28 Y/o, 2 Kids, 5'5 120 Lbs, Very Athletic, Small Frame, AA Cup, Hoping for C to D Cup. London, ON

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Hi everyone. I've been lurking on and off for...

Hi everyone.

I've been lurking on and off for about 6 months now so it's time to join and share my story. It turned out to be way too long so here’s the quick stats:

What I Want
I really have no medical understanding but I’m very meticulous and anxious, and I do my research extensively before I buy anything or do anything so with this it’s been no different. I will ultimately need the help of my PS to decide what is best for the look I want and to fit my lifestyle. Going into my consult I have an open mind but I’m pretty sure I want:
Incision Site: inframammary (under the breast, at the crease)
Size: (unsure in cc’s – but I want to be a large C at the smallest)
Profile: (unsure, but thinking mod or mod plus – I do not want fake looking boobs!)
Placement: sub-muscular (I don’t have a lot of natural breast tissue)
Implant material: silicone
Implant style: round
Texture: whichever is best for my active lifestyle – will have to talk to PS

My Stats:

Very athletic
5 feet 5 inches tall
120-125 pounds
Small frame
32 AA to A bra cup size
2 kids, and don’t want any more
28 years old
Married to the man of my dreams; I’m crazy in love with him
First consult is booked for August 5th 2015 with Dr. Brian Evans who works out of his clinic at Western University Hospital in London, ON

A Small Novel About My Background

I've been dreaming of a BA since I was 16. I never developed and was always in the 32AA to A range for bras. I met DH when I was 19, went on birth control and went to about a B. When I got pregnant I went up to a C and stayed there for about 2 years (had my kids 10.5 months apart so there was really not much time for them to shrink back down in between pregnancies). I had a hard time with breastfeeding and could only breastfeed for 5 months with my first and 4 months with my second before all my milk dried up. I got engorged for 7-10 days straight with each child and during the engorgement I was a DD and they were hard as a rock. It was excruciating pain - worse than the birthing pain imo.

About a year after my second child my breasts had fully shrunk back down to an AA and I was devastated. I cried in La Senza after the lady took my measurements and told me I was a 32AA. I left the store without buying anything and threw out all my bras and have been wearing ugly bralettes and training bras ever since. I hate my boobs but since we got married young and have gone through school together while raising kids, we never actually had the money to realistically think about it. Now that we do, it’s a real possibility and I’ve finally booked my first consult with a PS who works out of Western University Hospital.

I've cried more times than I can remember about feeling like a pre-teen girl in this body of mine. I'm happy with everything else and actually love the rest of my body from head to toe, but I just can't get over my small boobs. I've tried for years to accept them and it even worked a few times but it was always outlived.

For the record I'd like to say that my husband is crazy about my body and we have a fantastic sex life. He has tried to convince me to love my boobs because he loves my body and my boobs (he's an ass guy anyway and I got the goods, not to sound conceited!). I've honestly tried to accept my breasts the way they are many times over the years, but especially after having had a C cup during my pregnancies and for a short time afterward, I feel like I'm missing a part of my body. It affects my mood and it affects my sexuality. I'm sick of it being an issue for me and I just want to stop obsessing about boobs and move on.

I don’t consider myself to be a vain person and I’m extremely conservative. My husband and I have only been with each other and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are keeping this a secret from everyone because I don’t feel it’s anyone’s business and I also don’t want my kids to know, at least not at this point in time. My family and my husbands would be judgmental and I don’t want them sharing it with my children so unless they outright ask me I’m not giving them any details. I may just end up telling them I’m wearing a padded bra or that I’ve started hormone therapy due to low estrogen levels or something. My sister in law is also my best friend and I have cried to her for years about my boobs so she may end up putting two and two together, however for now my husband and I are not telling a soul. Because I’m very private about my body, and because DH and I want to keep this a secret, I’m choosing not to post any pictures of myself, however later on down the road when I’m closer to surgery I may post a before picture with my bra on so that I can show you the results. So many photos on here have helped so much but at this time I’m just not comfortable sharing.

Starting the Journey

I finally pulled the trigger in June and called a PS in my city. His earliest consult was August 5th and he’s not booking surgeries until into December now. This actually works out well for me because I am a full-time student in college and I will not have the luxury to take time off during my studies from September to early December. I’m hoping to be scheduled in for surgery on Dec 21st because exam week is from December 14th to the 19th and I want to be fully done exams before I go into surgery. However I start an internship first week of January so I’d like to be back on my feet by then. So I have a very small window to do this! I’m really hoping it works out.

Doubts and Fears

I think it’s because my consult is still so far away, but every day I’m obsessing over this and I have so many worries. What if I bottom out, get CC, end up deformed or with auto-immune disease, etc etc. There’s a lot of horror stories. DH always reassures me and says it’s one of the most performed surgeries and the PS we are going to see is renowned and has been doing this since before we were born! He has over 30 years’ experience in PS and he operates out of University Hospital and has an entire clinic there so he has got to be good. He has 5 starts (4.85/5 rating) on rademds.com, and most are breast related. He specializes in breast reconstruction. I am also extremely athletic (I do plyometrics and jump training, heavy cardio, resistance training, weights, HIIT… stuff like Insanity Max:30, Jillian Michaels, etc as well) so I want to make sure a BA won’t limit my ability to do all of these things. If I have to wait 6 months or even a year before being fully sure I’m healed so be it. But I need to know that once I’m healed I WILL be able to continue doing these types of routines without risk of displacing or rupturing the implant.

My List of Questions So Far (to bring with me to PS)

1. Should I wear a band post-op to help with dropping the breasts in place?
2. How will the shape of my chest wall affect where the implants sit on my chest once they have settled? 3. Where will my nipples sit on the breast (middle, to the site, etc)?
4. When will it be safe to exercise again with the type of exercises I do?
5. What kind of implant do you suggest for my athletic lifestyle?
6. What is your re-operation rate for implants?
7. If I need a revision surgery, what are your costs? What is the protocol?
8. a) For your patients in particular, how long to the implants last?
b) How often should I have them checked for rupture and do you do this? (If not, where do I go and how much does it cost?)
9. Should I have a mammogram pre-op? (I have never had one.)
10. What sort of health risks are associated with the implants you use? What are some other risks?
11. How many women report illness claiming it’s due to their implants and what are your professional medical thoughts on implant related illness?
12. I saw a video where a car ran over an implant to show how strong some of them are; so then how and why do they rupture inside the body?
13. What is the cost of replacing a ruptured implant?
14. Does OHI currently cover implant removal or replacement?
15. If I need to or choose to have my implants removed at a later date, how will my breasts look after the explant?

I know I will think of more between now and August 5th lol… please feel free to share if you have any good ones that aren’t on my list!

I Think That’s It For Now…

Well if anyone actually read that whole thing I’ll be surprised. I am very thorough so I couldn’t help but write a small novel. I have found this site very helpful and I’m hoping to be able to connect and find and give support through my journey because surely DH is going to get sick of hearing me talk about boobs eventually!

Added 'Before' Pics

I'm choosing not to upload ones with no shirt on for personal reasons. You can get a pretty good idea from the photos with the shirt on that there's really nothing there. I'm probably not even an A cup but haven't been measured in probably around 4 to 5 years. I just wear bralettes. When I was breastfeeding I got up to a 32C.

Wish Photos

Finally getting around to uploading some of my wish boob photos. I'm sure there will be more to come. It's hard to find good side profile wish photos as I'm apparently rather picky :P

Thanks Countrygirly!

Stole Countrygirly's photo as a "wish boobs" photo! :) I love your boobs hahaha

Silicone Inserts for the Wait...

I have been using these silicone feeling inserts in my bralette and wearing tank tops with a built in bra to hold everything "up" so that people around me don't notice such a huge change once I actually go for my surgery. Kinda weird maybe but it even makes me look better in clothes. I kinda hate them cause they squish my boobs a little and by the time I get home I'm dying to rip my bralette off and let my tatas breathe lol. However it does the "trick" for now. Less questions about my increased bust size later.. I'm hoping...

My List of Questions To Bring to My First Consult

I'm seriously so nervous about tomorrow it's giving me butterflies and that anxious feeling you get before you have to speak in front of a bunch of people (if you have that fear). I wish I wasn't so anxious. I am worried he will think I'm crazy for having so many questions. I plan on printing out this list so I can quickly write down his responses. I am an extremely organized individual and a logical, practical thinker. A realist I guess you could say. The best way to prepare myself for this journey is for me to be well informed.

Unfortunately me being a realist has of course had me weighing the pros and cons, which to be honest, with this has always ended in a long list of cons because of the way my brain logically breaks everything down. Cons consist of the cost, the potential health risks, the complications, the reoperation, the possibility that they could look worse in the end... Really the only pro is an emotional one (I will finally have the boobs I've always wanted and only briefly had during pregnancy and bf; I will enjoy sex more and I will feel like a woman and fill out clothes better). All this being said, that small pros list still outweighs the cons. DH are at a point in our lives where we feel like we should try things at least once (within reason of course!). I feel like this is just one of those things. I think the risks are high, and I am the exact opposite of a risk taker; I need concrete and absolute assurance when I do things lol. However with this, it's something I've wanted for a long long time. Something my mind has always wandered back to. Now that we have the extra money, it can be my reality. And I think that above everything is what is freaking me out. Now that it CAN be real, do I want it to be? I feel like I'm forcing one foot in front of the other because the part of my bran that is way too logical in its thinking is screaming at me to forget the whole thing and move on, but there's still that small part of me that knows I want this and have to fight past the fears I have and just go to my appointment. I think it's making it worse that I've had to wait nearly two months to see this guy! And DH may or may not be able to make it to my consult due to an exam schedule he has to adhere to.

So, I will go tomorrow at 2:30 into the hospital, list in hand, probably sweating and pale having not eaten all day from nerves. And I will push through so that I can have this thing I have for so long only dreamed about. Please hold my virtual hand ladies. Here we go....

Questions About My Plastic Surgeon

1. How many breast implant procedures do you perform each year?

2. What is your re-operation or revision rate for implants that you have put in?

3. What is your rate of complications in general?

4. What is the most common type of re-operation you perform?

5. What is the most common complication you encounter with breast implant surgery (infection, capsular contracture, etc)?

6. If I need a revision surgery, what are your costs, and within what time-frame? What is the protocol?

7. For your patients in particular, how long to the implants last?

Questions About My Surgery

1. Where will my surgery be performed? Do you have hospital privileges to perform the operation?

2. The options in terms of implant style, size, brand, and projection seems overwhelming. What brand, style, projection and size of implant do you suggest for me taking into consideration my frame, the shape of my chest wall, my breast width size and amount of tissue, and my athletic lifestyle?

3. Do you recommend the sub-muscular or sub-glandular approach for me?

4. How will the shape of my chest wall affect where the implants sit on my chest once they have settled? (How much of a gap will there be between them)

5. a) What is provided post operation? (i.e. bra, band, etc), and should I wear a band post-op to help with dropping the breasts in place?
b) What items do I need to purchase for post-operative care at home? (i.e. bras, ice packs, creams, etc)

6. How will my breasts look while I’m lying down?

7. Are you able to predict where my nipples will sit on the breast (middle, to the site, etc)?

8. When will it be safe to exercise again with the type of exercises I do?

9. Should I have a mammogram pre-op? (I have never had one.) And where should I go to have them done post-op to ensure someone with experience handling implant patience is performing my mammogram?

10. What kind of short-term and long-term follow up will I need?

11. If I have any questions or concerns before or after my surgery, how should I contact you? (Phone, email, appointment, other?)

Questions About Breast Implants

1. How often should I have them checked for rupture and do you do this? (If not, where do I go and how much does it cost? (I read documentation from another surgeon who believed ultrasound was an effective approach for detecting implant rupture, as opposed to an MRI, as it is less costly and just as accurate in catching ruptures. What do you think of this approach?)

2. What sort of health risks are associated with the implants you use? What are some other risks?

3. How many women report illness claiming it’s due to their implants and what are your professional medical thoughts on implant related illness?

4. I saw a video where a car ran over an implant to show how strong some of them are; so then how and why do they rupture inside the body?

5. What is the cost of replacing a ruptured implant?

6. Does OHIP currently cover implant removal or replacement?

7. If I need to or choose to have my implants removed at a later date, how will my breasts look after the explant?

8. What can I do to minimize my risk of short-term and long-term complications?

9. What should I expect my implants to look like over time, and what can I do to maintain them?

10. What are the long-term consequences of breast implants?

First Consult and Surgery Officially booked!!!!

Well, yesterday was my first consult. I was really nervous as DH couldn't make it and he's my rock. He tells me I'm beautiful and perfect the way I am but he knows this will make me happy but it was still so hard that he couldn't be there with me!
I think Canada is really different from the States because I had my consult at the hospital where he works, but he performs his elective cosmetic procedures at a certified clinic outside the hospital (the clinic is actually closer to me so it works out!). I also found out that any necessary revisions are covered by OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan), meaning if I need revisions down the road I won't have to pay for them. I was truly shocked about this, because unless there is medical necessity for breast augmentation OHIP will not cover the initial surgery.

I was able to record all 55 minutes of my consultation (voice recording). So I plan on going through it when exams settle down in a few weeks and typing out his answers to my questions so I can post them. For my own organizational and reference purposes, as well as for anyone else who may come along looking for info on Dr. Evans in London, Ontario.

I didn't get to try on sizers which I was kind of bummed about, but he was really thorough and spent about 40 minutes with me. He answered all my questions and showed me a gel implant. The resident spent about 15 mins with me before he came in. She did a breast exam. And when he first came in he took my measurements.

I left the office feeling much more relaxed than I had going in. He wasn't pushing me into anything at all. He told me to take a minimum of two weeks to think about what I wanted; saline vs silicone. He told me that in the meantime I need to go out, purchase a few bras in the size I want and do the rice tests. He said to bring in the bras and pantyhose filled with rice to the size I desire at my next appointment. And that is when we would discuss implant style and sizing in more detail. So I have a bit of homework to do :P

I left the consult room and went to speak with his receptionist who is really friendly. She told me usually they book the sizing consult three to four weeks before the surgery date. He is booked up until Oct/Nov and that is an extremely busy time for me at college so I opted to have my surgery date for the first available day after my exams end. Exams for me end on Saturday Dec 19th, and my appointment is scheduled for Monday Dec 21st at 9am!! EEK! I'm wondering if my kids will be finished school that weekend before hand. If so I'm going to have to figure out a good lie to tell my family in hopes they will babysit overnight on the 21st :S as we are not sharing this with them; its none of their business and it would cause a shit storm so it's just not worth it.

DH was really against the surgery at first but over the years he's come around. I think he was anxious about me finally taking the plunge but now that my $400 deposit is down and he sees how excited I am, he's feeling more comfortable and he's so supportive.

The one thing that has us a bit confused is that he recommends saline and said if he were going to augment his wife or daughter he'd recommend saline because it's safer in the sense that you can detect a leak right away and not later on when it may be harder to dig out bits of silicone. I am very thin (my rib cage and breast bone protrude, and my left side sticks out further than my right). I don't have much breast tissue. So I fear that with silicone you'd be able to see the rippling and I really don't want that. I also want a more natural feel. He said he can never tell with most patients until he looks at their chart, whether they have saline or silicone, by the look. What do you ladies think?

Waaaay too TMI but Google search led nowhere... Cum questions

Ok so I'm terribly sorry for being so crass. If you're extremely conservative about your sex life or sex in general, I advise you to move along. But I need to ask and I feel like it's way too TMI of a question to ask my PS...

When can DH cum on me after my BA? I was just reading one woman's review on here and she said DH would finally be able to suck on her nipples again at the 3 month mark!? DH and I love to play dirty and I want to make sure I am safe about not doing anything too soon. I'm assuming it's to prevent infection etc.

Thanks so much to anyone brave enough to answer me and caring enough not to judge me for asking such a crude question.

OHIP Coverage for Implant Revisions

Trying again... OHIP

SO frustrated does 32D bra size not exist!? Help wanted :(

Ok so my PS told me to make some rice sizers and put them in my old bras and bring those in with me to my next appointment.

Now, my next appointment isn't til Nov 27th, but literally right up until two days before my surgery I'm going to be in the thick of exams at school and I will have very little time to think about all this come Sept, so I'm trying to get a jump on things.... Ok now on with my frustrations...

After I had my kids and was done bf, I got sized at La Senza. I was a 32A. And so devastated, that I left in tears and went home and thew out every single bra I owned (mostly all 32 C's if I'm remembering correctly). So, because I have none of my old bras he said to just shop for one in the size I'd like to be. When I called his receptionist said it can't be a sports bra, it should be a regular lined bra or push up?? Ugh, so I have been searching around for a bra in the size I want to be (I thought I wanted C but now I want D lol). I was able to find a FEW 34-D's but absolutely no 32-D's. I measured my frame just below my breasts and it's 27.5 inches which apparently is a size 32 bra band. I'm so confused about sizing. And it's so hard to find a bra for my hypothetical boobs lol. I bought one at Winners today for $16 it's a 34-D and it holds the 475 and 525cc rice sizers (they bulge out the top a bit but so would real boobs). I'm hoping he's ok with that cause I'd rather not spend a fortune on bras that aren't gonna probably even fit after surgery. I plan on getting sized AFTER my implants go in. And THEN spending a fortune on bras hahhaa.

Basically he wants me to bring my sizers and the bra to my next appointment. Do you think the 34-D with the two sizers I want is ok? Ugh.

21 Days to GO!

Hey everyone,

I've been kind of MIA because of school. I'm approaching finals so my schedule is crazy but I had my pre-op on Friday and boobies have been on the mind ever since!!

DH came with me. Together with the help of my home made rice sizers and my awesome PS, we decided on the Natrelle Inspira Xtra Full Projection implants at 465cc.

Anyone else go with the Natrelle Inspira line?

I am soo excited for Dec 21 lol. I finish exams on Dec 18, can't wait for that either!

Tomorrow at 12pm - my day is finally here and I'm so anxious!!

Well, my day is coming tmw. When I think of it I get anxiety so I'm trying to keep occupied with cleaning, laundry, and TV tonight. Please wish me luck :)

Everybody knows about my boob job!

Forgot to mention in my other update! I finally just ended up telling my entire family and friends about it and everyone is totally supportive. Tbh most people I told said they'd always wanted one too or that they now want one or that I'm awesome for doing this haha.

Ok well truthfully I haven't told my side of the family. But my mom just had a very traumatic experience (she's a trauma nurse) involving the death of a child so I thought ok worst time ever to drop this on her. Gonna leave it til she gets some closure with this horrible thing that's happened. I hope she understands why I didn't tell her til after it's already said and done. Anyway love you mommy and I pray you and this poor little girl find peace :'(

I'm in love!

Hey everyone. I am done the surgery! I'll post in more detail later when I'm not so lazy but I have a question. Was anyone else fully naked for their operation? I had to fully strip down and then put the gown on. DH seems worried and asked why. I don't know why!

A little over 3 months post op

Thought I'd come share a quick update. All is well 3 months post op. I have days where I feel I went too big. The projection is xfp so they're big lol. I'm overall quite satisfied. I find myself wishing I'd gone maybe with a smaller size sometimes and that they were a little closed together but that's my anatomy not the Dr.

Can't wait for summer, the flowy tops don't really look good on me anymore! :/
London Plastic Surgeon

Professional and honest. He ways spends his time with me and answers all my questions. I put 2 stars for payment profess because you have to pay either cash or certified cheque. I would have preferred debit or credit. I was nervous carrying so much cash with me when I had to go pay!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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