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Finally! And only three months away.. I met Dr...

Finally! And only three months away..

I met Dr Rezai last month and as soon as my credit card came through, booked for November!

I'll be having my surgery @ Highgate Hospital in London.

The only question is size. He suggested 350cc Mentor HP. I'm worried it will be too big and that I won't get a natural slope. Edging more towards 250cc - 300cc MP+ but I'll only really be able to decide at my next appointment in November.????????????

Pre Op done

Went into London for my pre-op yesterday. Decided on 275cc MP+ under the muscle. Cohesive 1.

250cc was too small & anything larger would have been too wide for my chest. HP looked a bit too fake for me.

Less than two weeks to go, I bought a 45 degree angle wedge pillow and a piece of memory foam to fit on top. I'll upload photos of the bra I found soon, too.

Operation complete

I got to the hospital at 7am yesterday, surgery about 8am and back in my room just after 10am.

I was most worried about being put to sleep but it was actually fine and felt really nice to wake up. Lots of naps since then.

I'm very tight, not heavy like a lot of people describe but sore, a sharpish pain and not too different from a really heavy chest work out. The more I move the more it hurts, and I can't stand up for too long.

Will post photos soon, haven't had a chance to look myself! But they don't feel weird, just feel like mine and normal.

They also don't look very big right now but I can feel them all the way up in my armpits

Post Op Day 2

Had my first look today. Very pleased. They're not as torpedoed as I thought but very swollen.

I was worried about removing the strap and bra but it felt amazing. I'm very bloated too but was expecting as much.

Post Op Day 4

Or 5, but I'm saying Day 4.

Pain has subsided substantially. I can get up with a lot more ease and have halved the amount of Co Codamol I am taking. Will try and sleep a lot flatter tonight because of the pain in my lower back.

Swelling in sternum is still very high but there's a noticeable difference in my breasts since the op. Slight size difference between the two but I'm not fussed right now. Had a bm, yay! Still very bloated, legs are swollen too.

Went out today for a short walk and was exhausted, had to take a nap so will take it a lot slower tomorrow.

8 Days & Post Op Appointment

Had my first shower, wee!

Had my Post Op yesterday, removed plasters and got to see my incisions. Small and neat. Have micropore tape on them now.

Had my first shower this morning and it was lavely. Dr wants me to try and do normal things again, like getting dressed, but still can't drive. Still no exercise for 5 more weeks :(

Boobs look massive. Waiting for the gap between them to (hopefully) close a bit more, they're a bit wide apart now. Anyone have that problem?

Very happy
London Plastic Surgeon

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