Microdermabrasion on Black Skin -London

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I researched about skin peels and...

I researched about skin peels and microdermabrasion as I thought this would remove the outer damaged layers
I found a clinic which specialised in this treatment for black skin. After a consultation and deep thought I decided to go through with it. They suggested that I did 6 treatments in order to see results I wasn't sure how many I would need but thought I would do 1 at least and see how that went, I decided to book in to do my face and forearms and face. The first was fine and it did seem to improve the texture and complexion was brighter and clearer. I decided to continue treatments in monthly intervals all together I did 4. I was told to use apricot scrub and rose hip oil this was after I complained as initial I was never told what products to use or how to treat my skin the money was just taken! It wasn't until the third that is noticed a difference in my skin and it wasn't good. I had been on holiday a month before so my skin was most certainly more sensitive The person who did the third treatment was different to the initial person this time it seemed that much more pressure was put on my skin and I actually had tears in my eyes. This had never happened before I questioned the level used on the machine and whether it was higher she reassured that it was the same and because I had been on holiday I felt more discomfort. After this a few weeks later I noticed that my skin was considerably darker. I questioned this with them nd they said it was just a tan and that another would need to be done to get rid of the dead cells. Reassured by their words and by references to other patients I agreed to do another with the lady that did my first two. This was in August, since then my skin colour had not gone back to normal I also have a black patch on my cheek which was not there before the procedures my arms and hands are considerably darker I only did the fronts of my arms so you can see the difference in texture and colour compared to the other side of my arms.now I am at a loss I have cancelled the rest of my treatments but now I feel that my skin is ruined

Microdermabrasion after

This is a age of my cheek where ther is a black area this appeared after the treatment

Two black beauty spots now blend in before they were clear against my brown skin

Very dry with excess pigmentation

It will b hard for u to judge as you didn't see the skin before

Pigmentation on right cheek

Dry arm very dark

Darker Patch on cheek

Face discolouration

On my right cheek there is a black mark it's not quite clear in the photo

Pigmentation on cheek

Skin on cheek

Dry and rough in texture

Dry skin on cheek discoloured and rough

Very discoloured

Dry discolouring on face

Dry and discoloured
Not available

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