tight and itchy. I don't think the peel when close enough to my bottom lip as you can see a line of very white skin. I think the peel was of a much weaker strength on my cheeks and forehead as seems to be only superficial peeling.

Day 4

Day 4 swelling has improved mildly.

Day 5

I have been working each morning very early to avoid any co workers and customer. Well today I must have run Ito about 5 people all with varying responses!! It's hard to hold your head high when flakes of skin are threatening to fall!!

Day 6

Still plenty of swelling, feeling a little low today ????

Day 7

Still crusty on my chin and around my eyes. I should be keeping thus skin moist but it seems hard to do.

Day 8

Bored and want to go out!!

Day 9

Day 9, face a little bit itchy and still scabby on my cheeks and under my eyes. I CAN SEE THE LIGHT!!

Day 10

Day 10, ventured out to friends place today. Been shopping with my sunnies on hoping to avoid anyone I know, Murpheys Law prevails again!! I slather on the sunscreen, hat, glasses and scarf to keep out of the sun. The sun is my biggest enemy now.

Day 11

Day 11, my face has been extremely itchy. I had expected to be scab free by now.

Day 15

Day 15, very small spots of dry skin left. Looks like the skin that took longer to heal had the better result.

Day 30

Skin feels very dry, I have been wearing spf 50 every day applying twice a day, wearing hat and sunglasses. My skin is very sensitive under my eyes and is uneven pigment around my mouth and chin. My Dr says wait till 3 months to see full improvement.
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