My Invisalign Journey Begins - London, GB

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I am not into the blogging experience but when I...

I am not into the blogging experience but when I was doing research I found this forum to be very helpful and it provided comfort that many women my age are doing this treatment. Thus I decided as a way for me to keep track of this journey and to help others I would document my invisalign journey.

How I found about Invisalign and the deciding point:

I am 29 yrs old and have ALWAYS had crooked/crowded teeth. In all honesty, they are hideous. I had metal braces for a good 5 years during my teens and albeit they did straighten my teeth but not fully. I cant actually remember why I didnt continue with treatment. My guess is the exams took over and thereafter it was college/university/exams and I basically felt too old to have braces. At one point I did get seduced by makeover programmes. It always seemed so easy for these people to get a nice smile with veeners. I enquired about it and was told I am not suitable for this as I am too young and my only option is to have orthodontic treatment. When the dentist told me that I cried. I then learnt to accept and live with the fact I was never going to have straight teeth as I was not prepared to have metal braces again. But the longing feeling of having a nice smile never left.

So when I was 25 yrs old I broached the braces subject with my mum. At that time in my life I was starting to meet men as potential marriage partners (its a cultural thing). With this cultural thing in mind my mum was totally against the braces ias she thought I would put off suitors. So I listened and I didnt get them. Big Mistake as I Am now 29 yrs old and still not married. So it Would not have made a frigging difference to the suitor potential anyway. Hey ho, live and learn.

I went through a bad period in my life last year were I fell into depression. I wont go into the details but It took a alot to climb out of it and be in a place where I am safe. Part of going through that depression made me think of things I want and deserve and things which will make me happy. And fixing my teeth was one of them. So I started to think of this again and it was just a thought not a pursuit at this point.

The deciding point and actual pursuit came about 3 months ago in April 2013. I went to this dating dinner thing to try a meet new people. Suffice to say I didnt meet a man. However, I did meet two ladies and whilst we were talking one lady noticed the other lady wearing invisalign. They began discussing it and I was intrigued. I didnt even notice these ladies wearing braces. It was amazing. I began to question them and when I went home started doing research. The fact that I didnt even notice the braces that evening was the turning point for me and after research I found a dentist who does invisalign, booked an appointment, done my clin check, mould impressions and 3 months later Here I am wearing Invisalign.

Seeing countless review videos and actually seeing the difference gives me confidence that I will have a nice smile one day. Sooner rather than later.

I am actually on tray 3 now (its taken me a while to start this blog I know). So far so good. I am not experiencing pain but I can feel tension. Tray 1 made my tongue sore but it adapted and my tongue is immune to the soreness now with each tray.

I have 24 trays in total. But my teeth are seriously bad and after reading other peoples reviews and looking at their pictures with more trays than me, their teeth dont look as bad as mine. so Im thinking a few more trays will probably be added on. The dentist ETA was 9-12 months. It would be so cool if this could be done by May as thats my birthday but not holding my breath. I would really like it done by August though As I have a family wedding to attend abroad and last time I was there, 15 yrs old most of my family members teased me about my teeth. So it would be nice to have straight teeth for the function and smile properly in photos. I wish I had known about Invisalign last year as I didnt do any socialising. But hey ho, better late than never and I believe it was meant to be and hopefully this time next year my teeth will be straight.

Ramadan And Invisalign

This month is Ramadan. For those of you who dont know about it, its a month of fasting whereby you go without food and drink from sunrise to sunset. I am pretty much fasting during the whole of this month. I wanted to share my experience of doing this whilst wearing invisalign with the Invisalign family.

So here in the UK at the moment sunrise is approx 0300 and sunset is about 2120. Yes, its a long old time to go without food and drink. Doing this fast though has benenfitted me so much in terms of invisalign as Im hardly taking the braces off.

I dont know about you guys but I am quite bad at sticking to the 22hr rule and will probably wearing my braces maybe 18-20 hrs instead. Its hard at work as Im on shifts and my breaks are set. I cant just pop to the bathroom for a 15 minute brush of my teeth when I fancy. My breaks arent that long either so there is only ever enough time to eat then go back to work then during the next break I will go and brush my teeth and pop the braces back on. But during all that, I lose maybe 3 - 4 hours.

Anyway, So although my energy levels have dropped a fair bit in this heat, the plus side is Im wearing invisalign a lot longer then before - and its thanks to Ramadan. :)

Struggling to wear the invisalign for long periods..

I can't believe this... but I am very much struggling to keep these braces in for the long periods of time required. I get super lazy after eating to brush and put them back in. I feel like I hardly wore tray 5 at all. I am on tray 6 and I really want to make an effort to wear these braces longer. I know its determination and will power, but anyone got any tips or advice?!?

I think I read on here, someone was only eating 2 big meals a day? I work funky shifts too and there isnt enough time to go to the bathroom and brush teeth after eating. Id have to wait until my next break for that which is about 2 hours thereafter. Maybe I should give this 2 big meals thing a go but it doesnt seem healthy to me.

Its a quarter way into my treatment now. I feel my teeth have been pushed back and the two front/side teeth have moved. Gap is noticeably closed I think.

I just need to sort this not wearing braces thing out. I dont want to prolong my treatment time so I guess I gota suck it up and be disciplined. Its hard! I hope everyone else is having an easier time with treatment.

Tray 8

I am happy to report that I wear my braces much more than before. There is a formation of a gap between my 2 front teeth. I asked the dentist if this was normal and she said yes, in order for my teeth to get better they have to get worse first. I think it basically creating space etc so the shuffle of teeth can happen.

I havent seen a difference on my bottom teeth. However when looking at the clin check and asking the dentist, she said I wont see a noticeable difference until perhaps tray 12- 14. So according to my calculation maybe January 2014 time.

I am still exicted to see my final result. Though as mentioned in my very post of an impending visit abroad for a wedding, I wont be doing that now due to personal reasons. However, still looking forward to having straighter teeth as a birthday gift.

Getting invisalign was actually my birthday to myself. I paid for it on my birthday! So hopefully one a yr later that results can be a pressie too.

4-5 Month Update

Got an email from real self invisalign asking me to update my opinion. Im still in the "not sure" stage. I think Im going to be there until the process is finished, until I can finally get the braces off and see the final final final result of straight teeth.

Apart from the gap closing I cant see any other differences. Bottom Tray/teeth dont seem unchanged but according to the dentist/clincheck I wont be seeing changes until tray 13. Im on tray 10 now.

Though I cant see any changes, doesnt mean to say changes arent taking place and I am aware of that. JUST WANT STARIGHT NORMAL TEETH!!! :-)

Tray 13

I am on tray 13 and have not seen any difference with my bottom teeth as I thought I would by now. Its pretty disheartening. I guess I am not wearing the braces enough. I did go on holiday for 2 weeks to Mexico which was was disruptive. Only a few times I was able to brush my teeth in the toilets while we were out but to be honest I didnt come across any disbale toilets to do so.

When I went to collect trays 12-15, my dentist was hapy with the progress.

Now I am home I hope trays 14 and 15 will be worn more often and I will see this damn bottem teeth moving once and for all. I still have a week of tray 13 to go yet though. I see my dentist after new year on 3rd Jan.

I have started using an electric toothbrush too. The electric toothbrush is wierd as it feels gentle on my teeth and as such I have the sensation its not actually cleaning my teeth, though I know it is.

I also finally told someone (mother) that I got braces. She didnt seem phased about it. I guess because they are clear. I didnt realy have a choice to be honest as we spent 2 weeks together sharing the same bathroom.

Hoping trays 14-15 will see some noticebale results. But right now I cant see any change.

My Teeth Are in Pain!!! :-(

Omg, My two front teeth are in so much pain right now. I dont know how is has happened?!? I went sky diving today and during the sky dive I took my invisalign out as I had something to drink/eat just before(ish). I'm thinking that the wind might have just made my teeth sensitive. However, The pain has started 5 hrs after I did the sky dive. I hadn't put my braces back after the sky dive just becuase I didnt have time/facilities to brush my teeth.

Now they hurt like hell. I have just brushed my teeth/braces and placed them back in. I'm hoping that my teeth were accustomed to the braces, that by not wearing them made my teeth hurt.

Im going to take some Ibuprofen in a bit if this pain doesnt subside.

Has anyone else experienced this pain of not wearing invisalign?
Bluebell Dental Surgery

My dentist is very nice and the practice staff are all very accomdating. My only Fault is that They still have not loaded my clincheck onto my dental profile. I have caled several times about this but its still not there. I will continue to chase them up.

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