Permanent Make Up Gone Wrong on Brows! - London

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I had my semi permanent make up on my brows which...

I had my semi permanent make up on my brows which has gone horribly wrong. They made them too dark, big and one sat above my natural hairline. I only wanted a little bit of smpu but came out with awful eyebrows. I was pressured and knew the minute she started I was making a awful mistake, but to my bad karma didn't say no! So people listen to your gut instincts and do not have fake tattoos put on your face. Just accept what god has given you. My nightmare had just begun as no one was willing to treat me for rejuvi removal as I am Indian with light olive skin due to risk if scarring, but a risk I was willing to take as I was suicidal after the smpu. I couldn't consider laser as it would have killed my brow hairs. I felt every technician I spoke to was racially discriminating me. Some were so rude I could not believe I was being treated this way. I am shocked this industry is not regulated in any way!

I have with gods grace found a very experienced lady who had treated Indian skin many times before with rejuvi very successfully on brows and my first treatment was in nov and I have had very good results. The London clinic where i had my brows done was supposedly established, always in the press and supposed to be the place to go! They did not have the time for you and were very unprofessional. Has it changed my life, YES in a big way. It has been a wake up call to accept myself for who I am and never let these cosmetic procedures mask and hide your natural god given beauty and to grow old gracefully without tattoos on your face! Of course i wish I had known before hand what I was getting myself into, but we all have to live and learn and I'm glad I have learnt, unfortunately the hard way.

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