Unhappy with Microbladed Brows - London, GB

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Hi All Looking for some opinions/advice. I just...

Hi All

Looking for some opinions/advice.

I just had my brows microbladed yesterday and I'm so unhappy with them I want to cry. I literally feel sick every time I think about it or look in the mirror and I don't know what to do!!!

I had pretty sparse brows I would always fill in fairly bold and a little thick but not bushy by any means. The lady who did the brows has amazing reviews and all the photos of her previous clients looked fantastic so I put full trust in her hands and trusted her to give me a flattering natural shape. What she gave me is total caterpillar brows that just look like they need to desperately be plucked! They don't really match which is just the icing on the cake. She said she will follow my natural thickness but they're WAY thicker than my natural brow and for some reason she made the arch of the brow actually thicker than the inner beginning of the brow!!! I've been trying to scrub them with salt water (salt in the wound - omg the pain!). Maybe it's stupid but I'm desperate to get rid of the pigment before it sets!!! What can I do!! I know the colour may fade but the shape is not at all what I want so I have no idea how this could be fixed.

I kind of like them now!!

I've added a new photo of them now healed after my ridiculous scrubbing as well as them filled in a bit. I don't love them but I quite like them which is much better than before as I HATED them. They're not perfect but they're better than my natural sparse brows.

I was wondering...

For others who've had it done, was numbing cream added before procedure began? The lady who did mine didn't.. She said she makes the first layer of strokes without numbing cream because the numbing cream makes the skin tougher to cut into. So the first 10/15min was very painful. I've had a tattoo done and I found it way less painful than microblading! Though once numbing cream was applied I felt nothing.

From others comments I see some people who say numbing cream was applied for 15min prior to procedure beginning. Is that what should have been done?!

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