Hopefully Will Help with Wrinkles and Skin Laxity Oh Yes and These Darn Age Spots - London, ON

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Well I have to say I ready lots of reviews first...

Well I have to say I ready lots of reviews first and spoke with my plastic surgeon who strongly believes in derma rolling being the only thing that helps with skin laxity. So I decided to try some home treatments before I go in for anything major in his office. For home treatments I bought a kit off amazon for $38 plus shipping. It came with three different heads .5mm for around the eyes. 1mm for the face and 2mm for the body. I am hoping to decrease the amount of dark pigmentation on my face. As well as help with the loose skin around my mouth area decrease visible wrinkles in my forehead and around my low cheek area from smiling. I am also using the 2mm on my stomach and butt for skin laxity. hips for stretch marks and posterior legs for cellulite. This is a tall order I'm demanding from this little roller. I will keep you updated.

Before pictures

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Before pictures

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Immediately after treatment

I used a 1mm derma roller on my face. I went in 4 different directions on each area of face 5-10 times each direction. I applied a moderate pressure. Yes it hurt but completely bearable. I washed the blood off with just water and applied coconut oil. I don't have any fancy creams yet. After it stayed very red for a couple hours and felt sunburned. The next morning it was slightly pink but not bad at all. I applied organic coconut oil 4 or 5 times on the day after

Two days post treatment

Skin has strayed to feel very dry and rough like skin is going to peel.

3 weeks

Unfortunately as of now 3 weeks post treatment I have not noticed any change. My skin peeled slightly in a few little areas but nothing major. I will be redoing treatment next week. So hard to wait the 4 weeks. I want instant results. :)
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I did at home

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