Birthday Gift to Me for Year 38 - London, ON Canada

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I have lost a significant amount of weight over...

I have lost a significant amount of weight over the last few years and it has left my once full breasts much deflated :( I wish i had have taken better care of my health and my body in my 20's. But its never to late to start loving yourself and getting healthy.
At one point I weight 200lbs and at my lowest healthy adult weight 135lbs. It is my goal to get back to this weight before surgery. I am 37 years old 5'8' and 144lbs.

Some wish pictures

Last Pre-op Sizing appointment

I had my last sizing appointment yesterday. My doctor always makes me feel so comfortable. I get all stressed out before my appointments thinking I have to have everything decided and perfectly planned . He always has me take a deep breath, and reminds me that everything is going to turn out fine and i can change my mind at any time. Also if there is something that i don't like after the operation we can fix it for a minimal additional price. He is also going to fix the excess skin i have under my arm pit where the bra sits (under the arm) and do a little liposuction for that little pocket of fat all us women have at front of our arm pit.

Its funny I have been wanting this for years and now that its finally here. I keep worrying that i will be unhappy with how they turn out. Worrying about loss of sensation, too big, too small, capsular contractors, drooping.

2 weeks preop getting nervous

I actually am starting to feel a little sick every time I think of my operation coming. I have always been a worrier. What if I hate the results. Then I remember how dissatisfied I am right now with them. How much it effects my confidence with my partner. This is a wonderful gift I am giving myself. If anything goes wrong, it can be fixed. My surgeon said they come with a life time guarantee. That's a load off my mind.


I am now exactly one week preop. And I can't believe how nervous I am. I almost want o change my mind. mostly I am just worried about something going wrong during surgery or healing process afterwards, bad scarring. I am not worried about the pain afterwards, it really doesn't sound like it will be too bad. I keep having dreams where I wake up from surgery and my breasts are huge I can't even see over them. LOL dreams are so weird.
I am looking forward to 12 days off of work. YIPPEE!!
Does anyone have any preop advise for speeding healing helping reduce the scarring.?

Its here

I'm so very nervous and excited. We are just getting my daughter off to school and then off to the hospital. oh my.

Home sweet home

I went in to the surgery room at 11am and was waking up in recovery at 2:15pm. And on my way home by 4:30 pm I am feeling exceptionally well. Truly I am amazed that the anastetic did make me feel worse than this. I did experience nausea after my pain meds it last about 30-45mins each time I take them.
My left breast is more sore than my right because it was larger to begin with. Therefore on the side they have done an anchor lift and on the right side they have done a lollipop lift. They are quite swollen and hard as a rock right now. I love them.
The left breast still looks larger to me but I will wait a few weeks until the swelling goes down before I freak out. Lol
Also the doctor said all revisions or adjustments will be made promptly and free of charge.

Day 2 ( back to the hospital )

The first night I barely slept at all, pain meds keeping me awake. I also was experiencing slot of tightness and discomfort in only my left breast. So I covered it with ice packs and it seemed to ease off. The next morning I called doctor Richards office just to find out what say I was supposed to come in and have my bandages removed. I mentioned I. Passing that the covers where soaked with blood already and that the left one was swollen. I was immediately told to stop eating and drinking and come in to have it looked at.
I got to hospital at 10:25 and haven't left
It was concluded that I had a hematoma and had to be opened up cleaned and get a drain in the left side. Also doctor Richards thought he may put a smaller implant on that side.
Originally on the right side I received a lollipop lift with a 350 silicone hp profile implant. And in the left I received a anchor lift and a 265 silicone hp implant. I'm not sure what he went down to. So they have kept me over night to keep an eye on everything. I'm hope fully going home soon. I'm having a problem loading this pictures from the hospital. I will post more at home. These two yesterday mild seeking left breast it gets much worse.

Before and after. Still so much swelling.

I have a huge feeling of oh "my god " what have I done. My breast are way huger than I ever wanted. I know it swelling and they are going to go down but still they are huge and so heavy. I had a good long cry last night. My partner has been so wonderful. He took me out yesterday to find so shirts to wear over these monster breast while they are healing. Something I can get in and out of easliy.
I am also so swollen ever where . I haven't been able to go to the bathroom for 4 days my stomach hurts so much.


advise for after care

my surgeon didn't recommend and type of compression garment or self massage. No home care at all not even icing. Can anyone suggested somethings you did to help. Should i be wearing some sort of support they feel so huge and with nothing on them.

First time seeing scars

My right breast scar looks wonderful but the left one is freaking me out. The skin is protruding. God please I don't want to have another surgery to correct it.
Has anyone's scars liked like this and had them turn out, ok ?

Swelling is settling down

I have zero pain now, slight swelling, minimal brusing.
Left breast is unfortunately still bigger than the right side ( asymmetry was the whole point of this surgery)

Visible implant and rippling

The more the swelling subsides the sad I am as I see that for the next year while waiting for my revision I won't even be able to wear any low cut shirts because the left breast is shaped so weird at the top cleavage area. The implant is visable giving it a flattened shape at top and a rippling in my cleavage :(
I have cried everyday.

Rippling and visible implant

I'm so sad that as the swell refuses it is exposing how messed up the left breast is. There is a visible rippling in the cleavage line and a flatness at the inner top of left breast. And the breast is obviously larger than the right.
I am meeting with my surgeon again on Tuesday to remove stitches and hopefully I can get on the revision list and have this taken care of ASAP He said 9 months to a year. Has anyone had a revision done faster ??

Got professionally bra sized today

Before surgery I was 32 Deflated D
I was hoping to be a perky D or DD AFTER surgery
I am 32 H

18 day post op

I met with my ps yesterday and he has finally agreed that I need a total redo.
I need smaller implants and the ladies to be lifted about two inches higher.
He mentioned not putting an implant in the bigger breast at all ( wouldn't there end up totally diff shapes if one had implant and the other doesn't ?)
He said I had to wait 6 months which would be November/ December. I just can't imagine waiting even Half that long. I need this fixed.
I can't wear bathing suits or anything with a v neckline. Because they are even more disproportional than they where before my breast lift. :(
Do you think I can get him to redo it by july or August. It would be nice to enjoy some summer with the perky breast I had wanted.
Do you think I should get a different doctor ? I'm nervous. Because I don't know how he could have possible misunderstood what I wanted I was very specific I showed him lots of wish pictures I takes about projection and size ( not wantin to be bigger just perky and fuller at top of breast )

5 weeks post

Getting better but it's still not what I wanted.


I wish I could report that the swelling has settled and I'm sooo happy with my results. But this is just not the case. I totally don't know what to do. I'm waiting for a new surgery date from my doctor. My breast are still very uneven more so than before the surgery. They are huge and saggy instead moderate size and perky ( what I was hoping for )
Half of My left Brest is still complete numb. And as the swelling continues to go down the results are worse. I can't wear anything low cut, I have to stuff my bra on the right side so the unevenness is noticeable with clothes on. Basically I cry almost everyday and try an hide my breast instead of showing them off :(
What if the next surgery doesn't fix the problem.
My surgeon is suggesting another bilateral anchor lift and removing my implant completely on the left side (now it has 295cc) and replacing the right (360cc now) with a 150-200. I wanted to be a size D or DD. right now I'm wearing a size G 32.

I'm worried that puttin an implant in only the one side will make my breast be completely different shapes. I'm very happy with the shape of the right one. It just needs to be much higher and a little smaller. It's a full cup to two cup sizes smaller than the left side.
Does anyone have any experience with getting an implant only in one breast ? How do they feel ? Completely different ?

All advise and opinions are welcomed

I really am not sure what to do to correct this situation. I'm so disappointed.

The Waiting game

It's been a full 7 months now all seedling has subsided. I am still very inhappy with my results and am on a wait list to see a new surgeon. Hopefully it will be completely covered by insurance to fix what the first doctor messed up. I have attempted to start working out again but cardio is too painful. The lest breast moves to much and hurts unless I hold it down which looks a little funny at the gym. Lol

explant and full lift in 6 days

I am totally excited and nervous to be getting these implants out. The left side has been nothing but problems and pain. But I am worried about what size i will end up. I would be happiest with 32C but i have a feeling i may end up smaller. Most of all i just want the ladies up back where they belong. small and perky is better than big and saggy any day. Does anyone have any idea what size you end up? Before surgery i was a saggy 34D-DD. Now that all my swelling has settled my left breast is a 32G and my right breast is a 32DDD. My post op bra i bought about 2months after the implants, so there was still a lot of swelling was a 32 I. Wow 32C sound heavenly right now PERKY PERKY PERKY !!!

Last pictures before we say goodbye to implants

Day before implant removal and full bilateral lift.

Surgeon called today and asked to bump my surgery from 1pm tomorrow to 8 am. This makes me happy less time I have to spend waiting yet being hungry since you can't eat 12 hours before my surgery. I'm super nervous that I'm going to end up with teeny tiny saggy uneven beasts but anything is better than these implants. I'm second guessing my decision thinking maybe I should have swapped for smaller implants and a new lift.

Such a shame that it didn't workout the right breast is practically perfect just dropped too much considering it hasn't even been a year and it's about a size too big. It's a DD and I want to be a D. The left breast has always been cray it's 2 sizes bigger than the left the implant is way too high and visual rippling and now there is a whole bunch of sagging and loose skin.
So weird.
Please say a little prayer for me. I so want to be done with all of this

My doctor did say after the swelling goes down. I can hav a bilateral fat transfer done over 3-4 treatments in his office. One every 4-6 months. It even them out or plump them up. I'm just not sure how much money that will cost.

48 hours post implant removal

Although I will still need another surgery to even the ladies out even more and redo scars ( they used external stitches instead f internal ? ) I am so happy with the size and perkiness so far.
They used internal suspension so there is stitches inside from the bottom to the top. The shape is crazy right now but those stitches dissolve within 2 months and my breast should drop into normal shape. Drains came out today. Yippee. I'm also only taking my pain meds for sleeping at night.
Dr. Richard Richardson

Dr. Robert Richards (at the hand and upper limb clinic in London Ontario)

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